“Trade representative” reveals New Zealand is willing to support Thailand in investing in EEC-agriculture-language teaching

Trade representative” reveals New Zealand is willing to support Thailand in investing in EEC-agriculture-language teaching. Ireland is interested in opening a direct flight from Bangkok to Dublin. Promote tourism

Mrs. Nalinee Thaweesin, Thai Trade Representative Revealing his discussion with Mr. Jonathan Dale Kings, Ambassador of New Zealand to Thailand, he said that he had invited New Zealand businessmen to invest more in the EEC and that Thailand wanted to exchange knowledge on agricultural technology, especially raw milk and storage. For sale They also want New Zealand to support English teaching assistants in schools and vocational institutes. and creating English courses in agriculture and tourism, with all 3 subjects mentioned New Zealand Ambassador is pleased to support and wants to use the opportunity of the Thailand-New Zealand Closer Economic Partnership Agreement (TNZCEP), which will celebrate its 20th anniversary next year, to promote closer trade relations between them. In the past, New Zealand has reduced taxes on all products from Thailand. As for Thailand, it will reduce tariffs on all New Zealand products by 2025. There are still products that Thailand collects tariffs on, including milk and cream (raw milk), flavored milk drinks. skimmed milk powder Currently, Thailand can export 7 fruit items to New Zealand: pineapple, mango, coconut, mangosteen, longan, lychee, durian, 2 fresh vegetable products: taro and ginger, and 2 fishery products: tilapia and catfish. and 3 processed meat products, namely processed salmon meat canned beef and cooked duck meat While the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement That has been in effect since 2010, helping to benefit various service businesses such as education and tourism. And negotiations are underway to upgrade the agreement to be more up-to-date and up-to-date. which is expected to be completed within this year. and cooked duck meat While the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement That has been effective since 2010 helps benefit various service businesses such as education and tourism. And negotiations are underway to upgrade the agreement to be more up-to-date and up-to-date. which is expected to be completed within this year. and cooked duck meat While the ASEAN-Australia-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement That has been effective since 2010 helps benefit various service businesses such as education and tourism. And negotiations are underway to upgrade the agreement to be more up-to-date and up-to-date. which is expected to be completed within this year.

Mrs. Nalini also said that she also had discussions with Mr. Patrick Byrne, Ambassador of Ireland to Thailand. especially promoting tourism There are approximately 100,000 Irish tourists traveling to Thailand and this is likely to increase to 150,000 per year, showing the potential of Thai tourism, and both countries have expressed interest in opening direct flights from Bangkok-Dublin. To increase convenience in traveling Including wanting to enhance cooperation in education Because Ireland is a country where English is one of the official languages. and there are many leading universities But there are still not many Thai students. On this occasion, the Irish Ambassador would like to see the progress of the Thai-EU Free Trade Agreement (FTA). He also proposed that the government establish a Thai embassy in Dublin. To enhance diplomatic relations between each other as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

BAAC Khon Kaen explains request to use night market area

BAAC Khon Kaen Explain request to use night market area To create a rice drying yard and warehouse.

According to the group of plant distributors and shops Khon Kaen Agricultural Products Market At the intersection of Srichan Road, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province, filed a complaint with the Damrongtham Center and the media in the case that BAAC issued a letter to leave the area. To develop the central market In order to gain a correct understanding of the said issue, BAAC would like to clarify as follows:

1. Khon Kaen Agricultural Products Market was established in 1990 and is used as a market for buying and selling standard produce. both in terms of quality and maintaining price stability Create fairness in the trading of produce and reduce problems.

They were taken advantage of by selling their produce to farmers. and is the location of a BAAC branch by renting the said plot of land from the Treasury Office in the Khon Kaen area.

2.Later on Twelve farmers in the plant distribution group faced the problem of not having a place to sell their products, so the bank gave the farmers Use the Khon Kaen agricultural market area to sell products to alleviate suffering. By being responsible for paying the water bill Electricity costs and garbage collection costs Currently, there are 41 users of the area.

3.The said plot of land Used in government affairs that are beneficial to the public Treasury Department as the owner of the area Therefore, all traders are asked to move out of the area. Ready to improve the area to be overall beneficial to farmers. In 2018, BAAC invited all merchants and sellers who use the area to discuss. and request to cease use of the area by August 31, 2018, along with handing over the area and demolishing buildings from the market Continued until ’66.

4. A group of 32 area users filed a lawsuit against the BAAC at the Khon Kaen Administrative Court. But the Khon Kaen Administrative Court ordered on 31 August 2023 not to accept the complaint for consideration. and did not consider requests for interim measures before judgment by all 32 plaintiffs.

5. In the recent use of the central market area, BAAC has taken into account the benefits of farmers. By supporting funds and providing full opportunities to create careers and income.

BAAC has a plan to improve the area for maximum benefit, such as improving the rice drying yard. modern rice storage warehouse To support produce from small farmers, BAAC has conducted everything on the basis of fairness and transparency. They have also given the opportunity to users of the area many times and for quite a long time. Therefore, the BAAC has had to request that the area be returned. and confirm that Requesting the return of the said area is based on compassion. Under the framework of the law at every step

Source: Thai News Agency

Launch of water management plan at the end of the rainy season, accelerating storage in response to El Niño

Director General of the Royal Irrigation Department Revealed that it will take another 38 days before the end of the 2023 rainy season to expedite water storage from the more intense rain in this period. Emphasize every irrigation project Find an alternative source of water for the upcoming dry season. Reiterate the water management plan. Allocated carefully according to the needs of each sector. To support the El Niño condition which will continue throughout 2024

Mr. Praphit Chanma, Director-General of the Royal Irrigation Department, said that Captain Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to expedite water storage in all water reservoirs in the irrigation area as much as possible at the end of the 2023 rainy season.

Recently, the Meteorological Department informed the weather forecast that during September 26 – 29, a strong low pressure area in the South China Sea will move along the monsoon trough. It covers central Vietnam, Laos, and the lower northeastern, central, eastern, Bangkok and surrounding areas. We still need to periodically monitor and evaluate whether the low pressure area will strengthen into a storm or not. But this characteristic will cause Thailand to have more rain and heavy to very heavy rain in some places in the area where the low pressure area moves to cover. Then between 30 September – 3 October there will still be continuous rain along the monsoon trough that will move up across the lower northern region. Northeast and upper central region

The Royal Irrigation Department has assigned irrigation projects across the country to retain as much water as possible from the upcoming rain. At the same time, find an alternative source of water and store as much water in the reserve source as possible. To support use during the upcoming dry season.

In this regard, the water management plan for the rainy season 2023, which has an El Niño condition causing the amount of rain to be less than normal, is Prepared to support the water situation as predicted by the Meteorological Department. El Niño conditions will continue throughout 2024, so the Royal Irrigation Department has carefully allocated water to meet the demand for each activity since the beginning of the last rainy season.

In the Chao Phraya field, various dams are used to store water, including the Chao Phraya dam and irrigation system as management tools. To support and reduce the impacts that may occur from El Niño conditions as follows:

Drainage from Bhumibol Sirikit Dam, Kwai Noi Bamrung Daen and Pa Sak Cholasit, which has a total of 145 million cubic meters of water flowing into the reservoir per day (data 23 September 2023), has released a total of approximately 4-5 million cubic meters per day. To store as much water as possible for use in the dry season. by such drainage water Used only for maintaining the ecosystem and for consumption at the rear of the reservoir.

Water management at Chao Phraya Dam Water above the Chao Phraya Dam has been stored at a level of 16.800 m., which is approximately 0.30 m. higher than the normal level, in order to raise the water level into the canal above the Chao Phraya Dam as much as possible. It does not affect the area and can support the rain that may fall a lot in the area. To divert water into the irrigation system and store it in water reservoirs and irrigation areas. For use as follows:

Deliver water to rice fields that have not yet been harvested.

Used for consumption during the dry season.

Used to grow crops using less water. as well as perennial plants during the dry season

Preserve the ecosystem

Diversion into irrigation systems on both the east and west sides Total change is not less than 500 cubic meters/second or not less than 43 million cubic meters/day as follows.

