General Atomics Expands International Collaborations and Partnerships With Japan in Critical and Emerging Technologies

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / February 19, 2024 / General Atomics, a defense and diversified technologies company with affiliates operating on five continents, is expanding its collaborations and partnerships across Japan with new investments in the nuclear energy and rare earth elements sectors.

Numerous teaming arrangements are in the late stages of discussion and are set to be announced in early 2024. These partnerships will complement the company’s existing relationships as a long-term partner collaborating with Japanese industry and government agencies.

"General Atomics is committed to collaborating with its Japanese partners to advance the development of cutting-edge technologies in the maritime security, nuclear energy, and rare earth elements sectors," said Dr. Vivek Lall, chief executive at General Atomics Global Corporation. "Building on a legacy of successful collaborations, we have held a series of strategic engagements with government officials, industry leaders, and research institutions in Japan. These engagements have laid the foundation for future partnerships aimed at advancing the development of critical and emerging technologies."

In 2023, Japan’s Kyoto Fusioneering announced an agreement with GA to supply two advanced gyrotrons to the U.S. Department of Energy’s DIII-D National Fusion Facility in San Diego, California.

Currently, the Japan Coast Guard (JCG) and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF) are testing and deploying the MQ-9B SeaGuardian® Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA) built by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI). SeaGuardian is a long-endurance maritime surveillance aircraft that can be used for a variety of missions, including search and rescue, disaster response, and maritime law enforcement.

GA-ASI’s MQ-9B aircraft is revolutionizing the global RPA systems market by providing true all-weather capability and full compliance with STANAG-4671 (NATO UAS airworthiness standard). This feature, along with GA-ASI’s operationally proven collision avoidance radar, enables flexible operations in civil airspace.

About GA-ASI

General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI), an affiliate of General Atomics, is a leading designer and manufacturer of proven, reliable RPA systems, radars, and electro-optic and related mission systems, including the Predator® RPA series and the Lynx® Multi-mode Radar. With more than eight million flight hours, GA-ASI provides long-endurance, mission-capable aircraft with integrated sensor and data link systems required to deliver persistent situational awareness. The company also produces a variety of sensor control/image analysis software, offers pilot training and support services, and develops meta-material antennas.

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Avenger, Lynx, Predator, SeaGuardian, and SkyGuardian are registered trademarks of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc.

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Fire at chopstick making factory burns more than 1 million baht

Ratchaburi, Fire at a factory that makes chopsticks and meatball skewers. Mueang Ratchaburi District Damage of more than 1 million baht, expected to be electrical short circuit.

There was a fire at a chopstick-making factory. Meatball skewers and toothpicks at Ang Thong Subdistrict, Mueang Ratchaburi District Officials mobilized nearby fire trucks to extinguish the incident. At the scene, a fire was found inside the factory. Officials tried to bring the water truck as close as possible to spray water. But because the factory building is a solid building, it causes smoke to cover it to the point of being invisible. Officials tried to quickly spray water to extinguish the fire inside, which was cramped and difficult to enter. Because there are piles of sawdust and piles of meatball skewers. and lots of chopsticks which is a good fuel It took officials more than 40 minutes to bring the fire under control.

Ask foreign workers who works inside the factory said that before the incident, people in front of the fa
ctory heard a loud noise similar to an explosion inside the factory building inside. So he went to look and found that there was a fire burning on the ceiling and pieces of fire had fallen on a pile of sawdust. Then a fire quickly rose up. Workers tried to help put out the fire. But they couldn’t extinguish it because the pile of wood was large. So he quickly called the officials to come and help.

Initially, it is believed that the cause was an electrical short circuit. But you have to wait for the main investigating officer to come in and check to find the real cause again. The entire area has been reserved. As for the initial damage value, it is likely to be more than 1 million baht.

Source: Thai News Agency

Lunar New Year gathering held in Sweden

Stockholm: The Vietnamese Cultural Association and the Vietnamese Women’s Association in Sweden held a Lunar New Year gathering in Malmo city on February 18.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Sweden Tran Van Tuan extended his best New Year wishes to the Vietnamese community across Sweden as a whole, and those in Malmo city and its surrounding areas.

Highlighting the indispensable role played by the Vietnamese community abroad, including over 22,000 in Sweden, in the country’s overall development, he committed that the embassy will actively help the overseas Vietnamese maintain the culture and language of Vietnam, toward building an united and strong community.

