DEPA promotes modified electric boats for sustainable tourism

Bangkok: The Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency (DEPA) aims to encourage communities to save on fuel costs. Reduce environmental impact Including promoting green tourism or Green tourism in the Amphawa, Bang Khonthi and Ban Phleng areas with modified electric boats.

Source: Thai News Agency

Chinese New Year Festival Chiang Mai is very lively. Golden Dragon Parade

Bangkok: Chinese New Year Festival Many provinces are bustling. In Chiang Mai, there are golden dragon parades in front of shops and establishments in the middle of the city. In Trang Province, people flock to pay homage to an ancient shrine that is more than 100 years old.

Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year Festival in Chiang Mai. There are lion and golden dragon dance troupes from Bangkok who will perform at the Chinese New Year Festival. Chinatown Chiang Mai 2024 brings the Lion and Golden Dragon dance troupe. Procession walking in front of stores and business establishments in the area of Tha Phae Road and Ratchadamnoen Road In the city of Chiang Mai This year is the year of the dragon. When a group comes to perform The shop owner will invite you. Entering a store or establishment For good fortune During the Chinese New Year festival The owner of the shop will give you Ang Bao. To begin with, it will bring good fortune. Believe that it will make you do good business. Prosperous business

While in the Tha
Phae Gate area In the city of Chiang Mai There are many Chinese tourists who come with guides, in groups, and on their own. I’m going to rent a Thai outfit. Let’s go take pictures with the city wall, Tha Phae Gate

Chinese New Year in Korat, people flock to pay respects and ask for blessings from Ya Mo.

Atmosphere of the Chinese New Year festival in Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thai people of Chinese descent Dressed in red clothes Bring sweet and savory food, auspicious fruits, incense sticks, candles, and offerings. Come do a ceremony of worship and ask for blessings. Monument of Thao Suranaree or Grandma Mo, sacred and priceless. Center of the hearts of Korat people according to ancient traditions that have been passed down since ancestors For auspicious life

Importantly, in the area of Lan Ya Mo, Nakhon Ratchasima Municipality has issued an order prohibiting the lighting of incense sticks to worship Ya Mo. To reduce the problem of toxic fumes Small dust particles PM 2.5 make people who come to pay respect
s to Ya Mo Let’s cooperate and follow the prohibitions. No incense or candles are lit. Because we understand the situation of dust, smoke, pollution and global warming problems.

Chinese New Year in Trang Province, people flock to pay homage to an old shrine that is more than 100 years old.

In Trang Province, the atmosphere during this year’s Chinese New Year festival was lively from early morning. Especially at Tha Gong Yea Shrine. In Trang Municipality It is an old shrine that is more than 100 years old. There are Thai-Chinese people wearing bright red clothes. Bring your family and relatives back home for the Chinese New Year. Come pay homage to the holy image of Kiew Ong Tai Te and various sacred figures within the shrine, along with bringing more than 20 roasted pigs, boiled duck, boiled chicken, stewed pork, auspicious fruits and various sweet and savory foods to add to the auspiciousness of welcoming the new year. New, believing that if you come to pay homage and ask for holy blessings during the Chin
ese New Year festival It will make your business prosperous, progress, and be healthy. Fortune is plentiful and there is no disease or illness.

The most popular menu is grilled pork from Trang. Orders have flooded for every oven in the past 4 years after the COVID situation has resulted in expensive pork. It is expected that during the Chinese New Year the total amount will exceed 500-600, despite the cost of other seasonings. Prices for every item rose, but merchants announced they were forced to grit their teeth and sell at the original price. Help consumers

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A 60 year old man drove his car into a pond in the middle of Songprapha Road.

Bangkok: A 60-year-old man drove his sedan into a 6-meter deep pond in the middle of Songprapha Road, Don Mueang area, in the early morning hours, suffering minor injuries. Found driving around a crane through a barrier. He revealed that he had just returned from buying things for Chinese New Year offerings.

The accident occurred at 3:00 a.m. in a gray Volvo sedan with Bangkok registration. The front of the car was completely destroyed. The wheels pointed skyward. In a cement pond, width 3 meters, length 4 meters, depth 6 meters, there was a little water inside the pond. Fell into an open pond to maintain the electrical system in the water supply pond. Around Songprapha Road, which is a 3-lane road, there were only workers carrying brightly lit batons and cones. Allow vehicles to avoid the middle and right lanes only.

Officers went down to help the driver, Mr. Thongchaiyai, 60 years old, who had minor injuries to his body. He told the officers that he had gone to buy things for Chinese New Year and was retu
rning to his residence in the Don Mueang area. Officers took him to Kasemrad Prachachuen Hospital for immediate treatment.