On the eastern side, divert the Chainat-Pa Sak canal and Chainat-Ayutthaya canal. With some water diverted to the east side of the Chao Phraya River to the Phra Ong Chaiyanuchit Canal. To pump and divert water to store at Bang Phra Reservoir. Chonburi Province

On the west side, the Tha Chin River, Noi River, and Makham Thao-U Thong canal are diverted.

As for the water situation in the Chao Phraya River in Nakhon Sawan Province, the amount of water flowing through it has increased. Because there is estimated rain falling behind the reservoirs of the 4 main dams, current flow is at a rate of 1,258 cubic meters per second. Such amount of water The Royal Irrigation Department must manage water for maximum benefit. using the Chao Phraya Dam Chainat Province and irrigation systems to receive water for management

The amount of water above the Chao Phraya Dam remaining from water delivery for various activities includes the amount of water that is maintained for maintaining the stability of the dam. There will be excess water that needs to be drained to maintain balance in the amount of water flowing over the Chao Phraya Dam. by discharging no more than 1,000 cubic meters/second. Currently, the maximum drainage is 898 cubic meters/second and is likely to decrease. The amount of water that is released behind the said dam Will be used in various activities In the provinces of Chainat, Sing Buri, Ang Thong, Ayutthaya, Pathum Thani and Nonthaburi, including the water production of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. as well as maintaining the water quality of the Chao Phraya River.

The Royal Irrigation Department would like to emphasize that We will rush to store as much water in the irrigation system and community water storage as possible. Including asking for cooperation from farmers who planted rice in the first year and have completed harvesting. Stop farming continuously Due to the amount of water stored It will be reserved for supporting water for consumption. Only consume and preserve the ecosystem. To have enough water to use throughout the dry season. 2023/2024

Source: Thai News Agency

Outrageous, shooting a newly hired police officer in the middle of a store to death.

A gunman shoots A.S. Det, 34 years old, dead in front of a shop in Ban Tha Pong Village, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province.

There was an unfortunate incident where a gunman shot and killed Mr. Noppadet Bunsuwan or Sor. Det, age 34, in front of a shop in Ban Tha Pong Village, Mueang District, Kanchanaburi Province. The deceased had just been called up to be an official. Volunteer to defend the territory for about 7 days, but last night he was shot 5 times in the chest by a male assailant, who was in serious condition. After the incident, the gunman walked onto a motorcycle and drove away. Nearby villagers came to help transport him. Surasee Camp Hospital 17th Military Circle, but the condition is very serious. After reaching the hospital only 30 minutes, he died. Recently, the police and forensics officials Inspecting the scene, 8 bullet casings were found and kept as evidence. Speed up the investigation Follow the perpetrators and prosecute.

Source: Thai News Agency

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior laid a wreath to pay homage to the King. On the occasion of Mahidol Day

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Lead the executive team in laying a wreath to pay homage to the royal monument. Somdej Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom Phraboromrajchanok on Mahidol Day 2023 and invites Thai people to join in worshiping by doing good deeds. Donate as a royal merit

Mr. Suthiphong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Lead the senior management team with Mr. Pornpoj Penpas, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Head of the Internal Security Affairs Mission Group Mr. Chotinarin Kerdsom, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Head of the Disaster and Urban Development Mission Group Bureau Director Division Director and officials Under the Ministry of Interior Participate in laying a wreath to pay homage to the royal monument. Somdet Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom Phraboromrajchanok, year 2023

And at the same time At the royal monument area Somdet Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom, Prince Boromarajonok and Princess Srinagarindra Boromarajonani Ministry of Public Health Nonthaburi Province, Mr. Suthipong Chulcharoen, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior Assigned to Mr. Songklod Sawangwong, Deputy Governor of Phetchabun Province Assisting in the Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Interior Lead civil servants under the Ministry of Interior Participate in laying a wreath to pay homage to the royal monument. Somdet Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom Phraboromrajchanok on Mahidol Day 2023

