Lost and found at Istiqlal Mosque: an Eid story

“To Mr. Gilang whose boy is separated, your son is near the podium, his age is around four years, he came from Kapuk, West Java,” a staff at Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta, announced after an Eid Al-Fitr prayer.

The child, wearing a striped short-sleeved shirt, brown trousers, and a white kopiah cap, was seen resigned to the situation as he held both of his hands.

The boy, Asraf, was sweaty, either from running to look for his parents or to explore the rooms in Southeast Asia’s largest mosque.

“Once again, to the parent, Gilang, who may still be looking for his child, your son is on the podium now,” the officer said.

With so many congregational prayers passing by after Eid prayers, it was quite difficult to find children separated from their families or groups without the help of loudspeakers.

The crowd of prayers also owing to the policy implemented by the Istiqlal Mosque, which allowed 150 thousand people or about 75 percent of the total capacity to perform Eid prayer. Congregational prayers or known as jamaah were seen to fill up to the 4th floor of the mosque.

Although Asraf’s parents had not shown up, there was already a new search request.

“Putri Prapinda, 19 years old, is awaited by her mom in the earlier prayer place. Thank you,” the officer said.

Next, an order of search or call requests was announced.

“There was a father who was separated from his son named Baco, but his father went away for searching. Once again, Baco was separated from his father named Andri,” the officer said.

The verbal announcement for requests for searching people continued to be heard for about 30 minutes.

Starting with Muhammad Raul from Bekasi who was being waited for by his brother in front of the minbar, Uhriyah’s mother from Tangerang being expected by her family at the Sriwijaya Hotel, and Muhammad Adam from Pangkalan Jati who was being sought by his family in the main floor area, Ikro from Mangga Dua who was awaited by his parents at the Al Fattah Door and many more.

After about 15 minutes of waiting, Asraf’s father hurriedly came to his child.

“I was performing shalat (prayer) on the third floor. After that, I went to the toilet, but when returning, he had gone,” Gilang said.

Asraf L Sabiq, apparently five years old, had run downstairs during the Eid al-Fitr lecture led by Khatib Noor Achmad with the theme “The Spirit of National and State Harmony”.

“I searched downstairs and had reported and waited in front for about an hour. I also walked around but did not find (him), then someone told me that my name was mentioned here,” Gilang said.

Gilang and his wife named Uti explained that they routinely performed Eid prayers at the Istiqlal Mosque before the COVID-19 pandemic. The three of them rode a motorcycle from the Kapuk area to get here, but this was the first time for Asraf at the Istiqlal Mosque.

A premiere prayer

The implementation of Eid prayers at the Istiqlal Mosque in 2022 was the first after the COVID-19 pandemic and after it has been renovated.

“This Eid joint prayer is the first time and also held without any restrictions; We must be grateful because two years ago, we could not celebrate Eid al-Fitr freely,” Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Zainut Tauhid Sa’adi, who participated in the prayer, stated.

Besides Sa’adi, Vice President Ma’ruf Amin also performed the Eid prayer at Istiqlal. Amin even had chanted Takbir for about 10 minutes before the prayer began.

The vice president who was wearing a black sarong, black suit, black kopiah, and white scarf, stood in the front row next to the Grand Imam of Istiqlal Mosque, Nasaruddin Umar.

In the front row, there was the Deputy Chairman of the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR RI), Fadel Muhammad.

“This is the first time after two years, it is good momentum, but we had no communication with the president. Many were disappointed, the ministers were also absent, only a few figures, like the vice president,” Muhammad said.

Only a few state officials performed Eid prayer at Istiqlal, including Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture Muhadjir Effendy. Some ambassadors of friendly countries, and heads of state high institutions also joined the Eid prayer.

Although there were only a few state officials, people seemed enthusiastic to visit the Istiqlal Mosque in the morning. The place of prayer was full up to the 4th floor for both men and women.

