France, Italy enter final of Da Nang Int’l Firework Festival

The fireworks teams from France and Italy have been selected to compete in the final night of the Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF) 2023, the organisation board announced on June 25.

According to Vice Chairwoman of the municipal People’s Committee Ngo Thi Kim Yen, who is also head of the organisation board, the jury found it difficult to choose the two teams for the final as all the eight teams have shown endless creativity in their eye-catching fireworks performances which left a deep impression on the audience.

The French and Italian teams combined music and fireworks in an artistic and smooth form, and their fireworks displays are very consistent with the rhythm and the emotion of the music, said composer Nguyen Duc Trinh, Chairman of the Vietnam Musicians’ Association, a member of the jury.

According to the draw result, the Italian team will perform first, and the French team’s display will close the DIFF 2023.

This year, the organisation board of DIFF 2023 has decided to double the prize value. The champion will receive a prize of 20,000 USD, while the runner-up will receive 10,000 USD.

Additionally, two sub-prizes worth 3,000 USD each will be presented to the most creative team and the team that receives the most votes from the audience.

The final night will be broadcast live on VTV1 channel of Vietnam Television at 8:pm on July 8./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Tax sector performs best in Administrative Procedure Cost Index

procedures posted the highest score among nine groups of key administrative procedures rated by Tax the report Administrative Procedure Cost Index 2022 (APCI 2022).

This reflected the unremitting efforts of tax management authorities to maintain the achieved achievements and continue to strongly reform administrative procedures to make it easier for businesses and people in performing tax administrative procedures.

Prepared by the Government’s Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform with the support of the US Agency for International Development through the technical assistance project Linkages for Small & Medium Enterprises (USAID LinkSME), the survey shows the rate of filing and receiving online results of tax administrative procedures is at an absolute level.

In 2021 and the first months of 2022, the tax sector cut the number of administrative procedures to 234 from 304.

In addition, the General Department of Taxation has expanded channels to receive and process support requests of the people via Hotline, email, website, Chatbot, and Zalo; as well as built an automatic question-and-answer system on electronic invoices based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology to support taxpayers.

The report recommends the tax industry to continue improving and upgrading the online tax declaration and payment system on the General Department of Taxation’s portal; completing the application of e-invoices nationwide and improving the quality of law-making in the taxation field./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

PM’s visit marks important development step in Vietnam-China relations: Official

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh’s official visit to China marks an important development step in the Vietnam-China relations, Standing Deputy Foreign Minister Nguyen Minh Vu told the media on June 25.

In an interview granted to the press on the occasion of the PM’s official visit to China and participation at the 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) of the World Economic Forum (WEF) from June 25-28, the Deputy FM stressed that China is a power in the world, a neighbour and a socialist country with traditional friendship and close ties with Vietnam.

The visit, the first to China by PM Chinh, is taking place when the two countries are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership. It carries three significant meanings, he said.

Firstly, the visit continues the tradition of high-level meetings and exchanges between the two countries. It reflects the importance that the two Parties and States attach to the Vietnam-China comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership, and their determination to further develop the ties in a more sustainable, stable and substantial manner.

Secondly it marks a new important step forward in the relations between the two countries, concretising and implementing the outcomes of Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong’s visit to China in October 2022, especially in the context of regional and world economic downturn.

PM Chinh’s visit will focus on seeking specific measures to bolster the bilateral economic and trade partnership, especially the trading of goods through the border and among localities, while finding solutions to speed up joint infrastructure projects.

Thirdly, this visit is expected to strengthen political trust and help find solutions to issues in which the two countries have differences, especially problems at sea, while strengthening people-to-people and locality-to-locality exchanges, thus making the bilateral ties more stable, practical and sustainable, contributing to peace, stability and cooperation in the region and the world, said Vu.

Regarding Vietnam’s attendance at the 14th AMNC in Tianjin, Vu said PM Chinh is one of the four Government leaders invited to the event, showing the special attention that the WEF and the international business community pay to the role of the Vietnamese economy as well as the country’s determination to reform and open its economy.

The diplomat said Vietnam will make contributions to the event in three aspects.

Firstly, PM Chinh will call on the regional and global business communities as well as governments to strengthen cooperation and open their markets for trade and investment activities, while actively supporting enterprises and unlocking resources for economic recovery amid the recent decline trend.

Secondly, through the event, PM Chinh will share Vietnam’s experience and learn from experience and lessons from other economies and major businesses in creating, activating and taking advantage of new growth drivers such as digital transformation, green transition, energy transition, and circular economy development to contribute to realising fast, sustainable, inclusive and innovative growth models based on science and technology and bring practical benefits to the people.

Thirdly, through this event that draws many Government leaders and leading regional and international businesses, the PM will call on the global business community to continue to pay attention to and increase investment in the Vietnamese market and the Vietnamese economy.

The PM will highlight the position, potential and advantages of the Vietnamese economy and priorities of the Vietnamese Government in economic development, thus calling for high quality investment resources and leading firms to cooperate in areas of green transition, digital transformation, energy, science-technology, and circular and digital economy development, said Vu.

He added that PM Chinh will also raise a number of proposals on public-private partnership and the model of coordination between the Government and businesses to draw green and sustainable financial resources to the Vietnamese economy./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

271 MPs have already reported themselves and called the council meeting on July 3.

Parliament 25 June – 299 MPs have not reported themselves today, only 1 MP has reported, while the Royal Decree announced the convening of the National Assembly on July 3.

Reporters reported that the parliament was still open to MPs report to even if it’s a holiday Since opening to report until now there 271 MPs have reported themselves, leaving 229 other MPs who have not reported themselves. and in the morning there Only one MP came to report, namely Mr. Thanapat Srichana, MP for Yasothon District 3 from Bhumjaithai Party.

For Monday, June 26, it is reported that 58 other Bhumjai Thai Party MPs who have not yet reported will travel to the House of Commons at 9:30 a.m., while the Kao Klai Party, Mr. Pita Limcharoenrat The party leader will bring a team of 151 MPs from the party to report together on June 27 at about 9:00 a.m., while the Chart Thai Pattana Party They will report together on June 28 at 11:00 a.m. to confirm their duties on behalf of the people.

When MPs complete their report Everyone will gather again on July 3 to attend the opening ceremony of the council session. After yesterday, the Royal Gazette website published a royal decree The parliament had already been summoned on that day.

Reporters reported that the parliament had organized an exhibition for the 2023 election by bringing pictures of members. House of Representatives elected in all 400 districts of 400 people to be displayed on the board. divided into provincial and district areas By the picture of 100 members of the House of Representatives, with the best of the 26th set of MPs arranged for viewing, such as the two oldest MPs, Pol.Lt.Gen. Wiroj Pao-in, age 89 years Pheu Thai Party List and Mrs. Kwanruen Thienthong, 79 years old, Palang Pracharat Party, Sa Kaeo Province, Region 1

As for the two youngest MPs, Mr. Thawiwong Towiwong, 27 years old, Kao Klai Party, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province, Region 1 and Ms. Sudarat Pitakphonpanlop, 27 years old, Pheu Thai Party, Ubon Ratchathani Province, Region 7 for The MP who received the most votes was Ms. Putita Chai-Anan, District 4, Chiang Mai, Kao Klai Party, got 62,009 points and Mr. Tawee Suraban, Palang Pracharat Party, Trang Province, District 2, got 63,185 points, divided by MPs. 400 constituency MPs, 318 males and 82 females, 100 party-list forms, 86 males, 14 females.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

PM Pham Minh Chinh arrives in Beijing, starts official visit to China

Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh arrived in Beijing on June 25 afternoon, starting his official visit to China.

The Vietnamese Government leader was met at Beijing International Airport by officials of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese Ambassador to Vietnam Xiong Bo, Vietnamese Ambassador to China Pham Sao Mai, and representatives of the Vietnamese community in the country.

This is the first official visit by PM Chinh and the first by a Vietnamese PM to China after seven years. It is also the first time key leaders of the two countries directly meet after China completed the State leadership for the new tenure.

During his stay, PM Chinh will held talks with Chinese Premier Li Qiang; and have meetings with Party General Secretary and President of China Xi Jinping, and Chairman of the 14th National People’s Congress Standing Committee Zhao Leji.

He will attend important meetings of the 14th Annual Meeting of the New Champions (AMNC) of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and have bilateral meetings with WEF Founder and Executive Chairman Klaus Schwa and leaders of some countries and international organisations.

On this occasion, the PM will also join a Vietnam – China business forum./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Lesson learned for Pheu Thai not winning the 66 elections

Pheu Thai, June 25 – “Noppadon” reveals the lessons learned from the 66 elections to the party and is confident that Pheu Thai will continue to transform the party into a strong political institution.

Mr. Noppadol Pattama, party-list MP, Pheu Thai Party, as chairman of the working group to take lessons from the past elections of the Pheu Thai Party, said that the working group has now listened to opinions from party candidates across the country. country Academics and the press Therefore, preliminary opinions were compiled and presented to the party leader and party leaders. to consider further action The reason why the Pheu Thai Party did not win the land slide came from many factors. and may vary from area to area. which the removal of the lesson does not aim to point the finger at each other But I need information to analyze how the party can improve its work. Whether it’s about setting up a big strategy in the election. preparation and presentation of policies The importance of social media communication selection of applicants Debate on different stages Including organizing a speech stage, etc.

In which the Working Group on Lessons Learned made recommendations for the Party Executive Committee to consider, for example, to develop the Party into a stronger political institution. Commitment to systematic and continuous policy development increasing potential MPs in all dimensions Supporting young politicians Creating a network to listen and push solutions to the people’s brothers and sisters according to the law and roles in the executive and legislative branches, etc.

