Mekha V joins hands with the Vocational Education Commission Office Highlighting intelligent AI technology

Bangkok, Mekha V joins hands with the Office of the Vocational Education Commission. Highlighting intelligent AI technology Support the project for safe educational institutions

Mr. Siriphong Angkhasakulkiat Assistant Minister of the Ministry of Education, Mr. Chan Kulpatranirand Executive Vice President, New Business Planning and Development, PTT Public Company Limited, as Managing Director, Mekha V, and Mr. Thaweesak Khewthong, Director of the Vocational Education Monitoring and Evaluation Office. and Director of the Vocational Education Commission Office Announcement of the cooperation project for safe educational institutions with intelligent AI between Mekha V and the Office of the Vocational Education Commission. There was an advisory committee honoring the event.

The objective of the project is to study the feasibility of using AI safety detection technology or Industrial Vision Intelligent System (iVIS) and other Mekha V solutions to help increase safety efficiency in educational institution managem
ent. In order to carry out the Cabinet resolution to abolish teachers on duty by applying technology, there has already been a pilot installation of iVIS cameras at Minburi Technical College and in the future there will be consideration of expanding the results together with other educational institutions in Thailand. Go.

Source: Thai News Agency

Be sure before sharing. Found a fish with a human face. Is it true?

As the clip was shared Along with a message that a fish with a human face was discovered.

Conclusion: Not true ? Should not be shared further.

It is a computer generated image. (AI – Artificial Intelligence) and there has never been evidence of the discovery of such a fish.

The Sure Before Sharing Center checked and found that the fact-checking website had checked and published on February 2, 2024, confirming that there was no report of the discovery of such fish. And the lake that claims the name Samsara does not actually exist.

While sportskeeda checked the facts on 22 Jan. 2024, it confirmed in the same direction.

If any such discovery is made It must be scientifically reported. And it’s big news all over the world. But none of this has been widely reported, and the claimed Homo Piscis fish doesn’t actually exist.

[Fact checking website]

https://www.sportskeeda. com/pop-culture/fact-check-is-homo-piscis-

While all the illustrations in the clip Investigating the image, it was found that it came from a YouTube channel called Headtap Videos, which stated in the channel’s description that it was ‘Experiments in video and graphics’ (Experiements in video and Graphics), which has created several graphic clips of various supernatural events, which the website has also examined and found There is a high chance that it is an image generated by an AI computer.

[YouTube Headtap Channel]

Therefore, it is claimed that a new type of fish has been found. have a face like that person The said clip and message are therefore not true. Shouldn’t be shared further

20 February 2024,

Sure Before Sharing Center,

Thai News Agency, MCOT,

fact checking by Peeraphon Anutarasothi

Source: Thai News Agency

INETREIT announces the offering price of the highest capital increase trust units at 9.00 baht per unit.

Bangkok, INET Real Estate Leasehold Investment Trust or INETREIT is preparing to increase capital for the first time, with a total value not exceeding 3,200 million baht. Open for subscription of additional trust units to existing trust unitholders who have the right to subscribe. Buy for both natural persons and juristic persons and the general public on 11 – 14 March 2024 at the highest offering price of 9.00 baht per unit.

Mr. Sutthakarn Nanna, Managing Director of INET REIT Management Company Limited, as the REIT manager, revealed that INET Real Estate Leasehold Investment Trust or INETREIT is the first and only REIT in Thailand to enter Invest directly in all Data Center assets, focusing on investing in assets with high growth potential in the digital economy trend. From pushing Thailand to become a hub for world-class data operations centers. Ever since INETREIT was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand Has paid returns to trust unitholders regularly every quarter. From 29 July 2021 – 30 September 2
023, a total of 1.8102 baht per unit, a total of 9 times.

In this regard, the dividend payment from the 4th quarter 2023 operating results is set at the rate of 0.2007 baht per unit on March 13, 2024, which will determine the names of trust unitholders who are entitled to receive benefits (Record Date) on February 28. 2024, resulting in the establishment of the trust Will pay a total compensation of 2.0109 baht per unit.