In his sermon, Khatib Noor Achmad said that Eid al-Fitr became the momentum of Islah, or to improve relationships between groups, religious groups, and ethnic groups.

“Eid al-Fitr must be a common momentum to raise the awareness that we come from the same creation, the same fitra, and one ummah created by Allah SWT,” Achmad said.

Moreover, according to Achmad, fasting teaches about the unity of orientation, equality of perspectives, and togetherness in devotion.

“Fasting that only resists hunger and thirst is meaningless if one is not able to control themselves verbally and do bad things, such as ghibah (gossiping), spreading hoaxes and other acts that are prohibited by religion,” Achmad pointed out.

Istiqlal as a national pride

After finishing Eid prayers, most people did not immediately go home but took the time to take pictures inside and outside the mosque as it was newly renovated.

President Joko Widodo himself inaugurated the completion of the renovation on January 7, 2021. The mosque renovation was the first time since it was built 42 years ago.

“It (the mosque) is not only the pride of Muslims but also the pride of all Indonesian people, the pride of our nation, Indonesia,” he remarked.

With a budget of Rp511 billion, the renovation of Istiqlal Mosque began in May 2019 and lasted for 14 months which included structuring, architecture work, mechanical electrical plumbing (MEP), air and lighting design, interior work, and signage.

The Istiqlal Mosque has become the first mosque in the world to receive an Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) certificate, as a green place of worship, from the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

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One-way, contraflow schemes implemented on Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road

State-owned toll road operator PT Jasa Marga implemented traffic modification – one-way and contraflow schemes – on Cipali to Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road, from Central and West Java and other origins to Jakarta and surroundings due to vehicular congestion.

Until Sunday morning, vehicular flow on Cipali to Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road was quite congested, the company’s Corporate Communication and Community Development Group Head Dwimawan Heru said in a statement here on Sunday.

Due to the condition, under the police’s discretion, Jasa Marga supported the implementation of one-way scheme from KM 428 of Semarang ABC Toll Road to KM 66 of Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road from Sunday morning at 9 a.m local time.

Meanwhile, two-lane contraflow scheme was implemented from KM 66 heading to Jakarta to KM 47 of Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road.

One-lane contraflow scheme was implemented from KM 47 to KM 28 of Jakarta-Cikampek heading to Jakarta on Sunday morning from 9 a.m local time.

The traffic modification was aimed at snarl the vehicular congestion on toll road, Heru noted.

“We apologize for the inconvenience to all users from Jakarta heading to the East who had been impacted by the one-way scheme during reverse flow,” he said.

Vehicular congestion also occurred on Karawang arterial road. Exodus travelers going by private cars and motorbikes from Java to Jakarta and surroundings continued to pass the road.

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Surabaya provides trauma healing for Kenpark slides’ accident victims

The Surabaya City Government in East Java is providing trauma-healing assistance to victims of the accident of Kenjeran Park (Kenpark) slides, who were mostly children, on Saturday (May 7, 2022).

Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi on Sunday asked the city’s health office and the women empowerment and child protection, population control, and family planning office to give the victims help until they recover.

“The Surabaya City Government will provide trauma-healing assistance to be carried out by the offices to all victims. They are accompanied until full recovery,” Cahyadi said.

Cahyadi said the accident at Kenjeran Park tourist attraction that occurred on Saturday, May 7, has caused deep trauma to 16 victims who suffered heavy and minor injuries.

After visiting the victims being hospitalized at Seotomo Hospital and Soewandhie Hospital on Saturday night, Cahyadi wanted the victims to be assisted until their conditions return to normal.

According to him, of the eight victims treated at Soewandhie Hospital, three people have suffered broken bones while one person did not suffer serious injuries, but had dizziness.

“One victim did not experience any problems, and after a CT scan, (the victim’s) condition was normal and there were no fractures and other injuries, but (the victim) experienced dizziness, and must be hospitalized and observed by the medical team, Insya Allah (God Willing), it would not be something, thus, we pray together,” Cahyadi explained.

