Rama 2 Road will begin use in 2025.

Bangkok: Department of Highways – EXAT. Clarifying the construction problems of Rama 2 Road, confident that every project will be completed and ready to start use in 2025, while the Transport Minister responded that before the Songkran festival the contractor must return some areas to be completed. To alleviate traffic problems and will go to the area to build confidence as well

Mr. Sarawut Songsiwilai, Director-General of the Department of Highways, revealed that at present, Highway No. 35, Dao Khanong – Wang Manao (Rama 2 Road), has a total of 3 construction projects in progress, including 1) Highway No. 35 elevated construction project. Thonburi-Pak Tho Line The Bang Khun Thian – Ekachai Interchange is responsible for the Highway Department. 2) Special Highway Construction Project No. 82, Bang Khun Thian – Ban Phaeo elevated road. Ekkachai-Ban Phaeo section is responsible by the Highway Department and 3) Rama Expressway Project. 3-Dao Khanong-Western Bangkok Outer Ring Road, responsible by EXAT. All 3 pro
jects have continued progress in civil construction. and expects to be able to open for service trials within 2025

For construction that takes a long time Because the traffic network on Highway 35 is important for traveling to the southern region of Thailand. There is a heavy traffic volume of more than 250,000 vehicles/day, making the physical closure of area diversion and traffic management during construction somewhat limited. And it is an entrance-exit intersection with various communities and alleys, resulting in a greater slowdown of vehicles collecting in each area than in areas outside the city limits. For safety and reducing the impact on road users. This allows the contractor to carry out construction work at a progress rate that is significantly slower than in normal areas.

In addition, safety measures have been raised to the highest level (Double Safety) in the construction area of every contract. The contractor is required to be able to work only during the night (9:00 p.m. – 5:00 a.m.) in orde
r to reduce the impact on motorway users. We have also considered adjusting the action plans of each contract contractor to be in line with the covered time frame as they are entitled due to the impact of COVID-19 from these delay factors. The Royal Thai Police has rushed to closely monitor the work of the contractors.

Meanwhile, EXAT provided additional information. The agency has continuously supervised and followed up with contractors on every contract. The goal is to expedite construction work to be completed as quickly as possible. Initially, work will be expedited to open the parallel bridge of Rama IX Bridge (Bang Khlo – Suksawat Road Interchange) within July 2024, and construction work will be expedited to provide convenience to motorists on Rama 2 Road. It is expected that construction work will be possible on the main line from the beginning of Rama 2 Road to the Bang Khun Thian Interchange. To connect travel with the elevated road project of The highway can be completed by June 2025.

Mr. Suriya J
uangroongruangkit Minister of Transport said Regarding the delay in the construction of Rama 2 Road, Rama 2 Road has 10 construction contracts. The construction period starts from 1 February 2022 – January 2025 and the contract has been extended to June 2025. Now there is a delay. approximately 10% more than the contract, with the delay being caused by contractors who are experiencing a lack of financial liquidity from financial institutions not lending money due to the COVID-19 situation.

And another reason is that the Highway Department allows it to be done only during the night in some spots. Because if construction is done during the day it will cause traffic jams. As a result, this caused a delay. The Department of Highways has made a pocket book to deduct points from contractors. If the score is deducted to the specified criteria, it will be blacklisted. Not allowed to accept further work So that contractors have more responsibility.

In this regard, there is a problem with the construction of Rama 2 R
oad, which is under construction all the time until it is called the Seven Eternal Road. In the past, road expansion was an immediate solution. When there is a traffic jam, it will expand along the shoulder of the road. When added, a sky road will be built. Didn’t think ahead about traffic jams in the future. The elevated sky road will end at Ban Phaeo.

Recently, the Department of Highways was given a study. To extend the route further to Wang Manao Intersection. But it is done at the ground level which makes it cheaper. Meanwhile, the road in Phetchaburi Province, which is a continuous route, has a narrow shoulder. Currently, the Expressway Authority of Thailand has a project to build an expressway from Nakhon Pathom to Cha-am. Therefore, the Department of Highways was ordered to build a road connecting to the roads of the Expressway Authority. At Wang Manao Intersection I believe that if this can be done in the future, the trip to Hua Hin should take no more than 2 hours.

The reporter asked about the case
of the Prime Minister ordering things to be done before the Songkran festival. Mr. Suriya said that during that time the contractor had to return the area in order. To alleviate traffic problems and he will go to the area to build confidence

Source: Thai News Agency

Found a baby freshwater crocodile in Bueng Boraphet. New births in 7 years indicate a healthy ecosystem.

Nakhon Sawan Director General of the National Parks Department. It was revealed that freshwater crocodile babies were hatched for the first time in 7 years. The ecosystem is expected to be intact. By receiving cooperation from people around the pond in conservation.

Mr. Atthaphon Charoenchansa, Director-General of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation, revealed that Received a report from Mr. Jiradet Bunmak, head of the Bueng Boraphet Non-Hunting Area. Nakhon Sawan Province that officials recently surveyed the area of Bueng Boraphet. Found approximately 35 freshwater crocodiles living in them. They were found living in 2 locations. Point 1, at the mouth of Khlong Boraphet, approximately 20-25 crocodiles, and Point 2, living in the area of the Bueng Boraphet Non-Hunting Area, approximately 10-15. A freshwater crocodile that lives on the banks of the Bueng Boraphet Non-Hunting Area. It was found that crocodile eggs were laid in 2 pens. The first pen had 5 baby crocodiles and the se
cond pen had 3 baby crocodiles.

In the past 7 years, this is the first time that crocodile eggs have hatched into larvae. Previously, only crocodile eggs were found laying eggs. But when the eggs hatch, the eggs become atrophied. The thing that might cause a crocodile to hatch into a larva is It is thought to come from a place where the ecosystem is rich and the weather and temperature are suitable. Including people in the area cooperating with officials in not disturbing their habitats. As a result, crocodiles lay eggs and hatch young in the area. In addition, officials have been deployed to publicize the issue. Including providing convenience and safety to tourists who come to use the service. Therefore, no threats or wrongdoing were found in the area at all.

The Bueng Boraphet Non-Hunting Area has an area of 66,250 rai. The Bueng Boraphet wetland, which has an area of 132,737 rai, is fertile and beneficial to the growth of various plants and animals. Currently, the CITES Convention has listed freshwater
crocodiles in List Number 1 (Appendix 1), which means they are classified as critically endangered in their natural state. Purebred freshwater crocodiles are very rare in captivity because they have been crossed with other crocodile species to the point of losing the purebred species for economic reasons.- 512 – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

A well-dressed woman drives a car and breaks into a donation booth at a temple to earn tens of thousands of baht.

Nonthaburi: Feb. 28 – A well-dressed woman drove a sedan and broke into a donation booth at Wat Phikun Ngoen, Nonthaburi Province, raking in tens of thousands of baht from the booth before fleeing.

CCTV recording A well-dressed woman walked up to the Puha Temple, Phikun Ngoen Temple, Bang Muang Subdistrict, Bang Yai District, Nonthaburi Province, and picked up a screwdriver that she had in her bag. Came out to break into the donation box and took all the money until the box was empty. before hurrying down from the temple and driving away It is estimated that the money in the donation box should be in the tens of thousands of baht.

The abbot of Wat Phikun Ngern said that the temple will organize ordination of novices in the summer. honor Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, March 29 – April 8, is 11 days, so they set up a donation box 3 weeks before the event for kith and kin who came to pay respects to Luang Por Samet to join in making merit. At first, I thought that the person who broke in w
ould be a drug addict. When turning on the CCTV camera Instead, he was a good-looking, well-dressed, dignified person, approximately 50 years old, driving a white Honda Jazz brand car. I didn’t think I would be able to do this. I feel sad that I dared to do this.

Source: Thai News Agency

Police commander presents shield and award to Choho Police Station for successfully seducing a crazy young man.

S.T.C. 28 Feb. – Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Awarded shields and awards to police at Choho Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, who persuaded a crazy man to use a gun to shoot a door and take his girlfriend, mother, and customer hostage. Successfully surrender and help keep all hostages safe. held up as a practice example

Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police A plaque of honor and an award were presented to police officers at Choho Police Station, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, who were able to seduce a young man who was unsuccessful in reconciling with his girlfriend. Used a gun to fire one shot at the door, arresting his girlfriend and mother. Including customers as hostages to successfully surrender and were able to help all the hostages out safely, with Pol. Col. Natee Sukuna, Superintendent of Choho Police Station, as the representative receiving the award.

On February 24th It happened that a man went crazy because he failed to reconcile with his girlfriend. Us
ed a gun to shoot the door once and captured his girlfriend and his girlfriend’s mother. and customers who are coming to work as hostages The incident occurred inside a house in Talat Subdistrict, Mueang District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. Police officers from Choho Police Station, led by Pol. Col. Natee Sukuna, Superintendent of Choho Police Station, rushed to investigate. and persuade the perpetrator Successfully rescued all hostages. As the process of dissuading the perpetrators took 5-6 hours, their attitude softened. before surrendering So he took control and went to investigate at Choho Police Station.

The police commander said that the assistance and suppression of this incident was based on tactical principles. Was able to successfully persuade the perpetrator to surrender. and help innocent people safely It is considered an example of efficient performance of duties. With the heart of being a protector of the people deserving of praise and admiration Therefore, a plaque of honor and an award were
given to all police officers from Choho Police Station who participated in this operation. To provide morale in continuing to perform duties.-412-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

KAsset joins hands with global partner “Lombard Odier” to promote sustainable investment.

Bangkok: KAsset joins hands with global partner “Lombard Odier” to focus on sustainable investment. Reinforcing the leadership of Thai mutual funds

Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited (KAsset) announced a sustainable investment partnership with Lombard Odier, a world-renowned financial institution from Switzerland. As an advisory partner that will help define strategies and develop investment products for sustainability (Sustainable Investment) according to international standards. Strengthen KAsset, emphasizing its leadership in Thai mutual funds. and push the Thai mutual fund industry to grow on par with the rest of the world.

Miss Khattiya Inthawichai, Chief Executive Officer Kasikorn Bank revealed that financial institutions play a role in being the upstream of the economic system. Kasikorn Bank is therefore committed to continuously driving business on the principles of sustainable banking (Bank of Sustainability). and deliver sustainable value to all stakeholders Including continuous and concret
e actions to drive environmental, social and governance (ESG) to create positive impacts on a large scale. Including aiming for net zero greenhouse gas emissions. Kasikorn Bank is therefore very pleased to see the sustainable investment collaboration between KAsset and Lombard Odier, who both place importance on sustainability. and have been partners for a long time Leading to raising the level of offering investment products to the next level. To deliver long-term growth in returns to investors and create a sustainable world together

Mr. Adisorn Sermchaiwong, Chairman of the Executive Committee Kasikorn Asset Management Company Limited or KAsset revealed that KAsset has focused on sustainable investing for more than 10 years since 2013, taking into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors. Applied in the investment process Starting from selecting securities to creating an investment portfolio. and is the first Thai asset management company to sign the UN-supported Principles for Responsibl
e Investment (UNPRI), which is supported by the United Nations (United Nations) to demonstrate its commitment to enhancing compliance. Internationally accepted investment principles since 2021. KAsset’s ESG fund is also the first fund in the industry to apply for approval from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). to be a sustainable mutual fund (SRI Fund). Currently, KAsset has funds that have been approved to be

SRI Funds total 6 funds and hold the number 1 market share with a value of over 20 billion baht, accounting for 79% of the entire industry (Source: SEC Office as of 31 Jan. 2024)

In this regard, the effects of the rapidly changing climate problem Makes investors pay more attention to investments that help support the sustainable development and growth of both the economy and society in the future. This is another challenge for KAsset in developing processes and products to accommodate and support such changes. Therefore, in collaboration with Lombard Odier, a leading global investment mana
gement company specializing in sustainable investments, It will enhance the potential of KAsset to be applied in the entire fund management process under management. Including funds that have ESG strategies to their full potential. Reinforcing Thailand’s leadership in mutual funds Ready to help push the Thai mutual fund industry towards sustainable investment development, growing on a par with developed countries around the world.

Mr. Ouber Keller, Senior Managing Partner, Lombard Odier, revealed that the climate transition towards the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions (Net Zero) is still considered an issue that the market has underestimated. Because of the sustainable transition Business processes must be changed at every step. From business model development, production to delivering products and services to consumers. This will create enormous investment opportunities. We, as investment management executives Aiming at building trust to help guide investors and create an understanding of the relat
ionship between investments under the Net Zero economy. We are also ready to be a sustainable investment consultant. Both about seeking investment opportunities that follow changing world trends under appropriate risk management. Following Lombard Odier’s service philosophy that focuses on “new thinking” in investment allocation.

Mr. Vincent Manianat, Limited Partner, Asia Regional Head and Global Head of Strategic Alliances, Lombard Odier, revealed that the sustainable investment collaboration between Lombard Odier and KAsset will reinforce the good relationship between Lombard Odier and KBank. that has been in existence for 10 years, and with more than 227 years of investment experience accumulated by Lombard Odier, we are ready to provide knowledge and expertise in sustainable investing to KAsset to be able to develop processes and products in line with to meet the Net Zero goal to its full potential. However, we believe that financial institutions and investors have an important role to play in promoting
and supporting the drive for sustainability issues. To push for change in society and sincerely hope that We will be able to continue providing advice. and seek sustainable investment opportunities for KAsset in order to continue delivering returns to Thai investors.-511-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

The Ministry of Education proposes a budget to hire janitors for all schools that are absent on D-Day, 1 May.

28 Feb. – Teacher Hey! Return teachers to students all over the country to reduce the burden on teachers. “Sema 2” reveals that the Ministry of Education has prepared a budget to hire janitors for all schools that are absent on D-Day, 1 May.

Mr. Surasak Pancharoenworakul Deputy Minister of Education Referring to the case of the Ministry of Education proposing to request a budget to support the allocation of janitors to educational institutions across the country, he said that from going on the ground and listening to the conditions of various obstacles, it became known that the school had no janitors. As a result, teachers have an increased burden. In addition to performing the duty of teaching students You must also do non-teaching work, such as performing maintenance duties. Clean the building Taking care of safety in schools and many other duties, which the Ministry of Education sees in such problems Therefore, I want teachers to have time to prepare for teaching. Including taking care of students and de
velop yourself more

The Ministry of Education has therefore requested a budget for 2024 to hire janitors for all schools that lack them. From the data collection, it was found that there is a need for 14,210 janitors with a salary of 639,450,000 baht (9,000 baht per month) who can start hiring from May 1, 2024 to September 30, 2024. In addition, in the 2025 budget, there will be Another 25,370 positions have been hired in the amount of 2,739,960,000 baht, which will be able to be hired from October 1, 2024 to September 30, 2025. After that, preparations will be made to request a budget for the following years as well. -417-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Thai stocks closed the morning down 8.32 points.

Bangkok: Stock Exchange Closed this morning at 1,385.38 points, down 8.32 points (-0.60%), trading value approximately 28,196 million baht.

Morning trading Index moves in negative territory The highest level was 1,390.26 points and the lowest level was 1,382.16 points.

Source: Thai News Agency

Wife complains that her ex-husband assaulted her until her nose was broken and her eyes bulged.

Nonthaburi: Wife complains of being physically assaulted and threatened with death by her ex-husband, 4 months after they broke up. Most recently, she attacked and snatched her head off. Kicked and punched until the bridge of his nose was broken, his eyes were swollen, he begged the relevant authorities for help, fearing for his safety.

Incident on February 24 at 5:20 p.m. CCTV footage recorded Ms. Hakima, the victim, while arguing with Mr. Araya, her ex-husband, under the Jesada Bodin Bridge on the Nonthaburi Bypass Road. before the woman tried to run away. but was also chased, pulled by the hair until she fell, and physically assaulted by touching and punching. on the face until the eyes are swollen and the bridge of his nose was broken. before her ex-husband fled

Last night, Ms. Hakima, the victim, asked for help from the secretarial team of the Member of the House of Representatives, District 2, Nonthaburi, Progressive Party, who went to the area. After receiving a complaint from the victim that her ex-
husband, Mr. Araya, age 32, had physically assaulted her. Even though in the past the victims had already reported the matter to The police station has had three incidents since October 2023, but the case has not progressed. Until recently, on February 24, 2024, she was also assaulted by her ex-husband while he was returning home. Punched him in the eye until his left eye was swollen and bruised repeatedly.

Ms. Hakima, the victim, said that they had been together for 2 years. Her ex-husband was a hot-tempered person. and addicted to drugs Lately, there have been problems and feuds. likes to harm the body Scold her with insults Therefore, she has been asking to separate for 4 months, but her ex-husband still continues to harass her. Threatening to cause death By accusing himself of being with someone else even though it’s not true. Makes me feel very afraid right now, fearing that myself, my children, and my family members will not be safe. to the point of not daring to go outside the house Therefore, he want
s the police to help track down his ex-husband and bring him to justice. Just like brother-in-law which revealed to reporters that Get to know the perpetrator and in the past tried to mediate for the couple to separate for good But the man or the ex-husband of the younger wife Still following and attacking women and threatened to harm the family He therefore wants the officials to prosecute the case to the utmost.

Source: Thai News Agency