Currently, INETREIT has main assets including the INET-IDC3 Project, Phase 1, Saraburi Province. It is an investment in leasehold rights and has a remaining lease term of approximately 22 years (ending on December 31, 2045) and has leased the said property to Internet Thailand Public Company Limited or INET only and has an agreement to adjust it. The rent increases every year, once a year, at the rate of 2 percent per year, starting from the trust’s establishment in the middle of 2021. From July 29 (the trust’s establishment date) to December 31, 2021, the trust has a total income of 163.94
million baht. and increasing to 397.57 million baht in 2022

While for the first 9 months of 2023, the Trust had a total income of 298.94 million baht and the Trust Preparing to invest in the INET-IDC3 Phase 2 project, which will be fully open for service from the 4th quarter of 2022, focusing on Cloud services in the types of Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), which are classified as Cloud services that can create The value is higher compared to the INET-IDC3 Phase 1 project that focuses mainly on Co-location and Cloud services in the category of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) due to Server Software and various equipment. It is a newer model than the INET-IDC3 Phase 1 project, so it has better performance and can offer higher value products. As a result of the operation of the INET-IDC3 Phase 2 project in 2022, there was a total income of 265.24 million baht, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization (EBITDA) of 165.05 million baht, while for the first 9 m
onths (January – September) of 2023 Total income was 261.08 million baht and EBITDA 179.56 million baht.

Additional investment in the INET-IDC3 Data Operations Center Phase 2 will help increase the REIT’s potential in generating income and good returns for trust unitholders. By estimating the distribution of benefits to trust unitholders after the REIT invests in the additional assets for the first time, based on assumptions in preparing the income statement budget and the distribution of benefits according to the hypothetical situation for the 12-month period, the estimation period from the date 1 Jan. – 31 Dec. 2024 at a rate of approximately 8%.

After the capital increase, the REIT will have a proportion of investment in leasehold (Leasehold) 58% and investment in freehold (Freehold) 42% and the weighted average remaining lease term of the REIT will be increased from 22 years to 54 years. INETREIT will rent out properties at the REIT. There will be additional investment for INET alone for a period of 30
years and there is an agreement to increase the rent every year, once a year at the rate of 2 percent per year.

Mr. Wallachai Vejjivadamrong Deputy Managing Director of Internet Thailand Public Company Limited or INET said that INET as the main sponsor and lessee of assets from the Trust. To be a complete information technology service provider Decades of experience in telecommunications and is a leader in the Thai data center and cloud service business with the number 1 market share in Thailand at 12.74% in the second half of 2022 from the financial analysis report. Investment by Merlins Solutions International Company Limited by INET aims to create rapid growth in the digital economy trend. Through continuous business expansion and investment Create valuable products and services To meet the needs of customers Supports growth potential in the digital age Increase economies of scale (Economies of Scale) to increase efficiency and profitability of INET and create continuous growth.

Miss Warayu Imanothai, Se
nior Director Bank of Ayudhya Public Company Limited, as a financial advisor, said that after raising interest rates by many central banks, they have reached their highest point. and has a tendency to gradually decrease It is considered a good opportunity to invest in the REIT to receive returns from dividends. INETREIT has the following strengths: 1) The REIT will invest in ownership. Therefore, it can generate income for the trust without limitations on the investment period. 2) Assets that the trust has Invest in additional quality and receive international standard certification. and is a new generation of equipment that can offer products and services with higher value. 3) Assets of the Trust It is classified as an industry with high growth potential. 4) The Trust has an opportunity to grow from investing in additional assets in the future and has the Right of First Refusal on assets used to operate the company’s data center business. Internet Thailand PCL.

Including the right to invest in additional as
sets (Right to Invest) in additional racks within the INET-IDC 3 Phase 2 project 5) Internet Thailand PCL. is an anchor tenant with project management expertise and long experience in the data center business; and 6) the trust is managed by a management team with experience and coverage of the data center business. While the offering of trust units is progressing Increase capital Most recently, the request for permission to offer trust units for the first capital increase and the form showing information on the offer for sale of trust units (Filing) have been approved by the SEC Office and are now effective.

Mr. Thitiwat Kornwut, Senior Director Krungsri Securities Public Company Limited, as the underwriter and underwriter, said that INETREIT will offer the first capital increase trust units for sale, totaling not more than 174,476,000 units, divided into offerings to 1) specific groups of the general public. who are the original trust unitholders whose names appear in the trust unitholder registration book
(Rights Offering) on ??February 23, 2024, in a proportion not less than 50 percent of the number of trust units offered for sale this time 2) INET and / or the same group of persons of INET, which when combined with the allocation according to Part 1, will not exceed 25 percent of the number of trust units issued and offered for sale this time, and 3) limited persons and / or the general public and / or Persons at the discretion of the trust unit distributor From the remaining trust units from the offering in Part 1 and Part 2, the subscription right ratio is set at 1 existing trust unit to 0.5287 additional trust units. It will be offered for sale to existing trust unitholders, individuals and juristic persons. and the general public on 11 – 14 March 2024

Individual and juristic person subscribers must pay for additional trust units at the highest offering price of 9.00 baht per unit, with the final offering price The REIT manager will announce it via the Stock Exchange of Thailand’s website later. In the c
ase that the final offering price is lower than the subscription price, The difference will be refunded to every subscriber. And it is expected that the additional trust units will be traded on the Stock Exchange of Thailand within March this year.

