Pos Indonesia’s assets can become e-commerce distribution centers

The assets of state-owned postal company PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), located in very strategic locations throughout the country, can be utilized as distribution centers for e-commerce, State-owned Enterprises Minister Erick Thohir has revealed. “I think Pos Indonesia’s assets, which are extraordinary in location, can also be used as distribution centers for e-commerce,” Erick Thohir said in an online discussion here, Saturday.

According to him, the location points for Pos Indonesia’s assets are extraordinary and have the advantage of being distribution centers with the fastest and closest point.

“The location points for Pos Indonesia’s assets are extraordinary; nothing is faster to the nearest point than Pos Indonesia,” Thohir said.

The minister also hoped that Pos Indonesia’s assets, located at strategic points throughout the country, could become a distribution center for all parts of Indonesia.

As quoted from the official website posindonesia.co.id, Pos Indonesia has now been able to show its creativity in the development of the Indonesian postal sector by utilizing its network infrastructure, which reaches around 24 thousand service points covering 100 percent of cities and districts, almost 100 percent of sub-districts, and 42 percent of villages, and 940 remote transmigration locations in Indonesia.

Along with the development of information, communication, and technology, the Pos Indonesia network already has more than 3,800 online post offices with mobile electronic posts in several big cities.

All points are chains that are connected in a solid and integrated manner. The Postal Code system was created to facilitate the processing of postal items where every area in Indonesia can be identified accurately.

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Pertamina ensures sub-holding activities monitored through PICC

The state-owned oil and gas company PT Pertamina (Persero) has ensured that its sub-holding business process is monitored through its big data center called Pertamina Integrated Command Center (PICC). Currently, the business sector must keep innovating, including PT Pertamina, State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Minister Erick Thohir said in a written statement received here Saturday.

The innovations that must be carried out are digitalization and research and development (R & D) attempts which have been the keys to the success of various world-class companies.

“Many global companies that used to depend on natural resources have shifted to technology. Currently, the only global energy company ranked in the top 10 is Aramco, while the rest are already occupied by technology and investment companies,” the minister continued.

“It means that although Pertamina is an energy company, research and development for digitization is very important for the business to continue to grow,” he added.

The President Director of PT Pertamina (Persero) Nicke Widyawati, also agreed with the statement. According to her, the establishment of PICC is one of the company’s innovations to become a global energy champion.

“With the facility, Pertamina can implement a comprehensive strategy to provide efficiency while reducing the possibility of an abuse of power. Thus, it can also maintain Pertamina Group’s accountability,” she stated.

The PICC is a digital-based technological innovation that provides up-to-date data supporting PT Pertamina’s strategic role as an integrator of all business sectors of operational and commercial aspects.

It has four functions. The first is as an integrator and coordinator of operational monitoring activities — both core, critical and supporting processes.

Moreover, it will be a single source of truth needed within Pertamina Group’s internal environment with integrated data.

In addition, the facility aims to analyze data to be information; detect data and anomalies; test data reliability, and compile executive summaries and recommendations required in the decision-making process.

Lastly, PICC has the authority to follow up on anomalous conditions found and provide recommendations for the highest management in the Pertamina Group.

Meanwhile, Pertamina President Commissioner Basuki Tjahaja Purnama also stated that the establishment of the Command Center will improve the work stages of all Pertamina business lines.

“The facility is like a war command room — all generals can analyze the data here to decide for future policies,” he said.

Hence, he encouraged all holding and sub-holding managements to learn to make decisions from the data displayed on the command center’s main screen.

“This is an excellent breakthrough and must continue to be developed for the company’s efficiency. We can use all the data to make the right policies. The board of commissioners will often come to the facility to exchange ideas and see the developments,” he added.

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Silas Ki is mastermind of Kisor military post attack: police

The West Papua police disclosed that the mastermind of September 2 deadly attack by armed Papuan separatist terrorists on the Kisor military post on September 2 is Silas Ki.

