Public communication through collaboration crucial for JKN-KIS success

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Public communication through collaboration among ministries or institutions became an important step in implementing President Instruction No. 1 of 2022 on Optimizing the National Health Insurance and Healthy Indonesia Card (JKN-KIS) Program, an official stated.

Public communication concerning the JKN-KIS Program became the government’s agenda that has to be orchestrated through harmony, Communication and Informatics Ministry’s Public Information and Communication Director General Usman Kansong noted through a statement on Wednesday.

“We expect that ministries or institutions are also able to build strong JKN-KIS narrations that the public needs and is seeking for,” he remarked.

During the Bakohumas Thematic Forum titled “Mass Collaboration for an Optimal National Health Insurance and Healthy Indonesia Card Program,” he affirmed that the public communication agenda for the JKN-KIS Program is spread out across various government channels.

The agenda is expected to improve Indonesians’ prosperity, specifically in expediting the realization of Universal Health Coverage.

Meanwhile, President Director of State-owned Healthcare and Social Security Agency BPJS Kesehatan Ali Ghufron Mukti, who became the host of the forum, stated that the agency is ready to collaborate.

This collaboration is forged, specifically for public communication and, most importantly, dissemination of information to the people.

“Of course, with open arms, we are ready to synergize to produce fresh and up-to-date public communication and education contents,” he remarked.

The matter concerning the JKN program and BPJS Kesehatan often became a popular topic within the public domain, he stated.

“However, this can be utilized, so that the people become more aware and understand about their important contribution to maintaining the health of individuals and the public,” he stated.

BPJS Kesehatan strives to reform itself in all aspects by perfecting its policies, strengthening its system, and encouraging improvement in health service provision performance for JKN-KIS members.

Moreover, to provide service facilitation, speed, and accuracy for JKN-KIS members, BPJS Kesehatan also conducts a variety of breakthroughs and innovations by increasing the utilization of information technology.

Source: Antara News