Mr. Jirayu Jitraporn, head of the construction safety officer, said that the scene of the incident was during the laying of water pipes of the Metropolitan Waterworks Authority. Officials need to open the manhole cover. to go down and lay the plumbing pipes They work from 10:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. every night until construction is completed. And every time, 2 lanes on the right side of the road will be closed, allowing vehicles to pass through on the 1 lane on the left side before the incident occurred while a crane was brought to close the manhole cover. But the crane drives slowly. The driver of the Volvo then overtook the crane and crashed through a barrier or cone. causing the car to crash into a manhole cover before flipping and falling into the pond Therefore, the police were asked to measure the alcohol content of the driver as evidence in the case. To get rid of doubts

Police Lieu
tenant Colonel Navin Sanitphon, investigating inspector at Don Mueang Police Station, said he would rush rescuers to recover the Volvo from the pond before morning. and will go to check the driver’s alcohol content Ready to coordinate with officials to check CCTV at the scene of the incident in order to collect further evidence.

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Forest fire smog covers Chiang Mai city again.

Bangkok: Forest fire smoke has returned to cover Chiang Mai city once again. Distance visibility is reduced. PM 2.5 dust exceeds the standard by 3 points.

Wildfire smoke has returned to cover Chiang Mai city again. After the situation improved earlier Decreased distance vision From the viewpoint on Doi Suthep Can’t see the city of Chiang Mai clearly. cloudy sky The smog from forest fires likely floated from different districts. where there is a request for fuel management in agricultural areas and the wind blows into the city This causes the pollution value or PM 2.5 to exceed the standard in 3 areas: Sri Phum Subdistrict, Mueang District, at 43.9 micrograms per cubic meter, Chang Phueak Subdistrict, in front of the Chiang Mai Provincial Administrative Organization, at 39 micrograms per cubic meter, and the area of Hang Dong Subdistrict, Hot District. It is 38.7 micrograms per cubic meter. Starting to affect health

While in Chiang Mai today 7 hot spots were found, making the total number of hot spots 124, b
ut the number has decreased more than every year. Or during the same period last year, it decreased by 930 points after the Chiang Mai governor banned the burning of rice stubble and corn husk stubble. Let it be plowed down and used to make fertilizer instead

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Highlight 3 herbal teas suitable for consumption during the Chinese New Year festival.

Bangkok: MOPH 9 Feb. – Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine Introducing the principles of eating to reduce negative effects on health using traditional Chinese medicine. During the Chinese New Year, 3 herbal teas are recommended: safflower tea, Panchakhan tea, chrysanthemum tea, along with supplementing with exercise. Helps to have a healthy body.

Dr. Kulthanit Wanarat, Director of the Alternative Medicine Division, said that during the Chinese New Year festival People tend to consume a lot of food. There are foods such as flour and meat that are high in sugar and fat. This will affect the functioning of the body and cause health problems as a result. Both symptoms include bloating and flatulence, and are important risk factors for heart disease and stroke, high blood pressure. High blood fat and diabetes, etc.

According to Chinese medicine, there are recommendations for eating to prevent negative effects on health as follows: 1. You should not eat continuously throughout the day. And don
‘t eat too full of food. Because it will make the spleen and the stomach is working hard 2. You should eat each meal based on the principle that Eat good food for breakfast, eat enough for lunch. Eat less in the evening. 3. You should control foods such as meat that is high in fat, oily foods, and spicy foods. Most importantly, you should eat foods that are beneficial to your health, such as vegetables, less sweet fruits, tofu, and bland foods.

For drinks that are suitable to drink during this period It should be in the herbal tea category. This will have a beneficial effect on the body, especially those with congenital diseases, such as safflower tea (Hong Hua) helping reduce and prevent fat clots in the arteries. Lower blood pressure And nourish the heart. Panchakhan Tea (Jiaogulan) helps reduce bad fat and maintain the balance of good fat. Reduce the risk of acute heart attack And helps to create a good fat burning process and chrysanthemum tea (Ju Hua) relieves heat and thirst and makes the body refreshe
d. Effective in lowering blood pressure levels And helps prevent heart disease and stroke. For eating these 3 types of tea, you should use 3 grams of tea, brew it with hot water and drink. which can be eaten by all age groups And should be eaten when you eat foods that are high in fat. During the Chinese New Year festival

In addition to eating according to the above recommendations, exercise is also important to help build a healthy body, such as Tai Chi, Qigong, swimming, walking or as appropriate for your physical condition. And most importantly, you should exercise regularly. Because it will help the breath that is stuck within the body to flow better. In addition, sweating can help cool the body very well. -411-Thai news agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Scammers claim names The Comptroller General’s Department defrauds pensioners

