Or Sor Sor. Course, certificate of passage to cadet

MCOT 8 June – There is a hot issue in the khaki circle. When the police friend’s page Came out to reveal the Royal Thai Police curriculum, stating that anyone who can attend this course takes 3-4 years to get promoted quickly.

Police friend page Stated the unfairness of the NHS curriculum or the training of police officers and those who are recruited or transferred to become commissioned police officers, it can be seen that those who pass the training take only 3 years to move up the rank every year. while the police worker Resonate through the page. Until the exam is opened, the administration department has various steps. Bloodshot eyes than to get promoted

This issue was unfolded. After a former Miss Thai stage contestant At present, she holds the rank of Police Capt. Ying, graduated from the Sor Sor. School and took only 3 years to move up quickly. Causing questions about this course whether it is an opportunity for a group of people who are connected to the police or not.

We examined the qualifications of those who will attend the training course. It was found that this course was an outsider training. to become a commissioned police officer must qualify Parents or spouses who were police officers died in the line of duty. Departments that lack personnel in that field Athletes who benefit the nation can be packed into the police with this course

The course is divided into 17 weeks, 330 hours of basic subjects, 170 hours of specific subjects, such as introductory law for police. Criminal law for the police training in police tactics, etc.

A spokesman for the Royal Thai Police clarified this issue, confirming that the aforementioned female police capt. Using a master’s degree according to the Kor.Tor. Rules, can be promoted to be a L.T.C. in 2 years by the Kor.Tor.Tor. Rules on criteria. And the method of appointing a rank, 2011, Article 8.2.8, requires police officers who receive higher ranks. Must occupy the rank according to the number of years of service Except those who fill the rank of Master’s degree to serve in the service of Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. Lt. 1 year.

Back in 2021, Captain Kat gave an interview to the news page. Regarding the difficulty of the training course, she said that she had to train hard, how did the male police train? Women have to practice as well, have to be patient, but when it’s over. I feel proud

The data of the Royal Thai Police, the latest year, found that during the month of May, There is an open recruitment for non-commissioned police officers. More than 880 positions have been promoted, divided into 430 general work positions and 450 investigative work positions, in order to allow the police to have a path to grow by using their own knowledge and abilities equally.

While her work history She is currently serving in the secretarial department. public relations National Police Agency In addition, he acted as an executive for the country concert program. and host of luk thung programs on Channel 5 as well

As for her page, yesterday (June 7), she posted a product launch event, Kwan Dao, which is a piece of work by the Police Housewives Association. and with beauty plus ability She also joined the model walk in this event, with Pol. Gen. Damrongsak. Kittipraphat, Commissioner of Police, also presided over the opening ceremony. Even adults in the Royal Thai Police will break the rules came out to explain to society

But it seems that this story will not end easily. Mr. Rangsiman Rome, acting MP for the party, went far ahead to investigate the use of lines to enter the Royal Thai Police’s curriculum, remarking that this matter is more than an elephant ticket. There may be illegal business send people to school Prepare to ask for a list of people who have attended the training course. Look back to see if the criteria and qualifications meet the announcement of the NTC or not.

until the police have clarifications To advance the ranks of those who have passed this course that it is in accordance with the regulations But what society still doubts Is the criteria for accepting people to attend this training course. That there must be a ticket with a famous surname as a permit to pave the way to the police route or not.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Indonesia, Malaysia ink Border Trade Agreement update

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Indonesian Minister of Trade Zulkifli Hasan and Malaysian Minister of International Trade and Industry Tengku Zafrul Aziz inked the Indonesia-Malaysia Border Trade Agreement (BTA) update in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Thursday.Indonesian President Joko Widodo and Malaysian Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim directly witnessed the inking that was conducted in Perdana Putra, Putrajaya, Malaysia. The two governments welcome the signing of the agreement expected to provide major benefits for the two countries’ citizens living in border areas. “Indonesian citizens who live in the Indonesia-Malaysia border are an inseparable part of this country,” he noted through a written statement on Thursday. “Because of this, the president is very happy over the resolution of the BTA update expected to help meet the demand of our citizens, who reside in the border,” he remarked. Since being implemented on August 24, 1970, the BTA was updated after taking into account the latest circumstances and conditions, including fulfillment of the people’s needs, mechanism regulation, and supervision improvement. The BTA review was first undertaken on July 21-22, 2009, in Bandung, West Java, until a substantive agreement was reached during the eighth meeting on March 21, 2022. In future, the follow up of this agreement resolution would require attention, specifically in terms of ratification, dissemination, and implementation supervision. To this end, solid cooperation between the central government and regional governments is deemed crucial. “After this update is implemented, there should be dissemination (of information) to border citizens, so they can understand and utilize it well,” Hasan noted. “Moreover, all stakeholders are expected to collectively monitor the implementation. I expect that the central and regional governments can synergize in these two things,” he stated. Meanwhile, Ministry of Trade’s International Trade Negotiation Director General Djatmiko Bris Witjaksonostated that BTA differs from other forms of trade cooperation, such as the free trade agreement. This is despite the fact that the two countries are ASEAN members and that zero-percent customs should have applied. “However, in BTA, several exceptions to the export and import requirements were given, with the goal of not burdening our people in the border,” he explained. fter it was signed, the two countries will continue the ratification process in accordance with the provisions applied in each country before the BTA is implemented and can facilitate people in the border area.

Source: Antara News Agency