6.1-Magnitude Quake Hit Central Indonesia, No Tsunami Alert Issued

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake rocked off Central Sulawesi province in Indonesia yesterday, but did not trigger giant waves, the country’s meteorology, climatology and geophysics agency said.

The quake happened at 21:43 local time (1443 GMT), with its epicentre at 49 km north-west of Donggala Regency, and a depth of 20 km under the seabed.

The tremors of the earthquake did not have the potential to trigger a tsunami, the agency said.

However, they let residents of two villages situated in coastal areas of the regency to flee, said Muhammad Fikri, an official of data and information centre of the provincial disaster management and mitigation agency.

“More than 1,000 villagers escaped from the coastal areas, for fear of possible aftershocks,” he said, adding, electricity was cut off, and telecommunication was disrupted

Source: Nam News Network

Awesome! “DJ Matoom” brings brands to Thai people Shining on the Seoul Fashion Week runway

In addition to being happy to be one of the Thai people who participated in the fashion show at Seoul Fashion Week, held in Seoul, South Korea, “DJ Matum Techin” also felt proud. So cool that we bring “TESIT student uniforms” Thai brand clothes. Sewing skills by a new and energetic Thai designer. Go walk and show your aura of perfection on a world-class runway. which received praise from people at the event as well as foreign media who came to interview about the outfit in droves.

“DJ Matoom” posted to share this proud story via his personal Instagram @dj_matoom with a message stating, “Seoul fashion week #day3 for today’s first gate look, Matoom thought for a long time about what to wear. Which brand is better, high-end or a foreign brand? Finally, Bael was chosen. “TSIT Student Uniform” is a genuine Thai children’s brand. Tailored by a new and energetic designer. @chaytoninblack I admit that I made the right decision because everyone looked at this outfit and admired it very much. Plus, foreign media asked for an interview about this set and the Thai brand as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

Construction crane falls on workers, 1 dead, 2 injured

A crane about the height of a 4-story building is under construction. Inside Soi Sukhumvit 23, it fell on one worker, killing one and injuring two.

last evening Khlong Toei Rescue received a report of a crane collapse in Soi Sukhumvit 23, Khlong Toei Subdistrict, Khlong Toei District. Fire and Rescue Station officials determined that the crane was about the height of a 4-story building which was under construction. It fell on one worker, a male, and injured two workers. Volunteers from the foundation took them to the police hospital. Recently, officials are still blocking the surrounding area. Due to fear that the crane might fall again. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai national team training Before the duel with Iraqi players this evening (Sept. 10), the King’s Cup football battle.

Mano Polking, the manager of the Thai national team, led all 23 players to practice before facing Iraqi players this evening (10 Sep.) in the King’s Cup football match. final round

The movement of the Thai national football team, the big set Preparing for the final match Football for the 49th King’s Cup at the Chiang Mai 700th Anniversary Stadium, Chiang Mai Province, with Iraq this evening (10 Sept.)

Yesterday Mano Polking brought all 23 players to practice at the Prince Royal’s College grounds. Which is open for football fans to watch the training as before and allow the media to capture 15 minutes of training footage so that the team can come up with team system tactics.

Mano Polking, the manager of the Thai national team, revealed that the meeting with Iraq was considered a difficult task. But I have already studied Iraq’s playing data. Iraq has players who play in the Thai League. and has previously played football in the Thai League, including Rebin Zulaka, a defender who used to play with Buriram United, although in this game Iraq will not have Zidane Iqbal, an attacker, a former student of the Manchester United team who received a red card in the game defeating India. It shouldn’t have any effect on the team. Because Iraq has many diverse and strong players, however, they must concentrate on this game and aim to lead the Thai team to win the championship.

As for “Aum” Teerathorn Bunmathan, captain of the Thai national team, and Sarach Yooyen, midfielder for the Thai national team, they admire Nicholas Mickelson, a half-Thai, half-Norwegian running back. who plays with OB Odense in the Danish Super League. that he is the best right-back of the Thai team in many years after Suree Sukha. As for this game, he is fully prepared. Everyone hopes to win the championship.

While “Bubble” Yingrak Raksuwan, Thai football columnist And the host of the Thai football stadium program on FM 99 MCOT radio has analyzed that this game is not an easy task for the Thai national team.

Dr. Kriang Thitijamroenphon, Director of the Prince Royal’s College, revealed that he was glad that the Thai national team chose to use the field at the school. Help inspire the students who come to follow the training of the Thai national team for a week. This stadium, the school used a budget of over 30 million baht to build and maintain. India will also request to use the stadium for training four days after the King’s Cup.

For today’s program, the 3rd place match will be at 5:30 p.m., India meets Lebanon. The final match will kick off at 8:30 p.m., Thailand meets Iraq. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

L6 lottery ready for sale for the regular draw on 1 Oct. 2023.

The new L6 lottery or 6-digit lottery will begin selling the draw on October 1, 2023, with 80 million paper and 21 million digital tickets, totaling 101 million.

Lieutenant Colonel Noon Sanakhom, director of the Lottery Division, confirmed that the new type of L6 lottery or 6-digit lottery will start selling in the draw on October 1, with 80 million paper tickets sold and 21 million digital tickets in total. 101 million cards

The digital lottery will be sold in the Patang app, everything is similar to the normal lottery, but there will be a label on the lottery that L6 and in the last draw of this year, the L6 digital lottery will be available for purchase up to 30 million. There will be up to 30 first prize winners.

While collecting prizes will be more convenient. Especially the person who won the 1st prize, who usually has to go to the lottery only, but L6 can choose to receive money via digital wallet, wallet app, Krung Thai bank account. or go to the lottery office It can be done as well. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Big Joke” joins Cambodian police in breaking up a call center gang, arresting 4 Thais.

Pol. Gen. Surachet” conducts joint operations with the Cambodian police. Breaking up a call center gang, arresting 4 Thai people who made fraudulent calls to transfer money.

From the case that Mr. Sanich He became stressed and used a knife to slit his throat to kill his wife and two children, ages 13 and 11, causing a total of 3 deaths. Then he slit his own throat, hoping to commit suicide. The incident occurred in the area of Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province, on August 28, 2023. It was caused by stress from a debt problem guaranteeing the purchase of a car for a neighbor in the amount of 8 hundred thousand baht until being sued and the Legal Execution Department would The house was seized. In addition, his wife was deceived by a call center gang into a loan app and lost more than 1.7 million baht. Later on 4 September 2023, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, deputy police commander . have traveled to Cambodia To coordinate and request cooperation with Pol. Gen. Saw Thet, Commander-in-Chief of the Cambodian Police. In tracking down and arresting the accused according to an arrest warrant for the call center gang case. address in Cambodia Therefore, a joint plan was made b
etween the police forces of both countries. to crack down on such call center gangs

Latest progress on September 9, 2023, Pol. Gen. Surachet along with Thai police officers together with Police Lieutenant General Siang Thia Rit, Deputy Director Cambodia National Security Command Police Brigadier General Dara Suphia, Deputy Director National Intelligence Agency of Cambodia, Pol. Col. Hung Vy Raek, Cambodian Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Commander, and Pol. Lt. Col. Chi Cobotra, Secretary-General of the Cambodian National Police Assistant Commissioner. Together they tracked down and arrested another 4 suspects according to arrest warrants who were fleeing in Cambodia.

Mr. Suphon, 21 years old, serves as the Thai head of the call center staff in Cambodia. and provide someone else’s bank account (horse account).

Ms. Nisarat, age 22, works as an employee in a call center.

Ms. Kanokporn, 19 years old, works as a call center employee.

Miss Kornkanok, 19 years old, works as a call center employee.

Allegedly “Join together to defraud the public, jointly introduce distorted or fake computer systems. whether in whole or in part or false computer information in a way that is likely to cause damage to the public, participating in a transnational criminal organization” from the arrest of the accused Police were able to seize more than 100 items such as mobile phones, ATM cards, bank passbooks, etc., and more than 240,000 baht in cash.

In this case, a total of 30 arrest warrants have been issued for the accused, able to arrest 16 people. The duties are divided as follows:

A group of 16 money transfer horse account owners, 9 arrested, 7 escaped. A

group of 4 money withdrawers, 2 arrested, 2 escaped.

A group of 2 horse account providers, 2 arrested. A

group of call center employees totaled 16 people. 6 people, 6 people escaped (remained in Cambodia).

Chinese group, 2 call center employee controllers, 2 people escaped (remained in Cambodia).

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that from the case of Bang Kaeo Police Station, the cause was from many debts. including being deceived by call center gangs which was tricked into transferring money through a loan app after ordering investigators to extend the results of issuing arrest warrants for all suspects involved in the aforementioned call center gang. since the horse account Up to 30 Chinese movement leaders, with 12 arrested so far, and finding out that these groups have offices in Poipet, Cambodia, have therefore coordinated with Pol. Gen. Saw Thet, Commander-in-Chief of the Cambodian Police. To destroy such call center points Today we joined with Cambodian police officers. Four additional suspects were able to be arrested according to arrest warrants, who made calls to trick victims into transferring money. They will be taken back to Thailand. to prosecute according to law After this, we will work together with Cambodian officials. Follow up and arrest all suspects who are still fleeing. To bring them back
to prosecute in Thailand until the end. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Anutin” insists on appointing “Chada” to suppress mafia on the spot – dare to fight. Please don’t be inferior.

“Mountain Noo” declares that it must be done. Hmph, influential person. From now on, power will not be able to be defeated again. It has been pointed out that “Chada” will be appointed to suppress it at the point of boldness, thorns and thorns. The defense has passed the qualifications of a minister. Please don’t be devalued.

At the Bhumjaithai Party today (10 Sept. 2023), Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior As the leader of the Bhumjaithai Party Giving an interview after the meeting of the party’s MPs, he said that he had assigned Bhumjaithai Party MP Go study the details of government policy. Which part is the party’s policy? Let’s help each other discuss and support the reasons for the policy. and help clarify if there is any misunderstanding about the party’s policies or speak in a damaging way Including the minister. Tomorrow (September 11, 2023), there will probably be a discussion with the Prime Minister about whether or not he would like each minister to help clarify if he was mentioned.

When asked about the policy to crack down on influential people, when will it be completed? Mr. Anutin said that he could not set a date for completion. but will let them know What can you do next that cannot be done to the power? which the word influential There are definitions such as auction houses, prostitution, illegal oil trading, etc., which will be taken into account as well.

When asked about the case of bringing Mr. Chada Thaiseth, Deputy Minister of Interior, to solve the problem of influential people. Is it considered that the problem was solved directly? Mr. Anutin said that Mr. Chada also came to help the police in solving the problem, such as in the case of Kamnan Nok. The name already says that it is Kamnan. Under the Ministry of Interior, yesterday (9 September 2023) the license to use weapons was revoked. which is considered to be responsive

When asked about taking Mr. Chada Let’s solve this problem here. Is it like a thorn in the side? Mr. Anutin said that we have to choose people who understand what the origins are. It is important to have the courage to collide with these people. He believes that Mr. Chada is brave.

When asked that Mr. Srisuwan Charanya, leader of the Love the Nation, Love the Land organization, said that Mr. Chada should examine himself first. Mr. Anutin said that the discourse must be like this. Instead of allowing people to do good Coming back and saying it like this wouldn’t be right. People who become ministers must pass a qualification examination. This matter went over well. Until the name was presented to His Majesty, therefore, it should not be talked about what Mr. Chada was like. Because like this it is an impairment.

When asked how to solve the problem of kamnans and village headmen who are influential people, Mr. Anutin said that influential people are ordinary people. Influence also comes from people who are government officials giving in to him. We need to show that these are not people to be tolerated. Must not accept benefits from these people at all. If we go and receive money or property, it is equivalent to allowing this system to happen. If he came here The part that is responsible This kind of thing will not happen. And he must do it.

“I don’t ride like a cowboy and go shoot. But I say that this country must not have these things. I have a Permanent Secretary. There are provincial governors, directors-general, district chiefs, these mechanisms are in operation. If the minister says that these things cannot be had, then which governor, which district chief? cause these things I know how to handle it,” Mr. Anutin said.

Mr. Anutin also expressed his gratitude to the Governor of Nakhon Pathom and the local district chiefs. The hasty action in the case of police shootings in the Nakhon Pathom province, which at least shows awareness. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

to go out of service, 4 policemen help the accused of killing highway police

Acting Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Army issues an order for four police officers to be temporarily removed from service. After being prosecuted for the crime of helping the accused murder a highway police officer.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew, Acting Highway Police Commander Ordered 4 police officers to be removed from service for the time being. After finding out that he was being prosecuted for the crime of assisting the accused in the murder of a highway police officer. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency