Sports paramount for children’s character development: ministry


The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology has highlighted the importance of exercising for children’s character development.

“Doing sports is one of the ways to improve the relationship between parents and children. Sports also help build noble personalities in children,” Director of Elementary School Development at the ministry Sri Wahyuningsih remarked here on Wednesday

Sports can teach children to synergize and respect one another as well as develop a playful mentality, she said.

Therefore, parents need to ensure their children are physically active through sports, she added.

“Early-age occurrences of good imagination skills, active movements, and creativity will gradually become habits and (build) a child’s character,” she explained.

One example of the supports that parents can provide to their children to make them energetic and creative is by inviting them to join competitive activities that can boost their creative skills, she pointed out.

Such competitions can be in schools, communities, and even the industry, she added.

According to Wahyuningsih, in an era of technological advancements, parents must let children join competitions that are aimed to strengthen their mental faculties so that in the future, children have a strong mindset.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has almost lasted two years, has necessitated remote learning, which has made it less likely for children to move around, she explained.

“Distance education (PJJ) has impacts on children, such as falling behind on learning targets and (having) fewer body movements, (where most of the time they need to) sit,” Wahyuningsih said.

Therefore, she stressed, parents should encourage their children to be active physically since less physical movement can negatively influence their health.

Parents must also teach children to comply with the health protocols, and live a hygienic and healthy lifestyle, she said. They must also bring their children for vaccinations to boost their immunity, she added.

Source: Antara News