Eid Al-Fitr Mubarak 1443 Hijr: President and First Lady

Internal Affairs

President Joko Widodo and Iriana Joko Widodo wished everyone a Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijri.

“With all humility, my family and I wish you a Happy Eid Al-Fitr 1443 Hijri. Please forgive our (wrongdoings), (we beg for forgiveness truly and wholeheartedly),” President Jokowi said in a video broadcasted on the Presidential Secretariat’s Youtube channel on Sunday.

The statement was seconded by the First Lady.

Both expressed their joy, because this year, people could partake in an exodus, to gather with their families in their hometowns.

“Thank God, in this year’s Eid, we are able to gather with family, meet parents, and relatives in our hometown,” the President stated.

On April 2, 2022, the President announced that the government would allow people to go home this year, under condition that they had completed vaccine requirements and followed the health protocols.

The government has set collective leave on April 29 and May 4 to 6, 2022. This means that people had vacation time on April 29 to May 8, 2022.

The Religious Affairs Ministry has announced that the 1st Eid al-Fitr day falls on Monday (May 2, 2022).

The decision was taken following the isbat meeting on Sunday evening (May 1, 2022).

Source: Antara News