Furthermore, Cahyadi mentioned, the management of Kenjeran Park must be responsible for this incident by providing medical expenses assistance to all victims, ranging from treatment, surgery, health control, and so on until they fully recover.

At Seowandhie Hospital, Cahyadi gave encouragement to one of the child victims, PR, ten years old, who suffered minor injuries and has been treated.

“(You must be) sure to recover. Suroboyo kudu wani (a Surabayan must be brave),” the mayor said to PR, a fifth grader.

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West Sumatra: Belibis Island crowded during Eid holiday

Belibis Island in Solok City, West Sumatra Province, was crowded with tourists enjoying holidays with their families on the seventh day after the 2022 Eid al-Fitr celebration which fell on May 2.

The number of visitors had continued to increase since the first day of Eid 2022, Head of the Solok Tourism Object Management Fauzi said here on Sunday.

“(The number of visitors) to Belibis Island reaches two thousand to three thousand visitors per day. As of today, there are still many visitors even though tomorrow, (people) will return to office and school,” he said.

According to him, the Eid holiday in 2022 was much more lively compared to the last two years when they world was hit the COVID-19 pandemic.Tourist attractions were allowed to open and visitors were no longer restricted currently, he added.

Furthermore, Belibis Island located in Kampung Jawa Village, Tanjung Harapan Sub-District, Solok City, offered attractions such as flying fox, fishing areas, horse riding, motor cross, water bikes, and swimming spots for children.

Visit to Belibis Island is free, but visitors have to Rp10 thousand if they want to try flying fox or horse riding, among other things.

“Usually, the visitors come from the surrounding areas such as Solok City, Solok District, and Sijunjung, but there are also homecoming travelers,” Fauzi said.

One of the horse rides managers Zul Hendro, 30, said the 2022 Eid holiday was much different from the previous year because this years, tourist attractions including Belibis Islands, were reopen to the public.

“Renting a horse for one round is Rp10 thousand. In one day, (we) can earn Rp750 thousand to Rp800 thousand per horse. There are four horses here,” he said.

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D+4 peak of returning Eid holiday exodus via Bahaukeni port

The returning Eid al Fitr holiday exodus from Sumatra to Java via Bakauheni ferry port reached its peak on Saturday night or four days after the Islamic festivities (D+4), police said.

“D+4 or Saturday night is the peak of returning Eid al Fitr holiday exodus 2022,” Chief of the South Lampung District Police Adjunct Senior Commissioner Edwin said on Sunday.

A total of 38,945 vehicles were transported aboard ferry boats from Sumatra to Java on Saturday. The number rose compared to the day before , he said.

“During the return flow this time, 38,945 vehicles were ferried via Bakauheni port (on Saturday). This means that the reverse flow has reached its peak since Saturday night,”” he said.

He predicted the number of returning Eid al Fitr holidaymakers via the ferry port to Java will remain high on Sunday.

“”Today we will again count the rest to see the number of holidaymakers who return and do not return. There will be an increase in the number of passengers today but it will not be significant,”” he said.

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Two out off three newly infected COVID-19 patients die in Batam

Two out of three newly infected COVID-19 patients in Batam, Riau Islands province, died after the industrialized island reported zero active case in the past few days, according to the local COVID-19 handling task force.

“Right now only one active COVID-19 case is reported (in Batam),” spokesman for the Riau Islands COVID-19 Handling Task Force Tjetjep Yudiana said here said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, five COVID-19 active cases were reported in Tanjungpinang and two in Bintan district . The patients are in the process of recovering after testing positive for the coronavirus more than one week ago.

The districts of Anambas Islands, Lingga and Natuna reported no active COVID-19 cases.

“One COVID-19 patient in Natuna died,” he said.

The COVID-19 handling task force has declared seven districts and cities in Riau Islands yellow zones or areas with low transmission risks. An area may be declared a green zone if it reports no active case in the past one month.

