Young actress sings to the Crime Suppression Division Online seller tricks people into losing 10 million baht

Bangkok, A young actress leads a team of nearly 20 victims who filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division after being attacked by an online seller. Buying and selling brand name bags, luxury watches, total loss of more than 10 million

Fern Nopjira Rerkkajornnamkul, an actress, along with representatives of nearly 20 victims, filed a complaint with the Crime Suppression Division. Ready to bring evidence Report the matter to the Crime Suppression Division police. After ordering a brand name bag and consign products to online sellers known through Instagram But the product was lost. Some people buy products but the store doesn’t deliver them. The total damage value is more than 10 million baht.

Fern Nopjira said that she had previously ordered products from the aforementioned online store. The first time I actually received the product, I trusted it and ordered a second round by transferring tens of thousands of baht. It’s a pre-order product. But have been waiting for more than 3 months and still h
aven’t received the product. When asked, he evaded. Therefore posted a warning on social media. It appears that many victims from the same store have contacted us.

In addition to female stars There is still an injured person who brought a luxury watch worth 549,000 baht to consign for sale 1 year ago. The process is that the customer consigned the product. Must pay a consignment fee of 5,000 baht. 2,000 baht has already been collected. If sold, an additional 3,000 baht will be collected.

which is in constant contact with stores Then in October 2023, the victim contacted the shop. I’m going to ask for the watch back. But the shop claims to have already sold the watch. at the price set by the customer The victim then demanded money for the watch. But the shop evaded and refused to transfer the money. Later, the victim made several inquiries to the store. The shop then transferred 15,000 baht to me, but the remaining several hundred thousand baht was silent. Claimed to be giving birth in a province in the nort
heastern region. The injured group therefore wanted to come out and demand that the opposing party take responsibility. and warn society.

Source: Thai News Agency