Participants at the event were treated to music performances staged by the Vietnamese artists based in the European country.

On the occasion, the Vietnamese Embassy in Sweden also presented sets of Vietnamese-language books to Vietnamese children residing in Malmo and adjacent areas./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency


BANGKOK, The Office of National Economic and Social Development Council (NESDC) has cut Thai GDP for the fiscal year 2024 to 2.2-3.2% growth, down from the previous projection of 2.7-3.7%.

This adjustment comes after the economy expanded by 1.9% in 2023, down from 2.5% growth in 2022.

Tourism is anticipated to see 35 million foreign visitors entering Thailand, with an estimated expenditure of 1.22 trillion baht, serving as a significant economic driver. However, government agencies are urged to expedite spending for the fiscal year 2024.

In the fourth quarter of 2023, GDP grew by 1.7%, driven primarily by increased exports and household consumption.

Government spending decreased due to reduced spending on goods and services in the market system, as well as decreased spending on healthcare related to COVID-19, alongside a decline in overall investment.

Danucha Pichayanan, NESDC Secretary-General emphasized the need for serious consideration of financial measures to drive the Thai economy forward. These m
easures include interest rate policies particularly for households and SMEs, as well as implementing relaxation measures for minimum credit card payments to support increased spending by households and small businesses.

Source: Thai News Agency

Over 40 int’l cruise ships to bring tourists to Nha Trang in 2024

Khanh Hoa: As many as 43 international cruise ships have chosen Nha Trang Bay in the south-central province of Khanh Hoa to dock, bringing tourists to the resort city of Nha Trang, according to the provincial Department of Tourism.

The ships are luxurious cruise liners, from the Bahamas, Malta, the Marshall Islands, Ukraine, France and Italy, among others. Many of them are capable of serving thousands of passengers at the same time, such behemoth vessels named Spectrum of the Seas and Quantum of the Seas.

The department said the province has welcomed 10 cruise ships so far this year with more than 20,750 aboard. Last year, it served 23 cruise ships carrying over 45,000 holidaymakers.

According to Nguyen Thi Le Thanh, director of the department, the number of tourists to Khanh Hoa is expected to reach 9 million this year, of them 3 million international. Revenue projection for the sector is set at over 40 trillion VND (1.6 billion USD).

In 2023, the locality welcomed over 7 million visitors, and earned som
e 33 trillion VND from tourism./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

RAOT organizes international academic conference Upgrading the entire rubber industry system

Chonburi, ‘Minister Thammanat’ presided over the opening ceremony of the academic conference organized by RAOT. with the International Rubber Research and Development Council Focus on research and innovation development Hoping to raise the level of the entire rubber industry system

The Rubber Authority of Thailand (RAOT) together with the International Rubber Research and Development Council (International Rubber Research and Development Board: IRRDB) organized the International Rubber Conference (IRRDB International Rubber Conference: IRC 2024) under the concept of ‘Sparking and strengthening rubber innovation towards a sustainable future’ aiming to drive research and innovation towards Develop the rubber industry throughout the supply chain Captain Thammanat Promphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, presided over the opening of the meeting and welcomed representatives of research institutes from 19 member countries and provided guidelines to drive the rubber industry to meet important challenges
. Both climate change and environmental degradation

Thailand is a leader in rubber production and is therefore aware of determining the future direction of rubber products, which are an important economic crop. Therefore, this academic conference Therefore, it is an opportunity to exchange opinions. Share knowledge and cooperate in pushing for change in the rubber industry. Through exploring new ideas From experienced experts and young researchers Developing towards sustainable practices To drive every sector of the rubber industry in the future

Mr. Nakorn Takwiraphat, Governor of the Rubber Authority of Thailand, said: Organizing this meeting is beneficial to developing effective research. Leading to the development of the rubber industry This year there are outstanding research and innovations. that can be further developed into the development of the rubber industry throughout the supply chain include: Rubber tapping system model that affects productivity efficiency Sustainability management from success
ful smallholder farmers Innovation in risk management To increase income for farmers Production of alternative energy from natural rubber and research on the properties of protein-free natural rubber gloves. These are just some of the works that can be developed further. To raise the level of rubber to international standards

In addition, all representatives of research institutes will also have a study tour of the process of collecting the products of the Bangbut Farmer Group. Rayong Province and rubber processing of the Bo Thong District Rubber Plantation Fund Cooperative Limited, Chonburi Province

The Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives also presented various awards, including awards for those who have dedicated themselves to the rubber industry for a long time. Outstanding Research Award 2024, Young Scientist Award 2024 and certificates given to IRRDB associate members from the private sector as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

Quang Ninh diversifying tourism products and markets

Quang Ninh: A wealthy Indian couple’s decision to choose Ha Long city, the northern province of Quang Ninh, home to UNESCO-recognised Ha Long Bay, for their three-day wedding has reflected the efforts taken by the locality to diversify its tourism products and markets.

The wedding of Indian billionaire groom Vivek Dinodiya, Director of PL Global Impex Pte Ltd, and bride Anmol Garg, held from February 16 to 18, hosted hundreds of guests, including Indian government officials, representatives from the Indian Embassy in Vietnam, and prominent entrepreneurs from India and Southeast Asian countries.

Chairman of the Ha Long city People’s Committee Nguyen Tien Dung on February 18 evening came to present a gift to the couple.

This is the second time Ha Long has been chosen by Indian billionaires as their preferred wedding venue. In February last year, another wealthy Indian groom Dhruv Taneja and his bride Shravya Bakliwal attracted over 400 guests.

Quang Ninh is working to attract holidaymakers from India, home
to over 1.4 billion people, and Muslim-majority countries with more than 1.7 billion Muslims, representing nearly a quarter of the world’s population.

With close to 300 million Muslims, Southeast Asia is seen as a promising market for tourism in Quang Ninh.

Nguyen Huyen Anh, Deputy Director in charge of the Provincial Department of Tourism, said to lure Muslim visitors, Quang Ninh needs to have good infrastructure suitable to their habits and Halal-certified products, and invite Muslim experts to train its tourism workers.

In 2023, the province welcomed many Muslim delegations from India, organised a workshop to seek solutions to attract Muslim tourists, and encouraged lodging facilities to upgrade their infrastructure to serve these tourists.

It expects to welcome about 17 million tourists this year, including at least 3 million international arrivals./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Continuing to receive copyright registration for trousers designs created by Thai people, pushing them towards the soft power of the country.

Nonthaburi, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property Move forward proactively by inviting local trouser pattern designers. Record copyright information as basic evidence of creativity. Ready to create understanding of the use of copyrighted pants designs to be remembered by both domestic and international consumers. By developing quality make a difference and create product brands To truly become the soft power of Thailand

Mr. Wutthikrai Leeweeraphan, Director-General of the Department of Intellectual Property, revealed the trend regarding the creation of trouser patterns that reflect the important arts, culture and identity of each locality. It is considered a tool for promoting the distinctive features of each locality to be known. Increase the value of trade in goods and services in the province as well as stimulating the ability to produce creative works in each area which the design of the said pattern It is considered a type of intellectual property that both government and private
agencies in each locality must give importance to.

In this regard, the pants patterns in each area are designed by themselves without copying the work of others. It is considered a copyrighted work and is protected as soon as it is created. Therefore, it is an opportunity for those involved to take advantage of the said pants pattern in trade for the benefit of the local people greatly. The Department of Intellectual Property recognizes the importance of having preliminary evidence showing ownership of the copyright in the trousers design. Therefore, we invite designers or the owner of the pants pattern Including government agencies that support the design of pants in each locality. Register the copyright information for the pants pattern with the Department of Intellectual Property. This can be done through an electronic system (e-filing) that is convenient and fast. No need to travel to the department.

You can also submit a request to register information with every Provincial Commercial Office nationwide
. and to disseminate information on guidelines for requesting copyright information notification. and making use of copyrighted works correctly and truly beneficial to the owner of the work The Department of Intellectual Property has published an infographic on tips for registering copyright information. Including methods and contract terms for allowing others to use copyrighted works. provided that the copyright owner retains ownership of the work. and receive a fair share of income

However, the Department of Intellectual Property also uses this opportunity. Discuss and create knowledge and understanding for creators of pants patterns in many provinces across the country. Concerning the utilization of such copyrighted work To be able to appropriately exploit the creative works of their local areas and truly be the new soft power of the country, including creating product differences. and create consumer recognition through the creation of a brand of pants that will continue to be protected as a trademark. w
hich if any province

Or any pants pattern creators who would like to receive additional information and suggestions. You can contact the Copyright Division. Department of Intellectual Property, call 02-5474704.

Source: Thai News Agency