The government is ready to support equal marriage along with tourism in secondary cities.

Nonthaburi, The government moves forward to support equal marriage. Along with developing tourist attractions in secondary cities Hoping to increase money into the country, join in celebrating Pride Month to grow the economy in every aspect.

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce, said: After the government joined forces with the public and private sectors to celebrate Pride Month to attract quality LGBTQIAN+ tourists throughout the month of June. This will help increase the ability to compete in trade. Opportunity to expand business for SME entrepreneurs and create additional trade value by using soft power as well. Recently received a report from Mr. Poonphong Naiyanaphakorn, Director of the Office of Trade Policy and Strategy ( Ministry of Commerce has analyzed the Pride Month event that will help support the growth of tourism and trade businesses. and achieving the goal of being the tourism center of the region (Tourism Hub) under the IGNITE TOURISM THAILAND policy

government has plans to distribute tourism to 55 provinces, “Cities to Visit” that have the potential to enhance economic development through being a center for organizing world-class events. Organizing the Pride Month festival will help promote the image of being a tourism destination. It is friendly to consumers in the LGBTQIAN+ group (Pride Friendly Destination), both Thai and foreign, which tends to increase in number and is a group of consumers with high purchasing power. And according to market research firm Ipsos, which surveyed 22,514 people from 30 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia from February to March 2023, 9 percent of the world’s adult population identifies as diverse. sexually and 9 percent of the Thai population also self-identifies as having sexual diversity. However, even though the number of people with sexual diversity

At present, there may not be a small proportion. But it is estimated that people in Gen Z (born after 1997) are more likely to self-identify as gender diverse than
the Millennial, Gen can help promote the Thai economy. In addition, a survey by LGBT Capital, a financial consulting company, found that in 2023, LGBT people around the world have purchasing power of up to 4.7 trillion US dollars. Meanwhile, the LGBT group in Thailand has purchasing power of 26 billion US dollars.

In addition, organizing events also helps generate income for related businesses. Especially the event organizing business Food service business Food and beverage business Through organizing activities within the celebration such as organizing product exhibitions Fashion show, food and beverage sales at the event, including hotel business and transportation service business. Those providing services to support event attendees also benefit. and help distribute income to local communities Thailand began organizing Pride Month celebrations for the first time in 1999, and now the events are widely held in various provinces such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Chonburi, resulting in the distribution of inco
me to communities in every region. Generate income from tourism and selling products and services to local areas. In 2024, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) expects that there will be more than 860,000 people attending Pride Month events, which can create economic circulation of not less than 4,500 million baht

This is to support Thailand’s readiness to host World Pride 2030 and gain maximum economic benefit. Must continue to promote social equality. To demonstrate the acceptance and treatment of persons with diverse genders in an equitable and sustainable manner. Through creating an ecosystem ready to host events Especially the development and upgrading of Thai service businesses to meet standards. To impress and provide a good experience for tourists, including using Thai soft power to attract and design Thai events to stand out. along with the sale of Thai products and services As well as promoting businesses related to entertainment and recreation, such as Thai Y-series and Yuri series that have be
en accepted by foreign markets. To be another way to show openness It is also a voice for creating knowledge and understanding on the issue of promoting equality for people with diverse genders, which goes hand in hand with pushing community products and services to the world market. And the government moves forward and pushes for the Equal Marriage Act to be successful as well.

Source: Thai News Agency

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