Mr. Sutthiphong said that His Majesty King Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom Praboromrajchanok was born on January 1, 1891, as the son of King Chulalongkorn. and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Phra Panvassa Ayikachao His name when he was first born was “His Royal Highness the King Prince Mahidol Adulyadej Naresuan Maharajathibodin Chulalongkorn Nintharavarangkun Somboonbenjaphonsirisawat Khattiyawaroptosuchat Mr. Sangkasakiatprakrit Laksanavijitphisitburut Chanutmarat Pattanasak Arakawarajkumar” and later King Chulalongkorn There is a royal command. to be established as princes of different departments “Krom Khun Songkhla Nakharin” and on June 9, B.E. 1970 His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great issued a royal command to honor the ashes of His Majesty the King. According to the inscription in Phra Suphanbat that “His Majesty King Mahiladhibet Adulyadej Vikrom Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn was married to Princess Srinagarindra Boromarajonani and had 3 sons and daughters: Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. Princess Galyani Vadhana Prince Narathiwat Rajanagarindra His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol Phra Atthamaramathibodin and His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej His Majesty Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great Borommanat Bophit

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior said that His Royal Highness Prince Mahidol Dhibet Adulyadej Vikrom, His Majesty the King, performed his royal duties with great contributions and benefits to the nation and the Thai people in countless ways. Especially in the fields of medicine and public health. By strengthening the unity of the medical school and develop teaching and learning as well as producing doctors efficiently As well as donating a great deal of personal property to Thai medicine. He was a teacher teaching medical students. He assisted in expanding the business of Siriraj Hospital. Responding to the royal grace of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn including granting royal funds to build patient buildings Granting scholarships to send medical students and nursing students to study abroad. which lays the foundation for medicine and public health to develop and advance on a par with other civilized countries

“The Thai people have united in presenting the royal title to Somdet Phra Mahitala Dhibet. Adulyadej Vikrom, Prince Boromarajonaka, “The Father of Thai Medicine” and on January 1, 1992, the 100th anniversary of his birth, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Announced to praise him as an important person in the world in education, science, medicine, nursing and public health. Later on 1 January 2012, on the occasion of the 120th anniversary of his birth, he was bestowed the title ” “Father of Thai Higher Education”

Mr. Suthiphong added that Somdet Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom, His Royal Highness, passed away on September 24, 1929, at the age of 38, from his medical duties. Therefore received the royal title from doctors and the general public that “Father of modern Thai medicine” which in the year 1950, Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital and all alumni as well as the general public They joined together to build the King Monument in the heart of Siriraj Hospital. To bow in remembrance of His Majesty’s grace By His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej the Great presided over the opening ceremony of the Royal Monument on April 27, 1950, and since then, every September 24, which is the anniversary of his death. Somdej Phra Mahitalathibet Adulyadej Vikrom Phraboromrajchanok every year is therefore “Mahidol Day”

“Ministry of Interior Rejoice in gratitude for the grace of His Majesty King Mahidaladhibet. Adulyadej Vikrom Phraboromrajchanok especially Sentences in the scriptures That has been used as a reminder and working guideline for doctors and medical personnel. as well as government officials and all Thai citizens who said, “Please put your personal interests second. The benefit of fellow human beings is activity number one. Fortune, wealth and honor will come to you. If you keep the Dhamma of your career pure,” it is considered a royal grace that His Majesty has bestowed to be the light of occupation in every profession. which officials from the Ministry of Interior Person who performs duties in treating suffering Promote happiness for the people with determination and determination. I have used this royal guideline as an anchor and a reminder to myself to perform my duties with dedication and physical strength. intellectual strength To make people have a good quality of life which will benefit the stability of the nation In response to His Majesty the King’s determined determination “The country is stable. The people are happy Correct the wrong thing Continuing in the royal wishes Under the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy”

and in remembrance of the overwhelming kindness of His Majesty King Mahidaladhibet Adulyadej Vikrom, Phraboromrajchanok, the most excellent benefactor who has made contributions that are the foundation of medical and public health security in Thailand. This has resulted in the well-being and happiness of the Thai people until now. Therefore, we would like to invite the people to join together in setting our minds to be charitable. Cultivate good qualities In order to practice worship and offer it as a royal merit On the occasion of his death anniversary, 24 September 2023, in unison all over the country,” said Mr. Suthipong. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Seththa” asks not to worry about Rasami using a digital wallet of 10,000 baht.

Settha” asks not to worry, waiting for the committee to consider expanding the radius of use of digital wallets to 10,000 baht, admits to being worried. Fear that there will be a concentration of money spent in just Mueang District. Pointed out that he wanted to give birth to remote areas.

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mentioning the use of a digital wallet of 10,000 baht, will the area be expanded from a radius of 4 kilometers to a district or province? He said that he just returned from a mission abroad. There will probably be a report coming soon. But he admits that there are concerns that people are concerned about. must be taken into consideration

As for whether the radius will be adjusted according to the people’s request to expand it to the district or province or not, Mr. Settha said that if it were to be adjusted to a province, it would be concentrated only in the Mueang district. Therefore, I would like to give remote districts a chance to be born. The committee is currently considering it. Please don’t worry and emphasize that the Prime Minister has never been concerned about this project.

Source: Thai News Agency

Renowned Vietnamese painter’s unseen painting up for sale

A never-before-seen painting by celebrated Vietnamese artist Mai Trung Thu (1906-1980) will be offered at Bonhams Southeast Asian Modern and Contemporary Art on October 4.

Le Collier (The Necklace), carrying an estimate of 2,500,000 – 4,000,000 HKD (320,000 – 511,000 USD), was formerly in the private collection of Federico Möller de Berg (1899-1991), a renowned Uruguayan sculptor who acquired it directly from Thu in 1948 – the year the two artists first met in Paris.

Federico studied at the Académie de la Grande Chaumiére and belonged to a circle of artists who shared and admired each other’s works. It was there Federico came across Thu’s paintings.

Fascinated by Thu’s art and the tenderness in which he approached his subjects, Federico later exchanged his two sculptures for Thu’s paintings, and one of the two pieces was Le Collier. The work remained in Federico’s personal collection and was brought back to Uruguay where he treasured it for the rest of his life.

The painting portrays a white-dressed Vietnamese woman serenely reclining with a red beaded necklace in hand, admiring it while at the same time seemingly thinking of someone associated with it. It is a rare work of the artist not only for its size – measuring 55 x 71cm – but also the richness of the subject’s emotion, the grace in her posture, and the striking composition.

Art critic Ngo Kim Khoi said: “For those with an affection for Vietnamese art, in particular the silk paintings of Mai Trung Thu, this young woman’s pure beauty within the canvas is bound to leave them in awe. Many may find themselves yearning to possess this masterpiece, allowing them to continue to admire its delicacy.”

Joan Yip, senior specialist of Bonhams Southeast Modern and Contemporary Asian Art, commented: “This painting has such a heart-warming story and reveals the pure admiration between two very different artists, who first met in Paris and developed a touching admiration for each other’s work. Kept privately in the collection of Federico Möller de Berg for more than 70 years, the painting is a unique work by Mai Thu and we expect a lot of interest from collectors as it comes fresh to the market on 4 October in Hong Kong.”

Mai Trung Thu was born in the northern city of Hai Phong into a large and honourable family of literati.

In 1924, as the École des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine was established through the collaboration of the Frenchman Victor Tardieu and the Vietnamese Nguyen Nam Son, Mai Trung Thu passed the entrance exam and became one of 10 students in the first class (1925-1930).

Thu met with great success with silk painting, one of the most distinctive materials of Vietnamese painting.

Bonhams, founded in 1793, is one of the world’s largest and most renowned auctioneers, offering fine art and collectables, collectors’ cars and a luxury division, which includes jewellery, designer fashion, watches, wine, and whisky.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

China-ASEAN civil aviation center launched

The China-ASEAN Civil Aviation Cooperation and Exchange Center was officially launched at a recent forum on industry cooperation in Nanning city, China’s Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, according to the Xinhua news agency.

Pan Yixin, executive vice chairman of the China Air Transport Association (CATA), said the center aims to strengthen the connectivity of the air route network linking China and ASEAN and promote the coordinated development of aviation-oriented cultural tourism.

It will also build platforms for China-ASEAN civil aviation cooperation, hold aviation technology and equipment exhibitions, and develop demonstration areas for civil aviation capacity building, Pan added.

The center was jointly initiated by 15 organisations, including the CATA, China Southern Airlines, and Singapore Changi Airport.

Since China and ASEAN formally established dialogue relations, the annual passenger traffic volume of China-ASEAN civil aviation has jumped from 295,000 to 26.58 million, a roughly 90-fold increase.

Source: Vietnam News Agency