The Legal Execution Department organized a debt mediation event for Student Loan Fund and households.

The Legal Execution Department organized a mediation fair to help with Student Loan Fund debt (SLF) and household debt. Kamphaeng Phet Province Able to successfully mediate with a capital of more than 92 million baht

February 3, 2024 at 9:00 a.m. Mr. Seksan Suksaeng, Director-General of the Legal Execution Department Chaired the opening ceremony of the Student Loan Fund (SLF) and household debt mediation fair. Kamphaeng Phet Province With Mr. Chaiyaphruek Cheerthanrak Permanent Secretary of Kamphaeng Phet Province gave a welcome speech to Mr. Teerapat Noisard, an expert legal expert. Acting Director of the Kamphaeng Phet Provincial Legal Execution Office gave the report, which included the Administrative Committee of the Legal Execution Department. Participate in the opening ceremony and join in supervising the work of officials at the event with government agencies Financial institutions and the private sector attended the event, totaling 9 locations, including 1. Student Loan Fund (SLF) 2. Government Savi
ngs Bank 3. Toyota Leasing (Thailand) Company Limited 4. Kasikorn Bank Public Company Limited. ) 5. Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives 6. Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited 7. JMT Network Services Public Company Limited 8. J Asset Management Company Limited and 9. JK Asset Management Company Limited at Rattanaapa Auditorium Kamphaeng Phet Rajabhat University Mediation results There were 317 matters that entered the mediation process, with a capital of 118,556,573.45 baht. The mediation results were successful, 262 matters, with a capital of 92,405,763.91 baht, accounting for 84 percent, reducing expenses for the people in the amount of 3,427,172.91 baht. The Legal Execution Department would like to invite people who have debt. and the court has given a verdict You can contact to request mediation. Free of charge at the Dispute Mediation Center 0 2881 5085 or the Legal Execution Department hotline 1111 press 79 and Legal Execution offices nationwide .

Source: Thai News Agency

PM encourages forces on duty during Tet in Can Tho city

Can Tho: Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh visited and presented gifts to encourage the forces who are on duty during the Lunar New Year (Tet) Festival in the Mekong Delta city of Can Tho.

Visiting and delivering his Tet wishes to workers of the Can Tho Urban Joint Stock Company, PM Chinh highly appreciated the spirit of solidarity, hard work, efforts and achievements of more than 450 officials and workers of the company in recent times.

He requested the Party Committee and authorities of Can Tho city and the company to seek ways to improve the material and spiritual lives of its employees, especially families with difficult circumstances, and policy beneficiaries.

The company is working to ensure environmental sanitation in eight out of nine district-level administrative units of the city.

The Government leader also visited and presented Tet gifts to 50 workers who are constructing a 5.16-km Can Tho river embankment.

Stressing the importance of the project, he said that the Mekong Delta in general and Can
Tho city in particular are among the places in the world most affected by climate change.

He asked them to speed up construction to complete the project on schedule and ensure quality and environmental protection.

The PM also paid a pre-Tet visit to the city’s police and military forces, during which he asked their officers and soldiers to always closely follow and firmly grasp the situation, and not be passive or surprised in any circumstance; and be the core in protecting the Fatherland’s independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Chaiya confirms that no important documents were damaged in the fire at the Ministry of Agriculture.

Bangkok, “Chaiya” rushed to investigate after a fire broke out in a working group room on the 2nd floor. Ministry of Agriculture Confirm that no important documents are damaged. And I don’t want it to be linked to the burning and destruction of evidence in the Srisuwan-Jeng Dokchik case.

At 2:40 p.m., Mr. Chaiya Phromma, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Travel to the Ministry After a fire broke out in their kitchen and working group meeting room on the 2nd floor, they were initially unable to inspect the area of ??the incident. Due to the Forensic Investigation Division of the Royal Thai Police Announcement of area closure Unrelated persons are prohibited from entering inside.