Bangkok: Warning! Scammers are rampant without stopping, impersonating the name “Comptroller General’s Department” to defraud pensioners. and family members

Miss Thiwaporn Phasuk, Deputy Director-General of the Comptroller General’s Department As a spokesperson for the Comptroller General’s Department, it was revealed that at present the Comptroller General’s Department still receives notifications from pensioners and pensioners’ family members that there are groups of fraudsters calling and informing pensioners or pensioner heirs to take various actions, such as improving Pension bank account Contacting to request a pension or living allowance that is claimed to be outstanding from the Comptroller General’s Department Notification of information updates via LINE Notifications to download the Digital Pension application, add friends on Line, scan faces, and click on various links, etc.

Although the Comptroller General’s Department has warned about fraudsters impersonating the Comptroller General’s Departmen
t, Phone calls continue to scam pensioners and their family members. But because scammers have improved their techniques, they can deceive more cleverly than before. By deceiving a specific victim Know basic information about the victim.

Spokesman of the Comptroller General’s Department Added that How to prevent becoming a victim of scammers You must follow the news closely to be aware of new forms of danger. And most importantly, don’t be fooled, follow along, don’t talk, or share personal information. There is absolutely no need to take any action as the fraudster informs. This is because the Comptroller General’s Department has no policy for officials to telephone pensioners or family members in any way.

If a pensioner or someone in their family receives a phone call and says they are calling from the Comptroller General’s Department, hang up the phone. and should not continue the conversation If you have any questions, you can contact the Comptroller General’s Department call center. Telephone number 0
2270 6400 during business days and hours

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“TSA – P Move” discuss resolving land problems throughout the system.

Bangkok: Assistant Minister of Natural Resources and Environment. Discuss with the P Move group to follow up on solving land problems that are under the Ministry’s responsibility. As for the issue of community title deeds, the SCTC will meet with P Move next week.

Pol. Gen. Patcharawat Wongsuwan, Deputy Prime Minister And the Minister of Natural Resources and Environment assigned Capt. Rachat Phisitthabannakorn, Assistant Minister of Natural Resources and Environment, to attend the meeting of the working group to solve land problems in the entire system related to the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. Environment No. 1/2024 between representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources, which Mr. Chatuporn Buruspat, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, assigned Mr. Kuson Chotirat, Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Ministry As a representative to join in discussions with the People’s Movement for a Fair Society or PMove.

The meeting jointly considered following up on the progress of solving proble
ms according to the workshop report to solve land problems under the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources. And in the case of problems that the Ministry, together with P Move, must prepare a plan and steps to solve the problem within 15 days and complete the problem solving in every case within 1 year, totaling 169 cases, as well as consider the steps to solve the problem. Land Six cases of problems that have been resolved in the problem-solving process and guidelines for developing public utility systems in community areas that are in overlapping areas of the Ministry. as well as finding solutions to land problems throughout the system related to the Ministry. 13 urgent problem cases

The results of the meeting were mutually satisfactory. As for issues related to land title deeds It has been assigned to the Office of the National Land Policy Committee or NBTC to take action. Because there are many areas and has both areas under the responsibility of the Ministry of Natural Resources Ministry o
f Agriculture Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Finance, etc. Therefore, it is necessary for the SCTC to discuss operational guidelines at the policy level first. Next week, the SCTC will have a meeting to discuss community title deeds with PMove. – 512 – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

A new dimension to implant children’s vision To please the selfie lovers

Bangkok: A new dimension in childbirth. To please the selfie lovers for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day. You get both merit and beautiful pictures to take home.

At Khok Khilek Temple, Nong Ki Subdistrict, Kabin Buri District, Prachin Buri Province, a ceremony was held to bury the child of Nimit. The event is scheduled to start from 8 – 19 February 2024, just one day before Chinese New Year. Even though it’s the first day But all the religious people gathered together to carry their children and grandchildren and travel to gild the vision in great numbers.

Importantly, this work The temple has arranged a place with spectacular lights and colors. Because it is the time of Chinese New Year and then Valentine’s Day. To please selfie lovers who like to take photos Arrange a garden of flowers of various colors, including yellow, pink, and red, on the side of the large temple. Not just young people Even the elderly don’t miss the chance to have a picture as a souvenir. Anyone who can’t think of where to go to
the gold-plated ceremony for burying children’s vision? We recommend going to Wat Khok Khilek. One temple has everything for making merit on Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day

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