Countries ready for 43rd ASEAN Summit, related meetings

Ambassador Vu Ho, head of SOM ASEAN Vietnam, attended the ASEAN Senior Officials’ Meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia on September 3 to review preparations for the 43rd ASEAN Summit and related meetings.

The meetings are scheduled to take place from September 5-7, featuring around 20 activities.

Leaders from ASEAN countries and their partners will join events such as the 43rd ASEAN Summit, ASEAN+1 Summits with partners including China, the Republic of Korea, Japan, the US, India, Russia, Canada and the United Nations, the ASEAN 3 Summit, and the East Asia Summit.

Heads of SOM of ASEAN countries reviewed and basically completed the draft documents for the high-level meetings which are expected to adopt and acknowledge nearly 100 documents covering various areas of cooperation within the ASEAN bloc, as well as with external partners, and measures to enhance the effectiveness of ASEAN activities.

Reflecting on the 2023 activities, they spoke highly of the practical priorities set for building the ASEAN Community, contributing to promoting trade, investment, economic recovery while accelerating digitisation, green growth and sustainable development in the region. They are intended to provide momentum for ASEAN cooperation in the coming years, with the aim of realising “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth”./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Indonesia enhances comprehensive ASEAN maritime cooperation

Enhancing maritime cooperation is one of the priorities of Indonesia’s ASEAN Chairmanship in 2023, said Director for ASEAN Political and Security Cooperation Rolliansyah Soemirat, amid preparations for the 43rd ASEAN Summit to be held on 5-7 September in Jakarta.

In a statement, Rolliansyah Soemirat said Indonesia initiated the establishment of the ASEAN Maritime Outlook (AMO) which is a strategic document in strengthening the synergy of maritime cooperation under ASEAN’s three pillars. In the future, the AMO will serve as the main reference for maritime cooperation between ASEAN member states with external partners.

The potential for maritime cooperation in the Indo-Pacific is enormous and multidimensional, strategically, politically, economically and socially for its people, he added.

The first edition of the AMO, which was recently launched during Indonesia’s chairmanship period, comprehensively summarises the progress of maritime cooperation in ASEAN. This will be a compass for ASEAN in determining the direction of maritime cooperation in the future. The AMO also provided recommendations on potential maritime cooperation undertaken by ASEAN sectoral bodies, mechanisms and processes.

According to him, the potential for maritime cooperation is also increasingly open along with the development of new maritime issues, such as cyber attacks on ships and port facilities, blue economy and renewable energy.

Going forward, the AMO, which is launched every three years, will serve as a practical reference for ASEAN leaders, ministers, sectoral bodies, and partners in understanding and advancing ASEAN maritime cooperation.

This Outlook is expected to make a meaningful contribution to efforts to build a secure, stable and prosperous ASEAN Community, as well as further strengthen ASEAN’s relations with external partners./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Arrest warrant for a housekeeper who used a typewriter to adjust the account book and embezzled 30 million baht from the RTA.

Police at Kuchinarai Police Station, Kalasin Province, issued an arrest warrant for a well-known bank official. Acts as a housekeeper, using a typewriter to adjust the account book. Embezzled the money of customers and RTA members, causing total damages of nearly 30 million baht before escaping unpunished. The latest development has been that the fund and outsiders have filed complaints at Kuchinarai Police Station has 31 cases.

Source: Thai News Agency

Flooding in Takua Pa is still a concern. More than 50 households in distress

Still worrisome! Flood situation in the area Takua Pa District, Phang Nga Province, recently Border Patrol Police volunteers came to help more than 50 households affected.

The flood situation in the area of Village No. 5, Ban Bang Lat, Khok Khian Subdistrict, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga Province is still worrisome. Most recently, Border Patrol Police No. 425, Takua Pa along with more than 10 volunteer Border Patrol Police officers came to help move the belongings of villagers affected by the flooding. high place Including helping to rescue a pickup truck that was unable to escape the water in time. Half of the car was flooded onto the road, which is currently in the Takua Pa District area. There is still continuous rain. As a result, water in the Takua Pa River overflowed and flooded the low-lying areas of Khok Khian Subdistrict and Bang Sai Subdistrict. More than 50 households were affected. Had to escape to the 2nd floor of the house, palm garden, fruit orchard, and rubber plantation. Flood water was 50 centimeters to 1 meter high. Entering the area Some roads require the use of barges to travel. Meanwhile, cattle were moved to areas of the road that were not flooded.

Source: Thai News Agency

Social Security Office 33rd anniversary

Social Security Office Organized an event celebrating the 33rd anniversary of the founding, emphasizing the mission of ensuring stability for both employees and insured persons.

Mr. Bunsong Tapchaiyut, Secretary-General of the Social Security Office Opening ceremony on the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the Social Security Office, emphasizing its mission Creating security in life for employees and insured persons Currently, there are 514,458 registered establishments, with 24.54 million people insured. In 2023, benefits were paid to employees 63,109.27 million baht, compensation was paid to employees 1,008.35 million baht. Social Security Fund savings as of July 2023 were 2,371,416. Million baht, including interest from investments from 1 Jan. – 31 July 2023, totaling 31,940 million baht. As for money accumulated in the Compensation Fund to date, totaling 76,470 million baht, including interest from investments in the amount of 1,247 million baht.

In the new year 2023, the Social Security Fund has increased care for insured persons in 3 additional matters:

1. Let establishments search for risk of cardiovascular disease and heart disease. To proactively promote health

2. Increase access to treatment rights for 5 diseases, namely heart disease and stroke. Uterine lump disease Kidney and gallbladder stones, breast cancer, and cerebrovascular disease.

3. Low interest housing loan project for insured persons To reduce the cost of living burden for insured persons

Today’s 33rd anniversary event. In the morning there is a ceremony to chant Buddhist mantras for good fortune. Surrounding the work area At the Social Security Office, Tiwanon Road, Nonthaburi Province, there is a “Social Security Family” activity, setting up a shop selling OTOP products. and handicraft products Booths from various hospitals and an award ceremony for people who have made contributions to social security work, a total of 165 awards.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thailand beat South Korea 3-0 in set, Asian Women’s Volleyball 2023.

Thai female hitters show strong form. Defeated South Korea 3-0 sets with scores 25-20, 25-22,25-23, taking the lead in Group E. Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship 2023

22nd Asian Women’s Volleyball Championship, year 2023, first 2 games, Thai female volleyball players Two-time Asian champions, 2009 and 2013, ranked 15th in the world, met South Korea, the team ranked 35th in the world, with statistics from the last 5 meetings: Thailand won 4, lost 1. This game had volleyball fans from Korat and nearby provinces traveling. Almost the whole stadium came to cheer at the National Men’s Hall, which has a capacity of 5,000 seats, all cheering for the Thai women’s team with happiness and joy.

In this game, “Coach Urgent” Danai Sriwacharamethakul The head coach of the Thai national women’s volleyball team sent the first 6 players onto the field, consisting of Chatchu-on Moksri, Taddao Nuekchaeng, Sasipaporn Chandrawisut, Thanatcha Suksod, Wimonrat Thanaphan, Phonphan Kerdprach is a setter and Piyanuch Pannoi is a libero. As for South Korea, the team ranked 35th in the world is led by Spanish head coach Cesar Hernandez Gonzalez. Send the main character Jung Ho-young, number 17, to lead the team onto the field.

The results showed that the Thai women’s team, wearing red uniforms, played excellently. Both hitting the top of the post and blocking, winning 3-0 sets 25-20, 25-22 and 25-23, collecting the victory to lead Group E. In this game, “Mome” Thanatcha scored the highest score of 15 points. and “Bumbim” Chatchuon scored 14 points.

After the game, “Coach Urgent” said he was satisfied with his team’s performance. But there are still a few points that need to be adjusted. Especially the process of receiving and serving and praising South Korea. Played tight and improved a lot.

“Mome” Thanatcha Suksod and “Mod” Wipawee Srithong said they were satisfied with today’s performance as well as planned. Because everyone helps play together. Ready to thank the fans Volleyball that cheers and encourages

Other results, Round 2, Group F, the Chinese women’s team, ranked 6th in the world, 13-time champions of this competition, the red shirts defeated India, ranked 61st in the world, 3-0 sets 25-9, 25-10, 25-12. Take the lead of the group As for the other result in this group, Japan, 5-time champion, team ranked 8th in the world, defeated Kazakhstan, ranked 39th in the world, 3-0, ranked 2nd in the group, with China and Japan definitely advancing to the semi-finals tomorrow at 12:00 noon. They will compete for the group championship at Chatchai Hall.

The Thai national team will take the field in the second round, game 2, against Vietnam to compete for the group championship tomorrow at 6:00 p.m. at Chatchai Hall, Nakhon Ratchasima Province.

Source: Thai News Agency

Media center the 43rd ASEAN Summit provides Indonesian cuisine

Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Director General of Information and Public Communication of the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Usman Kansong, stated that the media center for the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta provided Indonesian and Western cuisine.”The menu is variatif. There is Indonesian and Western food. For example, various types of coffee from the regions For promotion also,” Kansong said when confirmed by phone on Sunday. Indonesia, the ASEAN chair for 2023, adopted the theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth”. The aim of ASEAN Matters is to make ASEAN relevant and important for Indonesia, ASEAN, and the surrounding region. Meanwhile, the Epicentrum of Growth was Indonesia’s desire to capitalize on ASEAN as the center of economic growth. Indonesia held the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, West Manggarai district, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) province, on May 20, 2023. Kansong explains that the media center has a capacity of up to 2.5 thousand people and is located in Exhibition Hall B at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta. Media Center ASEAN provides many facilities, such as working space equipped with laptops, dining space, 20 media booths, a prayer room, massage chairs for relaxation, a clinic, toilets, a video village, and three big screens to monitor the events during the ASEAN Summit. “We also have an internet network with a capacity of 10 Gbps,” he said, adding that it will operate from September 28. ccording to him, on Saturday (31/8), more than 1,700 journalists had been registered or accredited for the ASEAN event. “Maybe there will be additional official media coverage by the head of state and the official traveling press (OTP),” he stated. Kansong also said about 2,000 journalists from Indonesia, member countries, 22 partner countries, and international organizations such as the United Nations (PBB) and World Bank will cover ASEAN. Pertamina Central Hospital (RSPP), Siloam Semanggi Hospital, Jakarta Hospital, Medistra Hospital, and Medika Permata Hijau Hospital were also prepared during the ASEAN Summit.

Source: Antara News Agency