Mr. Chaiya said he initially received reports of damage. It mostly happens in the kitchen area. before spreading to the working group room It was about 5 locks or 30 meters away from his office, where there was only flowing water. Caused by using fire extinguishing water in the work room only. Confirmed that no importa
nt documents were damaged, but there may have been only ordinary routine documents that were damaged. Moreover, in the past, the storage of important documents of the Ministry It is believed to be stored entirely electronically. I don’t want it to be linked to the fact that the incident was the burning and destruction of evidence in the case of Mr. Srisuwan and Mr. Jeng Dokjik, who complained to the Rice Department, or linked to politics, that Mr. Jeng came to meet at the Ministry. It is confirmed that Mr. Jeng never came to see or complain about anything at the Ministry. Can check CCTV cameras

As for the complaint case of Mr. Srisuwan and Mr. Jeng Dokjik regarding the T.O.R. inspection Purchasing 2 Royal Rainmaking Department aircraft, whether the engine specs are locked or not depends on This is despite the fact that he has duties. that oversees the Royal Rainmaking Department but takes care of policy only Do not have duties or authority No budget approval whatsoever As for complaints from the Royal Rainma
king Department There were two complaints: in the case of Mr. Srisuwan and Mr. Jeng Dokjik, complaints were filed through the Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives. with a legal advisor accepting the matter Didn’t come to file a complaint through him. In another matter, a complaint was filed in writing. According to the bureaucracy by the person requesting to conceal the document After checking the documents It is seen that the relevant agency must be the one to provide clarification because the petitioner is knowledgeable about the techniques, various mechanisms of airplanes, and various regulations. Therefore, he has made a memorandum on both matters and presented them to the Minister in order. Because it is seen that it is the same matter that must be found out. Whether it is in accordance with the complaint or not Initially, the relevant agencies have already made clarifications. Made a memorandum to present to the Minister. A committee was set up to examine the facts. The Permanent Secretary is the he
ad of the committee.

Mr. Chaiya also emphasized that the matter was about the Rice Department. They are not involved because they do not care. As for the Royal Rainmaking Department, at this time there is no procurement. It is just a process of having someone submit a request and appointing an examination committee. and was able to clarify almost every question and present it to the Minister for consideration. There were a total of 5 committees who were in charge of the matter, which was overseen by civil servants. Purchasing is carried out by the e-bidding system, not specific purchasing. And it’s about the old budget. Previously, the bidding had been canceled 3 times during the previous government period. When he came in for the 4th time, he ordered the process to be carried out carefully, transparently, and

However, even though at this time I am unable to go to work at the ministry’s office, I am not worried. I can work wherever I am. This has been confirmed since coming to work 4 months ago. There is an
investigation and suppression. In many different matters, whether it be illegal pork, illegal chicken feet, illegal meat, which is currently the Department of Special Investigation Received as a special case Confirmed that he would proceed to take action against the wrongdoing without exception. If it is found that government officials are involved .

Source: Thai News Agency

Tet gatherings held for OVs in European, American countries

Hanoi: Get-togethers have been held recently in France, Russia, Canada, and Italy for overseas Vietnamese to welcome the Lunar New Year of the Dragon.

On February 3, the General Union of Vietnamese People in France (UGVF) held the largest-scale Tet (Lunar New Year) gathering at Pavillon Baltard centre, attracting the participation of over 2,000 overseas Vietnamese (OVs).

The UGVF organised booths with many culinary specialties and handicrafts, imbued with Vietnamese cultural traditions.

Participants were also entertained with art performances and folk games of Vietnam.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Association and the Vietnamese Business Association in Russia jointly held the ‘Xuan Que huong’ (Homeland Spring) programme.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Russia Dang Minh Khoi recalled outstanding achievements of the nation as well as Vietnam-Russia relations in the past year, which were partly contributed by the Vietnamese community in Russia.

Khoi reiterated the Party and State’s consistent policy that the Vietname
se community abroad, including OVs in Russia, is an inseparable part and a resource of the Vietnamese ethnic community.

On the same day, the Vietnamese Embassy in Ottawa also organised a Tet gathering for Vietnamese people living, working, and studying in Canada.

On February 2 evening, a similar event was also organised in Milan city by the Vietnamese Embassy in Italy./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Reported 2 serious charges against a young man driving a sedan and colliding with Police Sergeant Namdee, Amphawa Police Station.

Samut Songkhram, Two serious charges were reported against a young man driving a sedan, “Sgt. Nichet” while supervising traffic at the U-turn. “Sgt. Nichet”‘s condition is critical and he is still unconscious. Must wear a respirator at all times.

A case of racing sedans in the Mae Klong inbound area. before crashing into policeman Nichet’s sword Commander of the Prevention and Suppression Squad, Amphawa Police Station, while supervising traffic at the U-turn point. Recently, the police charged him with drunk driving. and careless driving causing serious injury to another person and Mr. Phonchai, the young driver of the sedan, after the OBEC collected evidence at the scene. And the driver’s alcohol level was measured and found to be 128 milligrams per cent.

Police Sergeant Nichet’s condition is still critical, even though the medical team performed surgery to treat a brain hemorrhage. Since last night, but Dabnichet is still unconscious. Must wear a respirator at all times. Recently, doctors performed surge
ry to open the brain again. To reduce swelling of the brain that presses on the brainstem which is a worrying symptom My brain doesn’t respond. This resulted in the decision to be sent for further treatment at the Police Hospital.

Source: Thai News Agency

Over 1,400 tonnes of rice allocated to five provinces ahead of Tet

Hanoi: Deputy Prime Minister Le Minh Khai has recently signed decisions regarding the allocation of more than 1,444 tonnes of rice from the national reserve to five provinces for the upcoming Tet (Lunar New Year) Festival and the between-crop period.

Specifically, he assigned the Ministry of Finance to distribute without collecting money 332.37 tonnes of rice to the central province of Quang Ngai, 85.44 tonnes to the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, over 19.9 tonnes to the Mekong Delta province of Kien Giang, and 351.81 tonnes to the southern province of Tay Ninh as aid to local people on the occasion of Tet.

Meanwhile, the northern province of Lang Son will get 236.4 tonnes of rice, An Giang 416.38 tonnes, and Kien Giang 2.28 tonnes for the between-crop period.

The People’s Committees of the five provinces are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of reporting data as well as providing timely support to eligible recipients in accordance with regulations./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Complaining against a famous temple monk punishing all novice monks.

Bangkok, The mother of a 14-year-old novice monk calls out to the Sai Mai page to survive. After being attacked by a monk from a famous temple in Prachinburi Use a rattan to beat Plus he kicked his chin until his tongue was torn and his mouth was cracked because the novice was carrying a cell phone.

The mother takes the novice to ask for justice. Saimai page must survive. After being punished by a monk who whipped him more than 18 times until the rattan stick broke, he also kicked the tip of his chin until his tongue was torn and his mouth was broken because the novice carried a mobile phone. He had been ordained for 3 years at a famous temple in Bangkok. that focuses on teaching Pali And every year they are sent to prepare for exams at a famous temple in Ban Sang District, Prachinburi Province, where mobile phones are prohibited. But fellow novices saw So he went to report to the monk. cause the novice to be punished Even though your mobile phone doesn’t have internet and you don’t have money. make it unus

However, this event was witnessed by kith and kin. So he called to inform the parents of the novices. And when my mother came to ask about the facts No one spoke. along with the elder monks protecting the monks in the temple Including knowing that This type of incident is not the first time a novice child of a mother has happened. Mother then went in to ask for justice. Because it is considered dangerous behavior.

Source: Thai News Agency

Attracting overseas Vietnamese intellectuals back home is most important: Professor

HCM City: The policy to attract overseas Vietnamese (OV) intellectuals will be more successful when it has open mechanisms, clear regulations, and a favourable working environment for scientists to utilise their creativity, according to an OV professor.

This idea was shared by Prof., Dr. Vo Van Toi, currently Assistant to the Board of Directors for the development of science, engineering and technology in health and life, at the International University within the Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City.

In 2009, after more than 40 years of living and working in Switzerland and the US, Toi decided to return to Vietnam and establish the subject of biomedical engineering at the International University, with the desire to contribute more to the homeland.

At that time, in Vietnam, biomedical engineering was not known to many people, and the development of this subject faced many difficulties.

However, the faculty has to date gained a lot of achievements in training and research, thus helping the Vietn
amese biomedical engineering sector to become known to the international community.

From his story and practical experiences, Toi said that in order to succeed in attracting a contingent of OV intellectuals, it is important to have open mechanisms and clear regulations, and most importantly, the people implementing those policies and mechanisms must be dedicated and talented.

When someone achieves success from those open mechanisms, they will be magnets attracting many others to return to the homeland, he stressed.

According to the professor, Vietnam’s sending of citizens to attend training courses abroad is a good policy. However, it is more important to attract and utilise ‘brainpower’ from abroad./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency