BAAC Khon Kaen explains request to use night market area

BAAC Khon Kaen Explain request to use night market area To create a rice drying yard and warehouse.

According to the group of plant distributors and shops Khon Kaen Agricultural Products Market At the intersection of Srichan Road, Mueang District, Khon Kaen Province, filed a complaint with the Damrongtham Center and the media in the case that BAAC issued a letter to leave the area. To develop the central market In order to gain a correct understanding of the said issue, BAAC would like to clarify as follows:

1. Khon Kaen Agricultural Products Market was established in 1990 and is used as a market for buying and selling standard produce. both in terms of quality and maintaining price stability Create fairness in the trading of produce and reduce problems.

They were taken advantage of by selling their produce to farmers. and is the location of a BAAC branch by renting the said plot of land from the Treasury Office in the Khon Kaen area.

2.Later on Twelve farmers in the plant distribution group faced the problem of not having a place to sell their products, so the bank gave the farmers Use the Khon Kaen agricultural market area to sell products to alleviate suffering. By being responsible for paying the water bill Electricity costs and garbage collection costs Currently, there are 41 users of the area.

3.The said plot of land Used in government affairs that are beneficial to the public Treasury Department as the owner of the area Therefore, all traders are asked to move out of the area. Ready to improve the area to be overall beneficial to farmers. In 2018, BAAC invited all merchants and sellers who use the area to discuss. and request to cease use of the area by August 31, 2018, along with handing over the area and demolishing buildings from the market Continued until ’66.

4. A group of 32 area users filed a lawsuit against the BAAC at the Khon Kaen Administrative Court. But the Khon Kaen Administrative Court ordered on 31 August 2023 not to accept the complaint for consideration. and did not consider requests for interim measures before judgment by all 32 plaintiffs.

5. In the recent use of the central market area, BAAC has taken into account the benefits of farmers. By supporting funds and providing full opportunities to create careers and income.

BAAC has a plan to improve the area for maximum benefit, such as improving the rice drying yard. modern rice storage warehouse To support produce from small farmers, BAAC has conducted everything on the basis of fairness and transparency. They have also given the opportunity to users of the area many times and for quite a long time. Therefore, the BAAC has had to request that the area be returned. and confirm that Requesting the return of the said area is based on compassion. Under the framework of the law at every step

Source: Thai News Agency

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