3,291 students interning with state-owned enterprises


At least 3,291 university students are currently attending internship programs at several state-owned enterprises, Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir has informed.

During a public lecture on millennials and digital technology for national economic development at the University of Hasanuddin here on Wednesday, the minister said that state-owned enterprises are supportive of internship programs.

“The state-owned enterprises continue organizing internship programs to assist the transition of university students to become ready and adaptable (to work environment),” Thohir said.

The ministry is committed to providing various avenues to millennials to develop themselves for the future through the internship program, he added.

At the end of the internship program, participants will receive a certificate, he said.

“From the data that I have retrieved, we have 3,291 university students that are currently attending internship programs at state-owned enterprises. Not all university students will attend (state-owned enterprises’ internship program) since we need to pick the best students,” the minister added.

During the public lecture, he said that his ministry is currently preparing a research cooperation program to bolster Indonesia’s human resource quality and capability.

As generational changes nurture new generations with new characteristics, state-owned enterprises must help the youth to develop themselves, the minister added.

Internships with state-owned enterprises will nurture students’ knowledge and capability to face competition in the work environment in the future through linking and matching between industries and universities, Thohir noted.

“The millennials must have a positive paradigm to learn and adapt to various issues that will be their challenges. The young generation is expected to challenge themselves and be open to constructive criticism. We also need to self-introspect and have a personal road map as this is our Indonesian world, not the world of the others,” the minister remarked.

Source: Antara News