Mother believes son committed gold robbery to give money to mother after losing over 10 million baht

Chiang Mai, Interrogation of the killer of a rider who stole a car and then stole gold in a famous shopping mall. The mother opened up about her son finding money after she lost 10 million baht in gold trading. She revealed that he was addicted to games and was quite introverted, but did not drink alcohol or take drugs.

From the case of a 26-year-old man who robbed gold in a famous shopping mall in Chiang Mai alone, taking less than 2 minutes and stealing 80 baht worth of gold, it was later discovered that the suspect had planned for a year. His brutal behavior was to call a car through an app to kill the driver and steal the car to commit the crime. Later, the Provincial Police Region 5 was able to arrest Mr. Nipitphon, 26 years old, the perpetrator, at his residence in Tambon Chengdoi, Amphoe Doi Saket, Chiang Mai Province.

This morning, Mr. Nipitphon, the suspect who was detained at Mae Ping Police Station, was in a weak state. His father brought food to visit him, but they did not talk to each other. M
eanwhile, Pol. Maj. Gen. Thawatchai Phongwiwatchai, Commander of Chiang Mai Provincial Police, confirmed that the suspect confessed to planning for a year, stopping by to check out the area many times, and decided to commit the crime because he had debts from a pyramid scheme worth several million baht. He also planned to flee to live abroad after committing the crime, but was arrested just over 6 hours after committing the crime.

The suspect’s mother opened up to reporters, admitting that she felt very sorry for her son committing the crime, even though her son had always been a good boy and had never exhibited aggressive behavior. He had only been addicted to games since he was 6 years old, which were violent fighting games and strategy games. However, she never thought that her son would commit such an incident.

Yesterday, her son left the house at 7am, saying he was going out. Later in the morning, she took her youngest daughter to university. When she returned home in the evening, she did not see anyth
ing unusual. In the evening, her son was home, and did not seem to be acting up at all. It was not until the police came to arrest him and searched the house for the gold that was seized as evidence that the mother found out what her son had done. She emphasized that she felt very sorry.

The mother also said that she believed that the reason her son decided to do this was probably because 4-5 years ago, she invested money in gold trading. At that time, her son had always begged her not to do it, and in the end, she lost more than 10 million baht. When her son found out, he was upset, and he thought that he did it because he wanted to give money to his mother, because before, his family was well-off, but in the end, they had to live in hardship. She admitted that what she was most worried about now was that she was afraid that her son would do something rash. If she met him, she would encourage him and tell the police the truth, so that it would be beneficial for the prosecution. She also emphasized that her
son was a rather quiet and reserved person, but he had no history of drinking, smoking, or taking drugs, or having mental problems. Her mother wanted to apologize to the family of the deceased, and confirmed that if it were to change, she would make an appointment to go and ask for forgiveness from the body.

In this case, the police charged Mr. Nipitphon with robbery using a vehicle, premeditated murder, and carrying a firearm. Today, the investigator will bring him out for questioning to compile a case, and send him to the Chiang Mai Provincial Court before informing the Phu Ping Rajanives Police Station to take him into custody for prosecution on the premeditated murder charge.

Source: Thai News Agency

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