Land price in Soi Pho revealed at 150,000/sq m. If it can break through Yaowarat, it will soar to a million.

Bangkok, The president of the Thai Real Estate Information and Appraisal Center revealed that the appraisal price of land in Soi Pho is 150,000 baht/sq.w., but if it can pass Yaowarat, the price will soar to a million, making it a good location.

From the case where it was noted that the fire incident in the Trok Pho community, Yaowarat, was an arson to evict the occupants, hoping to use the land for commercial purposes or not, because the land plot is considered to have a good location, near Yaowarat Road, which if it can go through to a nearby alley or Yaowarat Road, the lust will increase many times over.

Dr. Sopon Pornchokchai, President of the Real Estate Information Center, Agency for Real Estate Affairs (AREA), revealed that the current government appraisal price for land in Soi Pho is 150,000 baht per square wah, while land on Yaowarat Road is appraised at approximately 700,000 baht per square wah. The market price is appraised at 1,900,000 baht per square wah. In this case, the land in Soi Trok Pho
that the government appraised at 150,000 baht per square wah, when multiplied by 3, is equivalent to the current market price of land in Soi Trok Pho that should be 450,000 baht per square wah.

This plot of land is a single plot of land with an area of ??approximately 1 rai 60 square wah. If it were to be developed only in that area, it would not be enough. Therefore, if there is to be development, it must be combined with adjacent plots of land and there must be an exit through to the main alley or Yaowarat Road, which can be developed into buildings, department stores, hotels, or anything else. However, it must be combined with the outer plots first. This area is called a good location because it is around the beginning of Yaowarat Road.

In the past, Soi Trok Pho was called “Hanging Alley” because around 70-80 years ago, there were many Chinese who came to work in Thailand. Those who were not tycoons like in movies and dramas, when their businesses failed and were not successful, they hung themselves in t
his alley. People therefore called it “Hanging Alley”. It is a small alley for people to walk on. There is a Bodhi tree and it is dark at night. Today, it is called “Trok Pho”.

The area where the fire occurred, which was a small house that looked like a slum, might have been rented or someone had rented it and then someone built and extended it. I don’t know who the owner of that land is, I only know that the land that was burned belongs to one owner. There are 2-3 landowners in that alley. If that plot of land is combined with another plot of land that can connect to an alley or Yaowarat Road, the value of the land will increase several times over. For example, the current market price of the plot of land outside on Yaowarat Road is 1,900,000 baht per square wah. If that plot of land can connect to the outside, the price could be as high as 1 million baht per square wah.

Source: Thai News Agency

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