DSI calls 58 companies to expand auction results tomorrow

DSI summons 58 companies that had applied to purchase 2 envelopes for Kamnan Nok’s projects. but did not participate in the auction Raise issues related to Kamnan Nok To expand the auction results

Auction for Kamnan Nok’s business group Previously, there were doubts about bidding on government projects. Tomorrow (September 18), DSI will invite representatives of 58 companies that participated in the bidding to provide information to check back on the work after P. Pattana Rungroj Construction Company. Limited to 2 projects of Kamnan Nok The work was received 30 percent lower than the median price. Both projects are 375 highway construction projects in Don Tum District – Lam Luk Bua Subdistrict, Nakhon Pathom Province, divided into 2 project phases. The first phase is the use of the 2017 budget of 300 million baht. The other The project period is the 2021 budget of 350 million baht.

Most of the companies that were invited to provide information were companies that came to buy bid envelopes for two projects, but when the time came to submit bids, the first project had a budget of 300 million baht. There was no indication of how much the price would be. But there is a contract limit of 298 million baht. There are 33 companies that bought bidding envelopes, but only 4 companies submitted bids. As for the second project, there were 32 companies that bought bidding envelopes, but only 3 companies submitted bids. Importantly, the project price is medium. It was at 349 million baht, but the bid received 240 million baht. The E-bidding bid was 31-37 percent lower than the median price. And after investigating all 58 companies, DSI officials will invite 7 companies in the 2 projects that submitted bid envelopes to provide information. too Previously, DSI raised the issue of requesting information from related companies. On the issue of whether or not influence was used or not. Compromise the benefits or not? And is it related to Kamnan Nok or not? Or is it just a company that does not pass the qualification criteria as specified by TOR?

Source: Thai News Agency

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