Source: Thai News Agency

Tourism Police Go ahead and crack down on illegal hire vehicles.

Tourist Police mobilize forces to integrate relevant units. Crackdown on illegal hire vehicles

Today (21 Feb. 2024) at 4:00 p.m., 2nd Battalion, Royal Thai Army 3, led by Pol. Col. Phisit Sawatthaworn, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Battalion, Pol. Col. Lt. Banphong Kengrian, Deputy Superintendent of 2nd Battalion, Royal Thai Army 3rd Battalion, Pol. Lt. Col. Ekkachai Siri, Special Inspector, Royal Thai Army 1st Battalion, 2nd Battalion, 3rd Battalion, integrating forces with Phuket Provincial Police, Phuket Provincial Immigration, Phuket Provincial Transport, Phuket Airport Authority and Phuket Provincial Administrative Department, with Captain Adul Chuthong, Deputy Governor of Phuket Province, along with Pol. Maj. Gen. Sinlert Sukhum, Phuket Provincial Police Commander, and Mr. Adcha Buachan, Phuket Provincial Transport Department. Participate in giving policies and releasing queues at Phuket Airport

After that, a joint checkpoint was set up at the international passenger terminal departure area. Phuket International
Airport Which is the first checkpoint for tourists entering Phuket Province. To inspect and arrest public hire vehicles that violate the law.

Pol. Col. Phisit Sawatthaworn, Superintendent 2, TAT Headquarters, said the operation was in accordance with policy. Royal Thai Police Headquarters, led by Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Police Commissioner. Focus on organizing during the high season. There are many Thai and foreign tourists. To take care of safety and facilitate tourists in every aspect. and orders of Police Lieutenant General Saksira Phueakam, Commander-in-Chief of the TAT, has ordered all tourist police stations to Continue to integrate forces with local agencies. To jointly crack down on illegal hire vehicles, especially in main tourist cities. Phuket province is a main tourist area with a large number of tourists, approximately 50,000 people per day, and there are also problems with illegal public taxis. causing problems and damage to many tourists.

Source: Thai News Agency

Speed ??up extinguishing Lampang forest fires after discovering more than 80 hot spots

Many provinces in the north and northeast have experienced forest fires and increased heat points. Especially in Lampang More than 80 hot spots were found. Officials continuously mobilized to extinguish them.

Forest fire situation in Lampang province Still worrisome After yesterday, the Lampang Provincial Warroom Center reported that there were 82 heat spots or hot spots in the area in 13 districts, especially the Sop Prap District area where the highest number was found at 14 spots, followed by those in the Mueang Lampang District and Mueang Lampang District. .Mae Moh has 9 points per district, causing the need to mobilize officials. Both from the Office of Conservation Area Administration No. 13, Lampang Branch, the Office of Natural Resources and Environment. Forest Fire Control Command Center (front end), Royal Forest Department, and officials from the local forest fire control unit. and the Songkhla Fire Hawk outfit who help support the mission Work together to control forest fires in the area.

lly in the area of ??Doi Phra Bat, Doi Ton, Doi Muang Kham, Huai Nam Khao and the area of ??Wat Muang Kham, Mueang District, Lampang Province, where long lines of forest fires were found. and steep paths This causes officials to use caution and perform tasks with difficulty. To control the situation so that it doesn’t spread and spread widely.

Three villagers arrested for burning forest

Ob Khan National Park officials and officers of the Chiang Mai Forest Preservation Unit 13 who worked together to extinguish forest fires. Three villagers were arrested while they were burning the forest. In the national forest reserve Mae Tha Chang and Mae Khanin forests In the Hang Dong District area Chiang Mai Province The accused confessed that Set fire to the forest in the forest area next to your own longan orchard because I fear that if there is a forest fire, it will spread into the garden. Another admitted to burning weeds and leaves to get rid of fuel. The officers took all 3 people to the Hang Dong Police Station
for investigation. to proceed with legal proceedings

Chiang Mai Province Still in the period of announcing a ban on all types of burning in open areas. Until 30 April 2024 to reduce smog problems from forest fires. and hopes to be a prototype model for other provinces in problem management But until now there are still reports of more hot spots being discovered every day.

Speed ??up extinguishing forest fires in the Phu Lan Kha mountain forest.

Forest fires in Chaiyaphum Province are starting to spread widely. From the Phu Laen Kha National Park area Spread into the Namtok Tad Ton National Park area. Officials must speed up control. for fear that it would spread into the community area Especially in the area of ??Hin Kip village. causing Tha Hin Ngom Subdistrict Administrative Organization and forest fire officers More than 100 national park officials rushed out to help extinguish the forest fire. Along with coordinating to request fire truck support from Chaiyaphum Provincial Administrative Organization a
nd nearby areas. Come join in extinguishing forest fires. It is expected that it will take 1-2 days for the forest fire to be controlled.

The cause of this forest fire Officials believe that caused by human handiwork Every year during this period is the season for collecting wild sweet vegetables. which villagers often burn the forest In order for the wild vegetables to sprout Before going out to collect sweet vegetables to sell But this year the situation is considered more severe than every year. Because hundreds of rai of forest areas have been damaged.

Source: Thai News Agency

A new dimension of discussion Guaranteed not to be sleepy, but haunted instead.

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, Get a haunting feel, a new dimension of discussion. It has a lonely atmosphere. No matter which way you turn, you will see all sorts of ghosts sitting and listening.

Phranakhon Si Ayutthaya Rajabhat University Digital Communication Arts major Organized a public forum on the topic ‘Ghosts Never Die in the Media’ from stories to storytelling. At the auditorium of the 100 year old building, it is also good to hold daytime events. Because if it’s during the night The atmosphere will be a little tense. Because if you look around You will see many kinds of ghosts, both Thai and foreign, all sitting and listening to the discussion. That is, there were more than 100 students who came to participate in this talk, adding color to the event very well. In addition, the tables and sofas on the stage were equally scary, with white cloths spread red like blood splashing.

This event, Mr. Ong-at Jiamcharoenpornkul Film directors and actors also joined the discussion and gave their ideas, saying tha
t nowadays movies are giving more importance to telling stories about mysterious things. Especially Thai movies that have all kinds of mysteries. and various genres to create movies for viewing continuously Even ghost stories cannot be proven by science. But science can create scary ghost movies.

Source: Thai News Agency

Young actress sings to the Crime Suppression Division Online seller tricks people into losing 10 million baht

Bangkok, A young actress leads a team of nearly 20 victims who filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division after being attacked by an online seller. Buying and selling brand name bags, luxury watches, total loss of more than 10 million

Fern Nopjira Rerkkajornnamkul, an actress, along with representatives of nearly 20 victims, filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division. Ready to bring evidence Report the matter to the Crime Suppression Division police. After ordering a brand name bag and consign products to online sellers known through Instagram But the product was lost. Some people buy products but the store doesn’t deliver them. The total damage value is more than 10 million baht.

Fern Nopjira said that she had previously ordered products from the aforementioned online store. The first time I actually received the product, I trusted it and ordered a second round by transferring tens of thousands of baht. It’s a pre-order product. But have been waiting for more than 3 months and still h
aven’t received the product. When asked, he evaded. Therefore posted a warning on social media. It appears that many victims from the same store have contacted us.

In addition to female stars There is still an injured person who brought a luxury watch worth 549,000 baht to consign for sale 1 year ago. The process is that the customer consigned the product. Must pay a consignment fee of 5,000 baht. 2,000 baht has already been collected. If sold, an additional 3,000 baht will be collected.

which is in constant contact with stores Then in October 2023, the victim contacted the shop. I’m going to ask for the watch back. But the shop claims to have already sold the watch. at the price set by the customer The victim then demanded money for the watch. But the shop evaded and refused to transfer the money. Later, the victim made several inquiries to the store. The shop then transferred 15,000 baht to me, but the remaining several hundred thousand baht was silent. Claimed to be giving birth in a province in the nort
heastern region. The injured group therefore wanted to come out and demand that the opposing party take responsibility. and warn society.

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai stocks closed up 12.54 points.

Bangkok, SET closed today at 1,393.61 points, an increase of 12.54 points (+0.91%), trading value 64,865.89 million baht.

Stock trading today The index adjusted very high. The index reached its highest point at 1,395.11 points and made its lowest point at 1,379.02 points. As for securities, changes today increased by 294 securities, decreased by 184 securities, and remained unchanged for 177 securities.

Source: Thai News Agency