Prepare to report 5 additional charges against “M” for injuring two children to death in the Bang Sue area.

Investigators solved the case of Mr. Songsak, or M, injuring his child to death. Accelerate the verification of information on dead bodies without family members with relevant hospitals. The bone fragments discovered were not human. At the same time, prepare to report additional charges against Mr. Songsak in prison this Monday (Sept. 25) in a case of co-offending with Ms. Jessada, another wife.

Today, 23 September 2023, reporters reported that at Bang Khen Police Station, the working group on the case of Mr. Songsak or M met to follow up on the progress of the case. Including discussing methods for investigating and seeking evidence. After the results of the examination of bone fragments discovered along Phahonyothin Road. near Soi Phahonyothin 56, according to Ms. Jesada’s claim, it was found that it was not human remains.

Pol. Maj. Gen. Noppasin Poolsawat, Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Revealed after the meeting that From now on, information will be sought from hospitals and related agencies. To check for history of corpses without relatives But initially it was checked by the Institute of Forensic Science. Ministry of Justice Bhumibol Hospital During the year that the incident occurred No DNA matches were found. At this time, we are in the process of checking data from another garbage collection truck. The vehicles that collect garbage in the area will collect it at Tha Raeng. From there it will be forwarded to Kamphaeng Saen. Along with a message to the public who may have witnessed events or seen news about the discovery of dead bodies without relatives during 2016 and 2018, please contact the police to coordinate information. To be useful in the investigation of the case

The Deputy Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police stated that 2 more bodies are being searched for evidence, but for the 2 bodies that occurred in Bang Sue. There is clarity about DNA. Next Monday (September 25), a lawsuit will be filed against Mr. Songsak. Additional 5 charges in the Bangkok Remand Prison, the same as those reported to Ms. Jesada, the wife and mother of the child who died, consisting of jointly assaulting another person causing serious harm to that person, jointly causing physical harm. others until causing that person’s death, Secretly burying, concealing, moving, or destroying a corpse or part of a corpse in order to conceal the occurrence of death or the cause of death. To help others avoid being punished. or to be punished for damaging, destroying, concealing, taking away, or causing the loss or uselessness of evidence of the commission of an offense. and jointly do anything to the corpse or the environment in the area where the body was found before the autopsy was completed in a manner likely to cause the autopsy or the outcome of the case has changed or to conceal the case As for human trafficking cases Investigators have coordinated with officials from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. Initially, the child was not yet ready to talk.

During this time, investigators gathered circumstantial evidence. Both from interviewing witnesses to evidence obtained from the hospital where the child was born. and has confirmed that The child is born in normal physical condition. Therefore it is believed that The child’s abnormal physical condition is due to abuse. He will go in and interrogate Ms. Sunan. More on this issue as well.

But in committing crimes related to human trafficking From the situation of using images of children to post for profit on online media Currently, there are two people who are likely to be involved in the crime, namely Mr. Songsak and Ms. Jessada, who will speed up the collection of evidence to be complete. To report legal action as soon as possible.

As for the case in which Mr. Songsak joined in committing the crime with Ms. Sunan, in the case of assaulting a child until death and moving the body to be cemented in Kamphaeng Phet Province, it is still pending the collection of additional evidence. In order to consider filing charges in a case of conspiring to kill another person.

Deputy Commissioner of Metropolitan Police It was initially revealed that the interrogation of surrounding witnesses found the motive for Mr. Songsak’s tendency to commit crimes with his sons. Mr. Songsak dislikes boys and cannot tolerate loud noises. When he hears a child crying, he becomes angry and physically attacks the child. As for the daughter he has with Miss Sunan and Mr. Songsak attacked him until he died. From the information, the daughter has a face similar to a man’s.

Meanwhile, information from the father’s testimony reveals that about 20 years ago, Mr. Songsak forced his younger sister to drink poison. When the younger sister protested, she used a knife to force her to do so. When the father stopped him Mr. Songsak also attacked him by punching and hitting him. So they severed ties from that time on.

While the first wife gave information that Mr. Songsak uses a knife to force him to register his marriage. After successfully registering the marriage, they divorced and never contacted again

Source: Thai News Agency

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