Mr. Noppadol further said that the Pheu Thai Party asked for confidence in those who elected more than 10 million votes. and brothers and sisters who did not choose Pheu Thai Party that the party will strive to improve the party to be the hope of the people Campaigning policies must be pushed forward in the context of an 8-party coalition government. Failure to win the election does not undermine the party’s willingness to continue to do its job strongly. because of the performance of the party The ideology and position of the party remained stable. and when the party executive committee Including the party’s prime ministerial candidates have crystallized and progress has been made in transforming the Pheu Thai Party. The party will continue to report to the brothers and sisters.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Victory” confirms that “Korn” has not been approached back to the Democratic Party.

BANGKOK, June 25 – “Victory” does not answer, poses as the leader of the Democratic Party, confirms that there is no talk yet – approaches “Korn” to return to the party, telling anyone who is qualified and ready. Let’s wait for the person to launch himself. Trap the way for people to spread the news.

Chaichana Dejdecho, Deputy Secretary-General of the Democrat Party Mentioning the election of the Democrat Party’s leader, which will take place on July 9, confirmed that Mr. Korn Chatikavanich, former leader of the Chart Pattana Kla Party, had not yet been approached. Become the leader of the Democratic Party ready to leave to those who released the news that the next round would like to have more clear information Because the election of the party leader does not need to be approached by anyone. Anyone who has complete qualifications and wishes can apply for everyone.

When asked about the MPs have a conversation? As to who is suitable to be the leader of the party, Mr. Chaichan said that there is no news person at this time. He has not received confirmation from him whether he is really interested in applying or not. Therefore, there is no discussion in the group of MPs and during this time, most of the 25 MPs are in the provinces.

When asked if there are only 2 weeks left, usually the Democratic Party, who will be the leader? There has to be news already. Who will have a name? Has it already been placed or not? Mr. Chaichan reiterated that there was none. He thinks that all parties are waiting for clarity from the person’s mouth who will run for the party’s leadership candidate. After that there would be some discussion.

When asked if a person applying for party leadership needs to be a member of the House of Representatives at present, Mr. Chaichana said that he thinks everyone who is qualified. can apply for all elections regarded as the principle of the party

When asked if there was news about the party pushing Mr. Det-It Khaothong, MP for Songkhla and acting deputy leader, Mr. Chana said that the facts were not yet true. Discussed, no one has yet confirmed that he will apply.

“People trying to spread the news that there is a lock spec. or is approached by that person I say people who really love the Democrat Party. Today must give positive news of the party. Don’t let the news only hope for yourself like this, I can’t confirm that today if everyone says they love the Democrat Party must help each other There must be unity there must be unity And must not slander anyone, ”said Mr. Chaichana.

When asked in the eyes of anyone who could revive the Democrat Party, Mr. Chaichana said he could not answer because today the person who said he was running No one is ready to apply yet. The second issue He thought that the revival of the Democratic Party could The Democratic Party has to rebrand itself in every aspect. must change to match the present day Whatever was there in the past has been adapted to suit the present.

When asked to reiterate that there are only 2 weeks left, the new direction of the Democratic Party has not yet been seen. Isn’t it too late? Mr. Chaichana said that in the last week there would be a shape on who applied and how. Since the Democrat Party has just scheduled a meeting for the party’s leadership election this week, it’s impossible to rush to conclusions. Which the election of the party leader this time is different from every round

“Every round we don’t have to change that much. But now we have to accept that the election results are out. Not just the Democratic Party Every political party has to change everything, so we ourselves have to change everything. I think those who want to run for party leadership or those who are interested will need to structure how they will change. I think that presenting the change of the party Party structure future party management and how This will be part of making MPs or other voters a deciding factor in the election of the party leader,” Chaichana said.

As for the position regarding the vote for the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the Prime Minister, Mr. Chaichana said that there had been no discussion. Because it hasn’t reached that point yet. He thought that after the parliamentary meeting take an oath of allegiance After that, there will be discussion on who to vote for the Speaker of the House. Prime Minister Must wait for the new party executive committee to meet with members of the House of Representatives first .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

US Navy’s aircraft carrier visits Vietnam

The US Navy’s aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan, together with two guided missile cruisers USS Antietam – CG 54 and USS Robert Smalls – CG 62, arrived in the central city of Da Nang on June 25, marking the third time a US aircraft carrier has visited Vietnam since 2018.

The visit is among activities to mark the 10th year anniversary of the US-Vietnam Comprehensive Partnership (2013-2023), showcasing their shared commitment to a prosperous and secure future.

Ho Ky Minh, Vice Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee of Da Nang, chaired a welcome ceremony for the US delegation.

During the five-day visit to the city, the US Navy Convoy Command Group will pay a courtesy visit to leaders of the municipal People’s Committee and the leaders of the Third Naval Region Command.

The officers and crew on the US ships will join cultural and professional exchanges, community service projects, sports competitions, and humanitarian activities.

The visit is expected to contribute to reinforcing Vietnam and the US’s partnership while affirming Vietnam’s ability to ensure logistics and technology in welcoming foreign vessels to the country./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency