2023 Gangnam Festival to be Held in Gangnam, the Heart of K-pop

Massive K-pop festival to mesmerize fans worldwide for 5 days from October 5

Seoul, South Korea–(ANTARA/Business Wire)– The 2023 Gangnam Festival will be held from October 5 to 9, 2023, in Seoul’s K-pop heartland, Gangnam that has gained the attention of global citizens throughout the world thanks to singer PSY’s ‘Gangnam Style.’ The 2023 Gangnam Festival will commence with the ‘Opening Festival,’ a complex performance in a musical format. A wide range of programs are planned, including the ‘2024 S/S Gangnam Fashion Festa’ held at the COEX Starfield Library, a popular tourist destination in Gangnam, the ‘Maru Park Green Concert,’ a gathering of varied musical genres such as ballads, rock, and trot, the ‘andgtourmet Trip and K-Culture Stage,’ where visitors can sample a variety of meals and enjoy performances, and the ‘International Peace Marathon,’ where competitors will run against a panoramic view of the Han River, each of which attracts interest in its own unique way. The Gangnam Festival, a culture and arts festival celebrating its 12th anniversary this year, is widely known for its large-scale K-pop concerts held on a special stage created by regulating traffic on Yeongdong-daero. With its stronger artist lineup, this year’s concert is expected to delight K-pop fans at home and abroad.

On the day of the performance, October 8, the concert featuring Korea’s top musicians, such as aespa, ATEEZ, BOYNEXTDOOR, fromis_9, NCT DREAM, STAYC and ZICO, will be streamed live on the global YouTube channel ‘KBS World.’ Cho Sung Myung, Mayor of Gangnam-gu, said, “This year’s Gangnam Festival will feature more meaningful programs, ensuring everyone who visits Gangnam can fully experience the fall celebration. As a program that allows people to experience not only K-pop performances but also K-culture in a variety of ways, the festival aims to become a prominent cultural festival for Korean Wave in Seoul.”

More information on the festival programs, ticket reservations, etc. is available on the 2023 Gangnam Festival official website. Contacts

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Source: Antara News Agency

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