“Padiphat” is not worried about having his name hanging

The Kao Klai Party, June 15-“Padiphat” is not worried about the knot of the Election Commission documents. Even with the name dropped, it was the one that was hung. Election Commission expects 95% of MPs to be recognized this month, unconcerned about forming a government Ironically, the person who worries seems to be the opposite.

Mr. Padipat Santipada, Acting MP Phitsanulok, Kao Klai Party, gave an interview about the case of the list of 71 names of the Election Commission (ECT) documents that were objected to the approval of the MPs. Including the name of Mr. Padiphat that after knowing the matter There was concern that it was a matter with the Election Commission of Thailand. Has it been hit or not? because his name is in the name of the person who discusses royal projects Turns out that was not the case. and when inquiring to the investigative unit of the Election Commission of Thailand Phitsanulok appeared that there was no complaint. When looking at the Election Commission’s website, there was no clear evidence. So think about the leaked document Even the ECT’s Facebook page posted that re-sharing is wrong, so don’t worry.

When asked if there were any concerns about the formation of a government, Mr. Padipat said he was not worried. The concern was probably the side that did not want us to form a government. When we can collect this sound Now the pressure is on the Election Commission first and foremost. which in case of dropped documents I’m not sure if it’s a throwing stone to ask for directions. Because when someone puts pressure on the ECT, there will be proof that there is opposition.

“If we look at what is expected by the end of this month, the ECT should be able to certify more than 95 percent and will be able to open the parliament, the longer it opens. The slower the government We will not even have a forum to solve the country’s problems. And through the budget that is important to the people, ”said Mr. Padipat.

When asked if it was the intention to leak the documents in order to have an excuse to endorse MPs Will there be a delay? Mr. Padipat said he did not think so. because all documents that are forwarded in social media no clear header It cannot be used to confirm anything and there are documents like this constantly coming out, so I am not worried.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Three Chinese men illegally entering Vietnam sent back to their country

Border guards at Mong Cai International Border Gate on June 15 coordinated with competent forces of Mong Cai city in the northeastern province of Quang Ninh to return three Chinese nationals who illegally entered Vietnam.

Earlier, on June 9, a patrol team from the Tra Co Border Guard Station found the three men at an oyster farm of local household.

The men showed valid Chinese passports but did not have visas and they entered Vietnam without completing immigration procedures.

They said that an unknown Vietnamese man used a motorboat to pick them up from another Chinese motorboat in the waters bordering the two countries and brought them into Vietnam.

The patrol team took the three Chinese men to Tra Co Border Guard Station for investigation.

Tra Co Border Guard Station, in coordination with Mong Cai International Border Gate’s Border Guard Station, informed the border management branch in Fangchenggang, China’s Guangxi province on the men and asked the Chinese side to receive them back./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

“New” splashes sweet love and flew to visit “Now” in Australia.

Nine Entertainment June 15 – After the young actor “New Wongsakorn” panting with love and nostalgia flew across the water to visit his girlfriend “Now Tisanat” who is studying the language in Australia. As soon as the landing machine “New” served his girlfriend by rubbing his head and kissing the crown of the head, causing the person to kiss the cheek almost completely.

Recently, “Now” took “New” for a walk in Melbourne and visited a famous bakery that had to stand in line for hours to buy. “New” saw the dedication of his girlfriend. Therefore splashing love frenzy in return for sweetheart

Source: Thai News Agency

“Messi” does not join the Argentine team. warm up indonesia

China, June 15 – Indonesian football fans are disappointed with “Messi”, the Argentine striker. did not go to a warm-up match against Indonesia in Jakarta on monday due to having to rest longer

Argentina national team striker Lionel Messi Did not travel to join the blue-white team, the 2022 world champion, went to warm up with Indonesia in Jakarta. On Monday, June 19th, due to having to rest longer After a long race after the warm-up game against Australia in China today Messi will go on holiday in Europe and returned to his hometown in Rosario. Before going to report to the new club Inter Miami in Major League Soccer USA

Indonesian football fans are reportedly disappointed. Messi did not travel to play in the warm-up side, Eric Thorhir, president of the Indonesian Football Association. Announcement: Those who have already purchased tickets cannot request a refund. Because this game is a game between Argentina. with Indonesia Not Messi with Indonesia.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency