Govt lauds entry of ‘Before, Now & Then’ in Berlin Film Festival


The government, through its Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Ministry, has lauded the entry of Indonesian film titled, Before, Now & Then, in the Berlin International Film Festival’s main competition.

“The government is ready to support whatever it is,” film, music, and new media director at the ministry, Ahmad Mahendra, said while attending a special media announcement at Goodrich Suites Artotel Portfolio here on Friday.

The movie’s entry in the festival has already promoted Indonesia’s name and it is an opportunity to make the nation more popular on the international stage, he added.

The government remains committed to supporting Indonesia’s film industry, especially at international competitions, he affirmed.

“We pray that if we win this year, we will go to the next level because this is the main competition that we have dreamed of. If we win, this will be a record for Indonesia,” Mahendra remarked.

“The government expresses its gratitude to Ifa, Kamila, and all the others. We believe (we can win), (especially) since the movie features Happy Salma, Laura Basuki, Ibnu Jamil, and others,” he said.

Before, Now & Then is the fourth movie directed by Kamila Andini. Not too long ago, her third movie, Yuni (2021), competed at the Toronto International Film Festival along with Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, directed by Edwin.

Yuni also made an appearance at the Busan International Film Festival along with three other Indonesian films, Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash, Photocopier by Wregas Bhanuteja, and Laut Memanggilku by Tumpal Tampubolon.

Before, Now & Then is an adaptation of one of the chapters in the novel Jais Darga Namaku by Ahda Imran.

Much like its setting, the movie uses Sundanese, a language spoken by one of Indonesia’s major ethnic groups, as the primary language for the dialogue.

It tells the story of a woman named Raden Nana Sunani who lived in the 60s, played by Happy Salma. In the movie, Sunani runs to escape marriage, losing her father and child in the process. Then, she builds a new life with a Sundanese noblewoman and befriends one of her husband’s mistresses.

Source: Antara News