Submit additional evidence “Dr. Surapong-Nattawut”

Office of the Election Commission of Thailand, May 24 – “Ruangkrai” revealed to the Election Commission of Thailand in the case of “Dr. Surapong-Nattawut” having posted a profile on his personal Facebook as a logo with the number of the Pheu Thai Party. Whether or not it falls under the scam of a candidate or party’s popular vote. ready to submit the latest additional evidence, both of them have changed their photos

Mr. Ruangkrai Leekitwatana, a former Palang Pracharath Party member, revealed that he had given his statement to the Election Commission of Thailand (EC) who had submitted a petition to investigate Dr. Surapong Suebwonglee, director of the Pheu Thai Party elections. and Mr. Nuttawut Saikua, Director of Pheu Thai Family In the case of creating a personal profile on Facebook as a logo with the number of the Pheu Thai party, is it a motive for voters to vote or fall into the category of misleading the popular vote of a candidate or party? involved in an offense under Section 73(5) of the Act on the Election of MPs in conjunction with Section 56, Section 132 and Section 137?

“Such actions make people assume that they are candidates. List of MPs despite not being a member of the party or being a candidate for election List of MPs today (May 24) will submit additional evidence that currently both people have changed their profile pictures. after he submitted it to the Election Commission of Thailand for review, which changed his profile picture, indicating that he must continue to investigate the allegations, ”said Mr. Ruangkrai.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Srettha” is ready to do all the tasks assigned by the party.

Pheu Thai, May 24 – “Srettha” confirms that he still works with Pheu Thai. Ready to receive all tasks assigned by the party Ready to show the head card for Pheu Thai Preparing to rebrand the party

Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party’s prime ministerial candidate Attended the meeting of MPs and former party candidates, confirming that no party or anyone had contacted to discuss political positions. Which is a matter of etiquette and I have said that I have to honor the party that has the first vote to form a government.

“I don’t have the number of members of the Kao Far Party. and did not expect that a long step would come in contact It is his duty to form a government with dignity,” said Srettha.

Mr. Srettha said today (May 24) came to a meeting with MPs. by discussing what the next step will be Which the party itself has made a business card for so that when going anywhere, there will be a clear header which the business card does not specify the location because he did not claim any position Wherever you go, there will be a business card handed over to you, a phone number, a workplace where you can make an appointment, because for the past 30 years, I have always had business cards.

“Today it is clear that I work for the Pheu Thai Party. to see the rebranding of the party problem solving for the public confirmed that he had not gone anywhere and will stay here I am willing to do all the tasks assigned by the party. The rebranding section What form will the Pheu Thai Party come out in? Today, let’s give encouragement to all MPs who have been elected. who have worked hard for the past 2 months, ”said Mr. Srettha.

Mr. Srettha said that as for the issue that the Kao Klai Party tried to combine the votes of senators to vote for Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat Leader of the Kao Klai Party as Prime Minister Mr. Settha Leang replied by saying Let’s look at the tweet itself. Now he focuses on the Pheu Thai Party. As for whether to form a government or not? Currently in the process of setting up, I am encouraged and think that everyone needs support in order to form a government as soon as possible.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

If still slandering, it’s difficult to work together.

Pheu Thai Party, May 24 – “Doctor Chon Nan” hit “Sita”, accusing him of receiving a brief. Considered to be slanderous, not fair, saying that if an outsider asks questions whether But as an insider, join in drafting an MOU together, pointing out that if there is this kind of behavior Difficulty working together, Jang didn’t drink toast because at the party, they were seated 5-6 chairs apart.

Chonnan Srikaew, leader of Pheu Thai Party Referring to the case of Maj. Sita Tiwari, a candidate of the Thai Sang Thai Party’s Prime Minister, posted on Facebook stating, “I’m not afraid of losing manners. More than the inheritance of dictatorship “After Dr. Chonnan warned about the etiquette of asking questions in the middle of the media on the 8th, the coalition government signed a draft MOU together.

Thanks for the picture from FB, Major Sita Tiwari

Dr. Chon Nan said that if Major Sita’s intentions were like that, it was considered a good thing. Personally, I’m not angry at anything. The day we announced He tried not to react much. Just say, “Khun Sita should come and answer on stage. You shouldn’t have to sit downstairs and ask questions.” These words were already considered strong.

“What makes me to blame in front of Khunying Sudarat Keyuraphan, leader of the Thai Sang Thai Party because the host in the program asked So I have to be open minded to say this. It doesn’t look right, it doesn’t have manners, because Ms. Sitha is the person who sits in the circle, drafting the MOU together, being a working group of the Thai Sang Thai Party. Sit and discuss the MOU draft together and he has a lot to offer in all improvements. Even the first sentence that you saw in the MOU was proposed by Mr. Sita. Therefore, what is in the circle we discussed should not be said because you are an insider. If the public asks or mass media I would be very grateful and happy to answer but the fact that people inside sit and ask questions like this It was difficult to assess objectives. And I have been hit by this many times, ”said Dr. Chonnan.

