Commerce checks provincial stores’ readiness to join digital wallets

Phetchaburi Province, Assistant Minister of Commerce Explore Phetchaburi Market Checking the readiness of provincial stores to join the government’s 10,000 baht digital wallet, confident that it will happen at the end of this year.

Mr. Panthil Jongjittrakul, Assistant Minister of Commerce, along with Mr. Yanyong Puangrat, Advisor to the Deputy Prime Minister, and Mr. Krisada Tanthedthit, Secretary to the Minister of Commerce. and a group went to the area to check the readiness of stores to join the digital wallet project. At the Crown Property Market, Phetchaburi Province, assigned by Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, went to the area to inspect the readiness of stores to participate in the digital wallet project. At the Crown Property Market, Phetchaburi Province, shops in the market are ready to join the digital wallet project. to stimulate the economy

The Ministry of Commerce through the Department of Internal Trade Has prepared retailers and wholesale operators.
To support the people who will join in shopping in this project throughout the country, 878 districts, which at present there are more than 140,000 Blue Flag stores in every district and retail stores under the name of juristic persons, covering more than 900,000 stores, and there are also stores in Department of Business Development which has prepared information to be used to connect with relevant agencies to be ready to enter the digital wallet project as much as possible

However, as far as I have asked Mr. Supachai Aranyik, the owner of Bunsom Dessert Shop, Mae Pin’s daughter. Those in the market are willing and ready to join this project. It is thought that it will increase purchasing power and spending, stimulating the economy. And you must inform at the outset that this project does not bring money to distribute. But it is about bringing money to stimulate the economy with the expectation that the money will flow into every district, every sub-district in the community by allowing every villager to pa
rticipate in stimulating the economy this time.

In addition, they also came to inspect shops at the Crown Property Market in Phetchaburi Province. which is a large project There were many citizens who came to listen to the stores about how prepared they were. Especially now The government came in during a time of economic problems, both domestically and abroad, and had the opportunity to talk in various shops. Everyone reflected that the economy was sluggish. The total income is still not stable. Some are coming in, some are stagnant. I think this is an understandable problem. and to solve economic problems, especially the digital wallet project By the end of this year, 10,000 baht will definitely go into everyone’s pockets.

Source: Thai News Agency