“Anambas will potentially be declared a green zone because it has reported no active case for more than three weeks now,”” he said.

He said the number of active COVID-19 cases in Riau Islands has fallen drastically since March 2022. However, the public need to stay alert for COVID-19 transmission by following health protocols.

“We don’t want the number of COVID-19 patients to increase when the mobility of people is high particularly during Eid holidays. Let us stay alert, be consistent to use masks, wash hands and keep interaction distance,”” he said.

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Expect expanding manufacturing sector to bolster recovery in Q2: BKF

Indonesia’s expanding manufacturing and export sectors are expected to bolster economic growth in the second quarter of 2022, Head of the Fiscal Policy Agency (BKF) of the Finance Ministry, Febrio Kacaribu has said.

Indonesia’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for the manufacturing sector increased to 51.9 in April 2022 compared to 51.3 the previous month.

“The increase shows that the policy for handling the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the increasing coverage of vaccination have been able to encourage the public to carry out activities (normally), especially in preparing for the Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr (celebration),” the BKF head noted in a statement issued here on Saturday.

Meanwhile, amid the international geopolitical conflict, the export demand for Indonesian manufactured products increased in April this year, he added.

The demand swelled to 35.2 percent compared to the same period in the previous year.

In accordance with the growth, business players added their production capacity by opening new job opportunities and increasing product stocks.

The total number of jobs created was the highest in the last 11 years.

The trend is expected to continue, thus the multiplier effect of the recovery of the manufacturing sector could sustainably and inclusively improve the national economic condition.

However, Kacaribu said he is concerned that the current global pressure due to rising commodity prices would pose a huge risk to the sustainability of the expansion of the global manufacturing sector, including in Indonesia.

“To sustain the strengthening of consumption and production amid the pressure, the government has made various interventions, such as providing social protection for poor and vulnerable peoples, as well as bolstering the coordination between institutions to maintain a balance public supply and demand,” he added.

In addition, the government is also optimizing the utilization of the state budget to maintain the momentum of the national economic recovery, both for manufacturers and consumers, by supporting the sustainability of various COVID-19 National Economic Recovery (PEN) programs.

Source: Antara News

Ministry finalizes data of hajj pilgrims eligible to depart in 2022

The Ministry of Religious Affairs has finalized the data of regular hajj pilgrims who are eligible to depart in 2022.

“The preparation time for the hajj implementation is already short. The departure starts on June 4, 2022. In accordance with the directive of Religious Affairs Minister Yaqut Cholil Qoumas, we optimize the Eid leave period to finalize the data of regular hajj pilgrims departing in 2022,” Director of Domestic Hajj Services Saiful Mujab said here on Sunday.

He said the finalization was carried out based on the requirements set by the Saudi Government.

Mujab explained, pilgrims who can depart for Hajj in 2022 are a maximum of 65 years old or born before June 30, 1957. In addition, they must have received the complete dose of COVID-19 vaccinations.

According to him, the finalization must be completed immediately so that the fixed data of regular hajj pilgrims departing this year can be announced soon to give enough time to the pilgrims to make preparations.

“Alhamdulillah (Thank God), the data of regular hajj pilgrims eligible to leave in 2022 has been completed. All data has been coordinated with the ministry’s regional offices and the Siskohat (Integrated Hajj Information and Computerization System) team. The next process is to issue a decree from the Director General of Hajj and Umrah (PHU),” he said.

He said, the final data of pilgrims departing in 2022 will be announced through the www.haji.kemenag.go.id page so that pilgrims can access it immediately.

“We target that the data can be announced early next week,” Mujab said.

Earlier, the Saudi Government through the e-Haj application announced a quota of 92,825 regular hajj pilgrims for Indonesia.

The Saudi Government has also determined a quota of 7,226 pilgrims for the special hajj.

In 2022, the quota of hajj officers is 1,901, making the total quota for Indonesian hajj pilgrims to 100,051.

Source: Antara News