“Pitha” is not afraid. The EC ordered a new count of 47 votes.

Srijulasap Building, June 8-“Pitha” is not afraid. The Election Commission has ordered a new count of 47 votes, ready for a re-election. Vo will get more received a dozen card loops since before the election It may be the source of the tiptoe score.

Mr. Pita Limjaroenrat The leader and candidate for the Prime Minister, Kao Klai Party, mentioned in the case that the Election Commission or the Election Commission of Thailand has ordered the counting of new election votes in 47 polling stations. in practice The Election Commission should have investigated early, but the party has advanced. Not worried about the announcement of the new vote count. because I believe There will be a public sector And there are more than 30,000 volunteers who have recorded the evidence of the vote counting and joining in the traceability. The public sector should join the investigation.

He confirmed that the Progressive Party was not worried about being judged for election fraud. Or if there is a need for new elections in any unit, the Progressive Party is ready to fight and believes that if there is a new count, the Progressive Party will likely gain more.

When asked if he had noticed how the toe-to-toe vote came, Mr. Pita admitted that he was concerned about the dozen ballots before the election that had no names, no numbers, and no political party logos. For example, let’s say an election uses only 100 ballot papers, but there are 120 to 130 overprints. The excess is worrying. But now there is not No information has yet arrived.

Mr. Phitha also clarified the case of Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Organization to Protect the Thai Constitution. Guilty of participating in supporting liquor advertising that The intent of mentioning liquor was because it was an answer to questions from the media and personally, I was glad that someone complained. For society to question the prohibition of liquor advertising whether it is appropriate or not. Especially during the past COVID-19, local liquor was also affected.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

What will the future be like? 14-year-old boy without parents living alone

Angthong, June 8 – pleads for help for a 14-year-old boy who has no parents and lives alone. Having to rely on neighbors to help take care of Fear of not studying because without capital

After school, “Nong Saint” will sit downstairs alone doing homework. because the family has no one left The story of a 14-year-old boy living a miserable life. I just lost my mother last year. Less than a hundred days to make merit. The father grieved and died after another. The only remaining brother was arrested for drug-related charges. cause to live alone

“Nong Saint” said that after losing her mother Father has symptoms similar to depression. Standing staring at the picture of the mother who sits on top of the house all the time, crying and telling me to come and take it with me. Until finally, the father had a cerebral hemorrhage and died. As for his brother, he was arrested. Each day I don’t want to go up to the house. Because images from the past keep popping up Now I have neighbors to help me, giving money and giving me some food to eat. As for what the future will be, I still don’t know.

The boy’s uncle said that the neighbors and relatives They help each other according to their birth. because each person has a burden For children, in addition to the lack of income that comes to earners, there is also a family debt that has been borrowed over 50,000 baht. He tries to find a way to help. Coordinate with the school Find scholarships for students because he is a well-educated child, not misbehaving, but has not yet received an answer from the school I want the relevant agencies to come and help. Because if left, they are afraid that the child will not be able to study. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Aunt-in-law confessed again, threw her 2-month-old grandchild into the water because she was crying.

Nonthaburi, June 8 – Police detained an aunt-in-law, throwing her two-month-old grandchild into the water to make a confession plan. Charged with intentional murder After confessing to dropping a child He couldn’t stop crying and threw him into the water.

Today (June 8), the Pak Kret Police Station detained Mr. Ko, 18, the aunt-in-law of a 2-month-old boy to make a confession plan. After yesterday (June 7), he admitted that he was the one who threw his nephew into the water. Then accidentally dropped his grandson’s hand on the floor. and the grandchildren are motionless Thinking that the grandson was dead, he threw him into the water for fear of his guilt. But then Mr. Koh gave another testimony, saying that after dropping his nephew on the floor nephew crying give him milk, he refuses to eat In a fit of anger, he threw him into the water. The police charged him with intentional murder.

During the planning process, the mother and grandmother of the 2-month-old child came to see it, with the mother crying all the time. can’t accept the incident I don’t think that the person who kills the child is a family member. and was so angry that he could not forgive when he learned that his brother-in-law threw the child out of the water While still crying If possible, I would like my children to be born as their own children in this life. There was a time when the police asked the young mother to walk in and talk to Nai Ko. Mr. Koh apologized. While the mother’s side continued with anger and wants to ask for forgiveness for the child’s corpse

The child’s grandmother said that she did not think that the son-in-law would throw the grandchild into the ditch. still alive The son-in-law is hot-tempered. Ask if you are angry was angry but forgiven his son-in-law As for the son-in-law, he said that the grandson was crying loudly. He confirmed that he hadn’t really heard. because he slept exhausted and very sad if he heard it and woke up Grandson probably won’t die.

As for Ms. May, 15 years old, Nai Ko’s wife said that she had known and lived with Nai Ko for only 3 months. I don’t really think that Mr. Koh could hurt his nephew like this I’m very sorry about what happened. I want Mr. Koh to ask for forgiveness from his nephew’s body at the temple. But I don’t know if the police will take me or not.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

7 cable trailers collapsed in front of the Klong Thawi drainage tunnel construction site.

Bangkok, June 8 – 18-wheel trailers carrying cement mixers. Connecting the wires in front of the construction site of the Klong Thawi Drainage Tunnel Project near Khlong Khwang intersection Made 7 electric poles fall down, 1 of which overlaps the traffic police fort, Petchkasem Police Station, Bang Bon 3 line, all power outages, heavy traffic jams, electricity officials urgently fix and set up new poles.

The scene was at the construction site. Klong Thawi Drainage Tunnel Construction Project of the Bureau of Drainage Bangkok near Khlong Khwang intersection Leap Klong Phasi Charoen road on the north side intersects Bang Bon Road, 3 Subdistrict and Nong Khaem District, Bangkok into a 3-lane road. Hook up the wires in front of the job site. Causing 5 electric poles to fall down, with 1 falling over the traffic police box of Petchkasem Police Station on the opposite side. While the pole fell on the fort, there was Pol. Lt. Winai Nuchanat, deputy traffic inspector at Phetkasem Police Station, sitting inside the fort. Broken roof tiles But no one was hurt. Electricity on the Bang Bon 3 line was completely cut off, causing severe traffic jams. Electricity officials hurried to set up new electricity poles. and connect the lights for the villagers to use as quickly as possible

Wirat Buaban, 53, a trailer driver, testified that he traveled from Italthai Trevi Co., Ltd., Bang Chalong Subdistrict, Bang Phli District, Samut Prakan Province. to bring the cement mixer back to the company But the mortar mixer may be too high. So it’s connected to the electric wire. knock down a lamppost The insurance company will be responsible for all damages that occur. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Caught feeling the 78-year-old abbot abused a 16-year-old girl

Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya, June 8 – Rumored about the yellow cloth industry Abbot of a temple in Ayutthaya, 78 years old, sexually harassed a 16-year-old girl, threatened if she refused Will demolish the house not to be in the temple area Most recently caught Police prepare to report charges

The main evidence filed by a 16-year-old woman is a video clip secretly filming the behavior of the abbot while being sexually abused. The victim said that her family had a house in the compound of the temple. Have a career selling lottery tickets When during the past April The abbot called and asked to buy lottery tickets. and let him sell it to the parsonage late at night When he arrived, the abbot told him to sit on his lap before agreeing to pay. If he didn’t do it, besides not paying for the lottery, he would beat him himself and then he would be physically abused. He returned home and did not dare to tell anyone.

After that, the abbot called several times to find the parsonage. by threatening that if they do not go, they will destroy the house and demolish the house so that it is not in the temple area He was afraid that he would not have a place to live, so he agreed to go and find him and was sexually abused almost every day, day and night, for almost 3 months, along with being threatened with various things until he could not stand it and told his brother. and report it to the police But the abbot did not stop such behavior. also called to threaten until the 28th of May the past The pastor called to find again So myself and my brother planned to secretly record video clips as evidence for prosecution. The police then invited the abbot. go to the monks of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District conduct a fact-finding investigation

Provost Anukul Sasanakit Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District Dean said that he had summoned the abbot to inquire about the facts. and confessed that he was a real person in the picture The district dean therefore allowing the abbot to renounce the priesthood Because of severe violations of the Dhamma Discipline (Parachik) since the afternoon of June 7, the pastor of the district dean also went to the accident temple to talk and understand with the villagers Which some villagers still do not understand the reason why the former abbot must be parachik The primate of the district explained the reason for the villagers to understand.

As for the harassment case of a 16-year-old girl, Pol. Lt. Col. Jakraphan Thupatemee, Deputy Superintendent of Investigation of Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Police Station, said that the victim had been sent to the hospital for examination. with multidisciplinary coordination and social development and human security officers participate in the examination of the victims Then the allegations will be reported to the former abbot. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Unearthed a 200-year-old Phan Thong at Wat Photharam, Surat Thani.

Surat Thani, June 8 – Hilarious! Excavated and found a real gold pan, 200 years old, in the early Rattanakosin period. while adjusting the ground to build a city hall Inside Wat Photharam, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province Officials confirm the real artifacts.

This glittering brass tray Found while a backhoe was digging to adjust the soil surface area inside Wat Photharam, Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province. to build a pavilion for the Mondop of the Song Phi Nong Buddha image on June 6, the past Digging about 1.5 meters deep, found an ancient golden phan, width 8.4 cm., height 5.2 cm., base height 1.7 cm., bottom base width 5.3 cm., including broken glass fragments. Notify the district and relevant officials to inspect.

Mr. Kiti Chinjaroentham, head of the National Museum in Chaiya District, revealed that the aforementioned artifacts were Phan Thong containers. It looks like a pattern of overlapping lotus petals. Assuming from the gold material, it should be the early Rattanakosin era, over 200 years old, weighing about 52.89 grams (weighing from a gold shop). It’s actually ancient gold. which in this area in Phum Riang sub-district Ancient objects such as crockery, beads, Buddha images, and others are often excavated. Because it is an area which is the old town of the South. That indicates a city with civilization and prosperity before.

in the area of Chaiya District, Surat Thani Province There are buildings registered as historical sites. and many antiques In the past, there were often treasure hunters and antique artifacts who came to dig and retrieve valuable items. and those ancient artifacts from the area Beg the villagers to help take care of them. Preserve treasures from prehistoric times in order to preserve it for future generations to study This Golden Phan was given to the temple. The community committee is the next moderator. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

UNDP Krungthai Loves Koh Tao, moving forward to create a green economy from local to global

8 June – Krung Thai Bank Together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Thailand, the island community of 21 islands and a network of 23 organizations jointly announced the Islander Declaration on World Oceans Day. which falls on June 8 of every year To drive towards the goal of sustainable tourism development. under the national strategy for tourism by driving the Bio Circular Green (BCG) model: bioeconomy circular economy and green economy ready to deliver fish to fishermen It represents a symbolic stance that island communities across Thailand will work together to protect marine resources. To preserve the fertility and maintain the wisdom and way of life of the island community. On the day when the sea level is changing (Protect Ocean: Tides are changing)

In this regard, all sectors have participated in organizing a seminar for islanders. Sustainable island tourism 2023 : Driving the island based on green economy from local to international Between 7-10 June 2023 at Koh Tao, Surat Thani Province in order to continue the project #UNDP Krungthai loves Koh Tao with representatives from the government private and social sectors share opinions Sustainable Island Tourism Development and net zero carbon tourism. to lead to a concrete approach to driving in every dimension It consists of a standardized management plan. financial mechanism economy and society Island management based on knowledge of resources and biodiversity, waste management and equitable distribution of benefits between the private sector and the community. Including creating alliances to develop the island from local to international sustainably

In addition, the Thai Environment Institute Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Tourism Association (TEATA) and Koh Tao Rakban Learning Center Set up a waste station to sort and limit waste by type. along with recording and calculating the number of carbon tons that can reduce greenhouse gas emissions within the event This is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. consistent with the operations of Krung Thai Bank that is committed to driving the organization towards being a bank of sustainability (Sustainable Banking) creating growth for all sectors of society with a way to extend the results to other areas in the future To achieve the vision of Krungthai, side by side with Thailand towards sustainability . – Thai News Agency

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Open the problem of encroaching on the National Reserved Forest at Bang Khanun Forest Park

Phuket, June 8 – Bang Khanun National Forest Reserve Phuket Considered as a large reserved forest There is a problem of forest encroachment for a long time. Both from villagers who claim to live until reaching the trading of land Recently, the Forest Department decided to allow the Royal Navy to use the area. who are having this problem Until becoming a hot topic again Follow up from your report, Plernphit Choosen, presenting the first episode today. .-Thai News Agency

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