Ki who leads the West Papua National Committee (KNPB)-Kisor chapter is one of 19 suspects in connection to the ambush, West Papua Police Spokesperson Senior Commissioner Adam Erwindi said.

Silas Ki’s central role in the deadly attack was informed by his two men who had most recently been arrested, he said in a statement that ANTARA quoted in Manokwari, the capital of West Papua Province, on Sunday.

Early last Thursday (September 2, 2021), members of an unidentified terrorist group had ambushed several soldiers while they were sleeping at the Kisor military post in South Aifat sub-district, Maybrat District.

Four soldiers—2nd Sergeant Amrosius, Chief Private Dirham, First Private Zul Ansari, and First Lieutenant Dirman—had died in the attack, while two others had sustained serious injuries.

The bodies of three soldiers had been found at the post, while the body of another soldier had been discovered in the bushes not far from the post.

Owing to the incident, several local residents had fled their homes over security concerns.

According to Adam Erwindi, Ki was inaugurated as the KNPB-Kisor chapter leader on December 19, 2020. He has followers in the organization.

Prior to the deadly incident, Ki had chaired two meetings that he held in July and August to discuss matters related to the well-planned ambush, he said.

The West Papua police had earlier named 19 suspects in connection with the attack. Two of the suspects have been placed under police custody, while a hunt has been launched for 17 others.

The two suspects in police custody have been identified by their initials as MY (20) and MS (18). MY is a resident of Boksu village, while MS is a resident of Insum village of South Aifat sub-district, Erwindi said.

The police have launched a manhunt for Silas Ki, Manfred Fatem, Musa Aifat, Setam Kaaf, Titus Sewa, Irian Ki, Alfin Fatem, Agus Kaaf, Melkias Ki, Melkias Same, Amos Ki, Musa Aifat, Moses Aifat, Martinus Aisnak, Yohanes Yaam, Agus Yaam, and Robi Yaam, he said.

The West Papua police have released the names of the 17 other suspects based on the confessions of MY and MS to the investigators of South Sorong police precinct, he added.

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Minister Masduki sees off SME’s exports to Hong Kong and Iraq

Cooperatives and Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Minister Teten Masduki flagged off shipments of charcoal briquette products of CV Mandiri Persada — a SME based in Tasikmalaya — to Hong Kong and Iraq.

The enterprise is fostered by the Revolving Fund Management Institution for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (LPDB-KUMKM).

A total of 18 tons of charcoal briquette were sent to Hong Kong with a value of Rp305 million, while some 26 tons with a value of Rp316 million were delivered to Iraq.

“It is the small business, such as CV Mandiri Persada, that we must continue to develop and improve in order to rise them higher,” the minister said in a written statement here on Saturday.

The products have also been exported to Brazil, Germany, Lebanon, Morocco, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Turkey, and the United States.

Masduki informed that the world’s demands for briquetteproducts continued to increase in line with the anti-coal campaign.

He called on the Government of Tasikmalaya District to respond to the increasing demands by expanding coconut tree plantations and restoring bamboo forests.

“The market exists. However, it has not been optimal benefited. It means that the supply chain is not well connected,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Director of CV Mandiri Persada Dewi Sinta informed that the enterprise is a member of the Mandiri Makmur Cooperative (KMM) which is also a partner of LPDB-KUMKM.

Since being fostered by KMM and LPDB-KUMKM, its briquette exports have increased from six containers to 19 containers per month.

LPDB-KUMKM President Director Supomo said the products were able to enter the global market to meet the demands in the Middle East, Asia, and Europe.

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Politicians, academics reject discourse on constitutional amendment

Some politicians and academics grouped in the University of Indonesia Alumni Association (ILUNI UI) rejected the discourse on amendment to the 1945 Constitution during the 61st ILUNI UI Salemba Discussion Forum held on Saturday.

They saw no urgency in amendment to the constitution while outlining the importance of evaluating and studying thoroughly the results of the previous amendment to the constitution.

Member of Parliament Benny K Harman stood firm against the discourse on amendment to the constitution, arguing that there is no urgent and systemic problem which necessitates the amendment.

“Amendment is stance which is the result of evaluation. So, we cannot do it as it is. Is there any problem? Doesn’t check and balance work? These all must be proven comprehensively,” Harman who is chief of the Democrat Party Faction at the People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) said.

Chief of ILUNI UI Policy Center Mohammad Jibriel Avessina noted the discourse on amendment to the constitution surfaced due to the desire to create State Policy Outlines (PPHN) . However, PPHN is no longer compatible with the present state administrative and political systems in the country.

“There is no urgency to incorporate PPHN into the fifth round of amendment (to the constitution). ILUNI UI Policy Center reminds the civil society to keep supervising the ongoing political process,” Jibriel said.

State administrative law expert Bivitri Susanti shared Jibriel’s view, saying the effort to create PPHN through the amendment to the constitution is not compatible with the state administrative system.

“MPR is no longer the highest state institution. MPR does not elect president and vice president so it cannot give a mandate as provided for in the now-defunct GBHN (state policy guidelines). Neither can it dismiss president or vice president for violating GBHN,” he said.

DPR member Fadli Zon said the wish to amend the 1945 Constitution must come from the people’s need and wish.

“Don’t let the people be trapped in faith accompli for the council’s decision which does not involve the people,” he said.

He proposed that MPR hold a referendum so that the discourse on amendment to the constitution will really come from the people’s wish. “Referendum is a way to return voice to the public,” he said.

.Deputy Chairman of the National Mandate Party (PAN) Viva Yoga Mauladi said the discourse on the amendment to the constitution should not be continued while the people are struggling to face various difficulties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I think now is not the time to amend the 1945 Constitution though actually we can do it,” Viva Yoga said.

The discourse on amendment to the 1945 Constitution surfaced when MPR Chief Bambang Soesatyo addressed the MPR General Assembly on August 16, 2021.

In his address Soesatyo said PPHN will safeguard the government’s visionary plan though the pair of president and vice president changes.

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Erick Thohir lauds PT Pos Indonesia for digital transformation move

State Owned-Enterprises (SOE) Minister Erick Thohir has lauded PT Pos Indonesia for carrying out a digital transformation which allows consumers to use PosAja! application for delivery services, and PosPay for various payment transactions.

“Digital transformation during this pandemic is a must. Pos Indonesia has very adequate infrastructure and valuable assets throughout Indonesia. This must be utilized,” Thohir said in a press release issued by the state-owned postal company, Sunday.

Accompanied by the directors and commissioners of PT Pos Indonesia, Thohir personally tried several Pos Indonesia digital services at the Bogor Post Office, Bogor City.

He had the opportunity to try the digital courier application PosAja!, PosPay, and others.

The Minister also conducted a video teleconference with an Indonesian migrant worker (TMI) in Taiwan.

He expressed his hope that PT Pos Indonesia can continue to be the backbone of the country during this pandemic in assisting shipments throughout Indonesia.

“I hope that Pos Indonesia can become a central distribution hub in Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the postal company’s Director of Courier and Logistics Business Siti Choiriana said that she will continue to provide maximum services to customers who use the PosAja! application.

After last week holding a free postage program for city courier services, on Sunday (12/9) and Monday (13/9) this week, Pos Aja again is offering a discount program.

A 50 percent shipping discount is provided for customers who use the Instant Post Plus service for deliveries within the city.

For Post Express services, customers can get discounts of up to 12 percent.

“PosAja! is a delivery service application developed by Pos Indonesia to answer the challenges of digital delivery services that should be fast, cheap, easy, and simple ,” she said.

Those applications can be downloaded through the Play Store and App Store.

“The delivery application is different from others on online platforms, as PosAja is superior. Because we do not only serve city couriers, but also deliveries between regions, and even international shipments. Everything can be done from a cell phone,” she noted.

Currently, the PosAja service! can be accessed from more than 20 major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, and Medan.

Pos Indonesia has expanded its PosAja service network! to other cities such as Madiun, Brebes, Pekalongan, and Jember.

According to him, the PosAja service! is a gift from Pos Indonesia for Indonesia.

PT Pos Indonesia has also helped overcome the pandemic by distributing CSR funds in the form of PPE shipments to health workers throughout Indonesia.

Source: Antara News

Papua PON theme song brings spirit of unity: committee

The XX Papua National Sports Week Organizing Committee (PB PON) launched an official song and video to enliven plans for the national event, which will be held in Papua from October 2-15, 2021.

“It brings a message of enthusiasm for the implementation of the National Sports Week (PON), which will be held for the first time in Papua. In the song, there is a spirit given from Papua to the event’s participants, as well as welcome for the athletes from all over the nation,” Head of Division II of the committee Roy Letlora said at a press conference here on Saturday.

Before it was officially launched in Jakarta, the song — sung by Vien Mangku and Qibah Mansawan — had already been introduced in Papua to bring together the local community.

On the same occasion, the committee also revealed the long process of creating the song.

Before choosing it, the committee began by conducting a theme song contest in March 2021, which was registered by 24 contestants from both Papua and outside the region.

In the process, there were only 15 contestants who submitted their songs for the assessment stage.

After going through a long judging process by Papuan artists, the song by Hebat Fatahilah, entitled ‘Torang Bisa’ – literally meaning ‘We Can’ — was chosen as the winner.

“It has a very deep meaning. Every lyric describes the spirit of Papua. Its location at the easternmost part of Indonesia making Papua the first region that welcomes the sunrise. It means that there will rise a spirit which will never run out. Through this song, we want Papua to be better known,” Acting Coordinator of Marketing for the committee Karsudi said.

The lyrics also tell about four things reflected in the spirit of the athletes in Papua — maintaining national unity, instilling a spirit of sportsmanship, uniting differences, and unifying to become champions.

In addition, the song expresses the issue of equality, which becomes the concern of all Indonesian.

“We feel that we become one, so that Papua can rise from being left behind. We want all to be equal and free of the assumption that there is unequal welfare. All of them are described in the theme song,” Roy Letlora added.

Source: Antara News

Papua PON Committee guarantees athletes’ safety

The XX Papua National Sports Week Organizing Committee (PB PON) has said that the security for athletes, participants, and staff will be maintained at the highest level.

The statement was delivered by the Head of Division II of the committee Roy Letlora, during a press conference here on Saturday.

“There is no more doubt, because the convening of XX Papua National Sports Week (PON) will not be delayed anymore. Even the President will certainly open it on October 2. All parties are committed to maintaining the security of the event,” he said.

PB PON Papua, along with the joint security unit from the national military and police, has coordinated to provide protection for guests from outside Papua.

In addition to deploying more than 9,000 security personnel in four clusters, the committee has also prepared a special room equipped with sophisticated equipment to monitor the situation at the venues.

Persuasive attempts – such as having open discussion and recruiting the event’s volunteers from the local residents — have been also carried out by the committee to reduce potential conflict from the areas around the venues.

“In the recruitment process, we also carried out background checks involving the State Intelligence Agency and the police. From around 17,000 volunteer candidates, about 70 of them did not pass the screening. It shows that the security level of the event has been quite good,” Letlora continued.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the security aspect is vital in the national multi-sports event held every four years, since it also aims to maintain the dignity of the country.

Although it is a national level event, some 16 foreign delegates from the Asia Pacific region will also attend so they might observe how Indonesia conducts the event.

“The convening of PON this time is not only measured by how successful the sports agenda is, but also to show that our situation is really safe. Papua, as part of Indonesia, can also hold a huge event like this,” the division head added.

Source: Antara News