Dr. Chon Nan said he didn’t get much. Just want to be polite to each other. If he was just a member of the Thai Sang Thai Party or an outsider? will not blame at all Because I have the right to ask But this is the person who drafted the MOU together and went out in that form, what is it and the question that Major Sita set up did not go out in a positive way. Although we are striving to form a government,

Dr. Chon Nan said that what he was most uncomfortable with was posting as if he was talking behind his back, eating together, drinking together, why didn’t he speak? In truth, the banquet, he had a formal banquet, sat in order, he sat to the left of Mr. Phitha and Major Sitha, sitting about 5-6 chairs away, even coming down. He also said to Major Sita that this matter should not be said, should not be asked personally, not attached.

“Before walking back, I met him. I even patted his shoulders to encourage him. because I feel Do we blame the younger ones too much? but to slander Did I receive a brief? This is slander. If like this, I think I work hard. I work with Khun Sita. It’s very difficult if it’s like this. is that you have to tell the truth we are politicians We are representatives of the people. Khun Sita behaves like this. I think it’s difficult working with me. I’m the leader of the Pheu Thai Party. I think it’s hard for me to work with Khun Sita.”

When asked if, after this, they had to clear their minds or not, Dr. Chon Nan said no, because when an issue came up on the day Khunying Sudarat said well and told in his own corner that Major Sita was sincere and apologized, considered finished, but when Major Sita went to play the corner that was extended to him that it was not fair to him because it is accusing him of picking up a brief as if accusing the Pheu Thai Party as well, if he does not stop, he must continue playing but will not ask to play directly I will just ask to clarify the facts. but he said Went to drink, toast, toast, nothing, because he had stopped drinking for a year.

Dr. Chon Nan also emphasized that he was ready to forgive everyone. sorry it’s over Don’t make things up. Because it would mean seamless collaboration. Small things don’t make big things. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

President welcomes foreign ambassadors

President Vo Van Thuong on May 24 received the ambassadors of Qatar, Brazil, Slovenia, Portugal, Estonia and Guinea, who came to present their credentials.

At his reception for Qatari Ambassador Khalid Ali Abdullah Abel, Thuong said he hopes to welcome the Emir of Qatar in Vietnam soon this year, thereby creating a breakthrough for the friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

He underlined the need for the two countries to promote collaboration in areas where Qatar has strengths and Vietnam has needs such as oil and gas, renewable energy, electric cars and production of agricultural products. He pledged that Vietnam will create favourable conditions for Qatari businesses and investment funds to invest in the Southeast Asian country.

The Presidents suggested the two sides actively implement economic, trade and investment agreements reached during the visit to Qatar by Vice President Vo Thi Anh Xuan.

The Quatari ambassador said will make efforts to promote the implementation of these agreements, adding that he wishes to bring agricultural products and labourers from Vietnam to the Qatari market.

Welcoming Brazilian Ambassador Marco Farani, the President affirmed that Vietnam always attaches importance to and wishes to further strengthen the friendship and comprehensive partnership with Brazil, one of its leading important partners in Latin America.

He emphasised that Vietnam is ready to cooperate with Brazil to discuss the opening of each other’s agricultural markets. Vietnam is willing to act as a bridge to strengthen relations between the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and Brazil as well as between ASEAN and the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), he said.

At a meeting with Slovenian Ambassador Alenka Suhadolnik, President Thuong said that Vietnam always attaches importance to developing the friendship and multifaceted cooperation with Slovenia.

Expressing his delight at the positive development of bilateral relations over the past time, he suggested that the two sides continue to strengthen the exchange of high-level delegations and contacts, especially in next year when the two countries celebrate the 30th anniversary of their diplomatic ties.

Receiving Portuguese Ambassador João Weistein, the Vietnamese leader asked the ambassador to promote twinning relations between the two countries’ localities. He suggested Portugal continue to push other EU countries to soon ratify the EU-Vietnam Investment Protection Agreement and push the European Commission (EC) to soon remove the illegal, unreported or unregulated fishing (IUU) yellow card imposed on Vietnamese seafood products.

He also proposed the two countries promote cooperation in tourism, cultural, people-to-people and sports exchanges to enhance understanding between the two peoples.

Talking to Estonian Ambassador Hannes Hanso, the President affirmed that Vietnam always treasures traditional friendship and cooperation with the Baltic countries. He suggested the two sides strengthen the exchange of delegations at all levels and continue to support each other at international organisations and forums.

Thuong said he expects Estonia will support Vietnam in training personnel in IT, digital transformation and cyber security, adding that Vietnam is also ready to receive Estonian students to study here.

The Estonian diplomat said his country has a lot of experience in digitisation and building e-Government with about 3,600 online connection services. Therefore, he hoped that the two countries will focus on promoting cooperation in this field. He also wishes the two sides to cooperate more closely in the fields of education, health and IT.

Meeting Ambassador of Guinea Aminata Koita, President Thuong asked the two sides to promote cooperation in the agricultural sector, an area of Vietnam’s strength.

During the meetings, President Thuong highly valued the countries’ support for Vietnam’s and ASEAN’s stance on the East Sea issues as well as the peaceful settlement of disputes in the waters in respect for international law, including the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), thus maintaining security, safety and freedom of navigation and overflight in the East Sea./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

Hijacking candidates – parties who do not keep campaign signs

Bangkok, May 24 – “Srisuwan” calls on the Interior to order the governor-locals across the country. blame the applicant MPs – political parties that have not kept campaign signs pointing to power Not socially responsible, obstructing the Cleanliness Act to continue examining the electoral spending account

Mr. Srisuwan Janya, secretary-general of the Association for the Protection of the Thai Constitution, revealed that the association had issued an urgent letter to the Minister and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Interior. to request an order to the governor of Bangkok, the provincial governor and local executives across the country to convict candidates for election, MPs and various political parties in their area of responsibility who still refused to keep the campaign sign Let it be cluttered, sloppy, unfamiliar at the moment.

Mr. Srisuwan said that the election of MPs on May 14 had passed more than a week, except for the exceptions under the 1992 Cleanliness Act. that candidates, MPs and political parties Refusing to collect billboards It therefore falls within the scope of an offense under Section 39 and/or Section 30 in conjunction with Section 54, which the local official or competent official can report to prosecute. which at present, in many localities, campaign signs of various candidates and political parties are still found Still hanging or installed in the streets, alleys, alleys in many communities, villages

“Some candidates or parties keep their signs only in the area along the main road, but in the alleys and in the community, they still leave them. I don’t care to keep everything in order. Reflect or point out the identity of these candidates and political parties very well that they only want power. but clearly lacks social responsibility People should keep in mind that next time they will not choose such political parties again, ”said Srisuwan.

Mr. Srisuwan said he urged localities to If prosecuting or arresting candidates, MPs and various political parties who refused to keep the campaign sign Ask to bring the receipt to be printed on a vinyl plaque and hung in contempt or notify people passing by or contacting the government to know generally that there are any candidates for MPs or political parties who are not socially responsible. the matter as well

“The association will also complain to the Election Commission of Thailand because candidates, MPs, and all political parties must also report election expenses to the Election Commission within 90 days. in the expense account as well. It is equivalent to the cost of installing a campaign billboard as well. It can be inferred that such candidates and political parties refuse to keep campaign signs. This is a violation of the law of the EC and the political party registrar. decisive steps must be taken in accordance with The Act on Political Parties 2017 will continue, and the association will continue to examine the accounts of all party election expenses after the Election Commission has posted announcements as required by law, ”said Srisuwan.- Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Petition to dissolve 8 parties, sign MOU

Office of the Election Commission of Thailand, May 24 – “Ruangkrai” submitted to the Election Commission of Thailand to examine 8 parties joining together to sign an MOU to form a government. Is it illegal to cause the dissolution of the party? In the past, everyone sang, not just “Pita”

Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, a former member of the Palang Pracharat Party Submitted a letter to the Election Commission (ECT) requesting an examination of the 8 parties that jointly signed an MOU to form a government on May 22. whether it is in violation of Section 28 of the Organic Act (Pra.Por.Por.) on political parties or not.

Mr. Ruangkrai said that on May 22, an MOU of 8 parties was signed, which the Election Commission of Thailand should know that the past MOU signings were signed by all 8 party leaders. When he saw it, he recalled that the constitution specified that MPs must not be under a mandate. Going to sign under Section 28 of the Political Party Act has prohibited political parties from taking action Because what is signed is equivalent to agreeing to the conditions for political activities from the other 7 parties, whether this matter will fall into the scope or not, so I want the Election Commission to Check because the 7 parties that come to sign with the Kao Klai Party cannot be party members. by being a member of a political party which the leader of 7 political parties is definitely not possible One person cannot be a member of 2 overlapping parties, which is equivalent to allowing 7 parties to agree to the terms. In the past, most of the operations we have seen in establishing a government are simply holding hands and holding press conferences. No documents were signed. Therefore, he thought back to signing the MOU during the days of Mr. Somchai Wongsawat and Mr. Noppadon Pattama, would it have prohibited characteristics?

Mr. Ruangkrai said that evidence like this is not just looking at the constitution. in which he went to see the regulations of the far-reaching party Whether or not the party leader can sign an MOU with anyone which did not appear, but when looking at the Act on Political Parties that the person who is the leader of the party represents the party It is equivalent to receiving mandates from party members and party executive committees. This is the issue that will lead to the dissolution of the party or not. As for the case of holding media shares, it is a prohibited characteristic. But in this case, it was a prohibition of the actions of a political party which he prohibited. It is up to the Election Commission’s discretion whether to see it as we see it or not.

When asked if filing a complaint this time would lead to the dissolution of the Kao Far Party or not, Mr. Ruangkrai said not only the Kao Far Party, but the dissolution of all 8 parties because each party accepted the conditions. who are not party members to each other take over All 8 signed documents were signed by all party leaders. It’s not a matter of lack of personality. But it’s about whether a political party violates section 28 or not, and then it’s an offense under section 92 (3) of the Organic Act. must be submitted to the Constitutional Court for dissolution of the party or not I have facts and the reference law to check As for the details in the MOU agreement, some issues that some political parties do not follow. Can’t sing just the far-flung party alone, because all 8 parties join the action

When asked again whether he thought this request would be a condition for senators (senators) not to decide to vote for Mr. Phitha Lim Chareonrat far-reaching party leader Is it the prime minister? Mr. Ruangkrai said it was not related to the cause. Senators vote or not for Mr. Phitha

When asked further whether the complaint in the case of Mr. Phitha Is there a political intent? There is no reason to fabricate false evidence that is not Coming out to perform duties as outside of the council, he has been doing it for over 10 years. Gen. Prayut Chan-ocha, he sang the most. both about holding the position of prime minister for 8 years, oath of allegiance and about housing followed by Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, especially about watches borrowed from friends who has repeatedly sung, if today General Prayut who is acting prime minister and go do something wrong, he cries Or that Mr. Wissanu Krea-ngam made a mistake, he would cry if there was a reason to cry.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

“Tennis” leads the Thai Taekwondo army. go to the world championship

Suvarnabhumi Airport, May 24 – “Tennis” Panipak Wongpattanakit leads the Thai national taekwondo team. Traveling to the World Championships 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan

“Coach Che” Chatchai Che, head coach of the Thai national taekwondo team, leads 8 Thai national taekwondo players. Traveling to the Taekwondo World Championships 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan Between May 29 and June 4, in the middle of the night, led by “Tennis” Panipak Wongpattanakit, Olympic Games 2020 champion and two-time world champion, 2015, model 46 kg, women and 2019 in the female model 49 kg. “Nok” Pannapa Hansuchit, 2019 World Champion 53 kg, “Guitar” Kamonchanok Siken, Champion “Dutch Open 2023” and “Belgium Open 2023” Silver Medal at the 2022 World Youth Championships, model 46 kg, women

by “Tennis” who just won the SEA Games last week and the bronze medal last time in this list Said that this world championship was his 5th time and announced that he would win the 3rd world championship, although it was not easy because there were many good competitors in the nation.

On the side of “Coach Che”, he admitted that the world championship was considered hard work. different from SEA Games Recently, the list of 8 Thai models has been checked. There are competing nations sending athletes to participate in competitions from many countries, hoping to lead athletes to win gold medals to achieve last year’s results. The Thai taekwondo team won 1 bronze medal, this time it has to be full for a chance to win the gold medal.

For this time, the Thai national team sent 8 athletes to participate, divided into 4 men and 4 women.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency

Saka extends 4-year Arsenal contract

England, May 24 – “Bukayo Saka” decided to extend the contract with “artillery” Arsenal for another four years until 2027, while the Spanish police. Fans arrested for racist abuse of Vinicius Jr.

Arsenal team, runners-up in the English Premier League this season, have reached an agreement to extend the contract with Bukayo Saka, the 21-year-old England striker, for another four years until 2027, with nearly three times his wages. From £70,000 a week to £200,000 a week. After the England offensive line left a contract with the artillery team for only 1 year and was hit by many big clubs in Europe. Want to grab yourself to join the team From the great performance of Saga this season. Helping the team almost win the Premier League title for the first time in 19 years, scoring 14 goals and 11 assists from playing for the Gunners in 178 matches in all competitions. Since moving to Arsenal in 2018

Spanish police have arrested four fans, aged between 19 and 24, on suspicion of racially abusing Real Madrid striker Vinicius Jr. Spanish Liga, with all four football fans arrested on Tuesday morning. local time From the case of the replica of Vinicius went to hang from a bridge near Madrid’s training ground with a banner that read “Madrid hates Real” before the Copa del Rey game between “White King” and Atletico Madrid when last january Police also arrested three more fans for racially abusing Vinicius during Madrid’s 1-0 loss to Valencia on Sunday. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency