Accelerate the clearing of the Trok Pho community area to allow homeowners to inspect their properties.

Bangkok, The fire in the Trok Pho community since last Saturday night, officials are still rushing to clear the debris, opening the way for homeowners and tenants to inspect their properties at the scene, expected to be completed this afternoon.

BMA officials from the municipality, civil engineering, community development, and administrative departments are clearing the area, which is mostly debris and collapsed zinc roofs blocking the entrances and exits of the community, to ensure the utmost safety before allowing victims to inspect their properties at the scene. Officials from the Metropolitan Electricity Authority have also cleared damaged power lines. The power has been cut off in this area to prevent any remaining power, before allowing victims who are the actual homeowners and tenants to inspect their remaining properties. They are expected to be able to inspect the area starting this afternoon.

Mr. Wanlop Kiattiworasrikul, Director of Samphanthawong District, revealed that after the entrance and ex
it are cleared, officials from the Social Development Division will list the names and allow only registered victims and the actual homeowners and tenants to inspect the area. When entering the area, each homeowner or rental room will send a representative; not everyone will be allowed to enter. This is an arrangement to prevent outsiders from stealing property and to limit the number for safety when entering the area.

As of the latest, there are 339 registered victims. It is expected that by 5:00 PM today, the registration center will be closed because it is expected that the number of victims has already registered. After today, if there are any more victims, they can register at the Samphanthawong District Office. As for the number of victims still living in this shelter, there are 68 people left. The rest are those who have not yet been able to find a room to rent and those who are waiting to inspect their belongings inside the house before moving out.

While the atmosphere inside Wat Sampanthawong, whic
h is the center for helping people affected by disasters and has been set up as a temporary shelter, today there are only a few victims who have come to register because it seems that the total number has almost reached the end. However, there are still victims who have already registered and are gradually coming to receive supplies, rice, and dry food that have been donated and allocated by the district.

While PTT, led by Mr. Chaturong Voravith Surawatana, Assistant Managing Director, Downstream Petroleum Business Group, PTT Public Company Limited, donated items to help the victims, with the Director of Sampanthawong District as a representative to receive the items, totaling approximately 240,000 baht. In addition, the PTT Volunteer Power Club also set up a table to receive donations of items and money to help the victims between 8-10 July at the PTT Building, Head Office.

Source: Thai News Agency

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