Be sure before sharing. FACTSHEET: Signs, symptoms, and treatment of retinal detachment.

What is a retinal detachment? What are the symptoms? And what is the treatment method? Here are some facts and advice from experts.

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Symptoms of retinal detachment

Retinal detachment is a condition in which the retina is detached from the inner wall of the eyeball. This is caused by a tear in the retina causing the vitreous fluid to flow through the tear or hole in the retina. inserted between the retinal layers and the back wall of the eye

There is also retinal detachment caused by other eye diseases, such as severe inflammation or diabetic macular degeneration. This type of macular degeneration does not have a hole in the optic nerve. Treatment must therefore focus primarily on the cause of the disease.

How to notice symptoms

1. See a black shadow as a spot or see cobwebs that suddenly appear. Or if you have seen it before, you will see more.

2. There is
a flash of lightning in the eyeball. Both while opening or closing eyes.

3. There is a shadow like a black curtain covering it. This causes vision to become blurry and eventually dark.

When such symptoms occur Even just one Patients should immediately undergo a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist. To check if there are any tears or peeling off of the retina or not. Because if you have it, you don’t receive timely treatment. Patients may develop retinal detachment so severe that they may become blind.

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‘Somdej Phra Maha Theerachan’ emphasizes those who pass the Pali Dhamma examination to diligently develop themselves and acquire knowledge.

Bangkok, “Somdet Phra Maha Theerachan” emphasizes the monks and the people. Those who pass the Pali Dhamma Examination must diligently develop themselves, acquire knowledge, and study foreign languages. To preserve Buddhism

At Wat Molilokayaram His Royal Highness Somdet Phra Maha Theerachan Committee of the Sangha Sangha Advisor to the Abbot Region 10, Wat Phra Chetuphon Wimon Mangkhalaram He was the ecclesiastical president at the Dhamma sermon celebration at Wat Molilokayaram School. and provide scholarships and robes to monks and novices and give souvenirs to the people Examiners for the Pali Dhamma Examination, year 2023, with Phra Thammarachanuwat Representative of monks and novices who have passed the Pali examination and representatives of Buddhists paid their respects on this occasion, Mrs. Supaporn Kongwutthipanya, Secretary to the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office. Was assigned by Dr. Puangpetch Chunlaid, Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office. He gave a report on the history of Wa
t Molilokayaram. and report on the examination of the Pali section of the Pariyatdhamma With Mr. Inthaphon Chan-iam, Director of the Office of Buddhism, joining as well.

Wat Molilokayaram School It is considered an important religious educational institution in the country, headed by Chao Khun Phra Thammarachanuwat. Being the third sect master, he has continued the aspirations of the past sect masters. It was used to manage the education of the Pariyatdhamma in both the Pali and Dhamma departments in a strong and systematic manner until there were a large number of people who believed in Buddhism and passed the exams.

This year, a total of 390 monks and novices passed the Pali examination, accounting for 73.33% of the total number of monks and novices taking the examination. and the general public who passed the exam, totaling 35 people. This year’s exam It is considered to have the most people passing the exam in Thailand for the 8th year in a row. It is also an outstanding school in central Bangkok.

On t
his occasion, His Royal Highness Somdej Phra Thirayanamuni Gave advice to the Sangha and Buddhists Emphasis is placed on having comprehensive education and diligently acquiring additional knowledge of foreign languages, such as English, in order to develop oneself to keep up with changes in the world. and can transmit to many countries the correct principles and teachings of Buddhism. It is a joint effort to preserve Buddhism so that it continues.

Source: Thai News Agency

The market opened for less than an hour and gold was already reduced by 100 baht.

Bangkok, The price of gold, less than an hour after the market opened, has been reduced by 100 baht. Gold jewelry is selling for 37,150 baht per baht, gold bars are selling for 36,650 baht per baht.

The Gold Traders Association reports today’s gold price, March 18, 2024, announced for the first time (market opening) at 9:07 a.m., down 50 baht, compared to the one-time announcement of the gold price on Saturday, which dropped 50 baht. Baht, gold jewelry is sold at 37,150 baht per baht, gold bars are sold at 36,650 baht per baht.

And at 9:57 a.m., the second announcement was reduced by another 50 baht. Gold ornaments were sold at 37,100 baht per baht, gold bars were sold at 36,600 baht per baht.

Last week, gold was able to rise to a new all-time high, gold bars at 36,750 and gold jewelry at 37,250 baht.

Spot gold price this morning moved at the level of 2,152.50 US dollars and the second time it was at the level of 2,149 US dollars.

Gold prices fell, pressured by the strengthening dollar. It is expected t
hat the US Federal Reserve (Fed) will keep interest rates high for a long time following the release of higher-than-expected US inflation data last week.

Source: Thai News Agency

Hanoi records threefold increase in dengue fever compared to 2023

Hanoi: Hanoi has recorded 513 cases of dengue fever since the beginning of the year, triple compared to the same period last year.

The Hanoi Centre for Disease Control (CDC) reported that in recent weeks, the city continues to witness cases of dengue fever, averaging between 17-24 cases per week.

Among the various districts and towns, places like Dong Da, Ha Dong, Hoang Mai, Hai Ba Trung, Bac Tu Liem, Chuong My and Thanh Xuan have emerged as hotspots with the highest number of patients.

Dengue fever is known to strike from August to November, with its peak typically occurring in October or November.

However, in recent years, the disease has taken an ominous turn, making its presence felt as early as the beginning of the year.

Experts said the early onset and surge in cases to insufficient efforts in disease prevention and control, coupled with unpredictable weather changes, heightened humidity levels and heavy rainfall – all creating ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes, the carriers of this disease.

n response to this alarming situation, the Hanoi Department of Health has rolled out a plan for 2024 aimed at tackling the spread of the disease.

This plan stresses the importance of proactive measures in each district, town and municipality based on the prevailing circumstances, along with the strategic deployment of trained personnel and additional resources to combat outbreaks effectively.

The Hanoi Department of Health has developed a plan to implement disease prevention and control measures in the area for 2024, emphasising the proactive implementation of appropriate disease prevention and control plans by districts, towns, and municipalities according to the actual situation. It also includes the deployment of prepared personnel and additional resources at different levels of disease outbreaks in the locality.

The healthcare sector in the capital city has set a goal of establishing a 100% workforce of health collaborators in communes, wards and townships to support the protection, care and improvemen
t of public health.

The Hanoi CDC remains cautious, forecasting the possibility of new cases in the coming months. The public is urged not to let their guard down and to remain vigilant against the threat of dengue fever./.

Source: Vietnam News Agency

A group of more than 30 people attacked a rescue volunteer.

Bangkok, A gratitude volunteer was attacked by a group of more than 30 people at a gas station in Sai Mai District. It is believed that the attacker was another rescue unit. and there are overlapping problems in helping

Image from the car’s front camera and mobile phone of volunteers of the Ruamkatanyu Foundation The event was recorded at approximately 12:30 a.m. last night. A large man brought more than 30 people into a gas station. On Theparak-Saimai Road, Khlong Thanon Subdistrict, Sai Mai District, Bangkok before going in and slapping the face of a Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteer and followed to cause bodily harm

A fellow volunteer at the Ruamkatanyu Foundation called the police to stop the incident. When the police arrived The group of attackers rushed out of the gas station and got into a car and fled. One of them was an ambulance belonging to the Sai Mai OPP. As for the injured person, Was taken to Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital before being transferred to Rajavithi Hospital In addition to this injure
d person Another Ruamkatanyu Foundation volunteer was slightly injured. Went to register a daily report with the Bang Khen Police Station investigator and then went for a physical examination at the hospital.

The crux of the conflict Initially, there were reports that both parties were rescue volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation. and Civil Defense Volunteers or Sai Mai Civil Defense Volunteers were notified of an accident in Soi Phahon Yothin 54/1 where someone was injured. When they arrived at the scene, the two sides were arguing and hurting each other. After joining in gratitude, the injured person was taken to the hospital. An appointment was made to clear up the problem. Until the incident according to the clip happened.

After the incident Rescue volunteers at Ruamkatanyu Foundation Go and ask for the person who caused the incident at the Sai Mai OPP unit in order to bring the information to report. But did not receive cooperation and on the way back There was a criminal riding a motorcycle using
an unknown type of firearm. Tried to shoot at the car of rescue volunteers from the Ruamkatanyu Foundation in the area of ??Sai Mai Police Station.

Source: Thai News Agency

Prepare to detain and imprison two New Zealand tourists for stealing a police gun.

Phuket, Prepare to detain and be held against bail for two foreign tourists in Phuket who attacked a police officer, snatching a gun until they fired one shot, angry that they were called to inspect their motorcycles, and officials are considering revoking their visas.

This happened On the evening of March 16, while Police Lieutenant Somsak Noo-iad, Traffic Group Commander, Chalong Police Station, went out to inspect the area. In the area of ??Chao Fa East Road, in front of Chalong Police Station, Mueang District, Phuket Province, two foreign men were found driving motorcycles. Their names were later learned: MR.HAMISH, 36 years old, New Zealand nationality, and MR.OSCAR, 38 years old, New Zealand nationality. The drivers of both motorcycles did not drive close to the left edge. and use high speeds in community areas So he called to stop the car. But the two of them didn’t stop and fled, so Pol. Somsak drove after them.

Until we reached the area in front of the duck noodle shop. Chaofa East Rd. Both driver
s stopped the car and expressed their dissatisfaction with the officers. and take a clip of the event Before coming in, he swiped the phone from the official. Then they attacked and detained Pol.Sgt. Somsak along with stealing a firearm. This caused the gun to fire once, but no one was injured. After that, he tried to bribe officials. which was a chaotic event for a long time Before officials came to separate the two sides.

After that, the police detained the two foreigners and sent them to Chalong Police Station to be prosecuted according to law for crimes of ‘jointly committing robbery, jointly obstructing and injuring officials while performing their duties, and jointly attempting to give property as an inducement.’ and driving without a driver’s license.’

Pol. Col. Ekkarat Plaiduang, superintendent of Chalong Police Station, said today (March 18) he will take the two foreign tourists into jail and oppose bail. Because both of them are tourists and do not have a place of residence. So he was afraid that
he would escape. And from the initial interrogation, both of them denied it and asked to testify in court only.

The reporter further reported that today the committee scrutinizes the revocation of visas for foreigners who have committed illegal acts. Chaired by the Governor of Phuket Province, police officers from Chalong Police Station will be invited to provide information about the behavior of the said foreigners. It is possible that they may consider revoking the visas of both tourists because they are considered to have inappropriate and serious behavior. Because there was an attack on officials and there was also bribery. The two people traveled to Phuket on March 11, 2024 and their visas were due on April 9, 2024.

Source: Thai News Agency

Pol. Gen. Roy instructs the Immigration Bureau to strictly investigate foreigners for brash behavior.

Bangkok, Police General Roy, Deputy Police Commander, instructs the Immigration Bureau. Strictly inspect and arrest foreigners with extreme behavior. Ready to report results every month.

Police General Roy Ingkhapairoj, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police As Acting Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police There was an order letter dated March 14 to the Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau. Regarding enforcing practices in preventing and suppressing foreigners who engage in illegal behavior It specifies cases in which foreigners who have been temporarily allowed to stay in the Kingdom have behavior that poses a threat to that society. From the inspection, it was found that it had not been entered as required by law. There are hidden behaviors in the country for other reasons. There is also violation or avoidance of compliance with the law. Shows a lack of respect for Thai law.

Therefore, measures to prevent and suppress foreigners who engage in illegal behavior have been enacted, namely by increasin
g strictness in screening foreigners entering and exiting the Kingdom. as well as consideration for temporary stay in the Kingdom Visa inspection and change of visa type, complete investigation and arrest of all illegal acts involving foreigners. Including immigration laws, working of foreigners, operating illegal businesses or businesses, doing disguised legal acts (nominating) and coordinating with relevant agencies to check that Are there any behaviors that qualify as being an influencer? If found, proceed with revocation of permission to stay in the Kingdom according to Immigration Act B.E. 2522 along with instructing affiliated agencies to prepare action plans. and set a circle for continuous inspection, investigation, and arrest If there is a grouping, expand the results for everyone and report the results within the 10th of every month, starting from April onwards.

Source: Thai News Agency

Hit “Pitha” to Chiang Mai, hoping to steal the prime minister’s spotlight.

Government House, Deputy government spokesperson responds to “Pitha” advising the government to have local administrative organizations deal with dust, insisting that there is a clear and continuous disaster prevention plan. The central government is more prepared than the local government. Hit the area at the same time as the Prime Minister, hoping to steal the show.

Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office Mentioning the case of Mr. Pitha Limcharoenrat An advisor to the leader of the Progressive Party said that the government has no plan to solve the PM 2.5 dust problem. According to the 2007 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Act, Section 6, there is a National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Committee (National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Committee). PWA) with the Prime Minister or Deputy Prime Minister assigned by the Prime Minister as chairman. and the Minister of Interior is the first vice-president. According to this law, Section 7 clearly states that th
e PWA is the policy maker in preparing the national disaster prevention and mitigation plan.

Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office said that regarding the national disaster prevention and relief plan Therefore it was not as Mr. Pitha said. In this matter, Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has followed the government’s policy on this matter in order. There will be a letter to the provincial governors of every province starting December 9, 2023 regarding preparations for prevention and solving forest fire problems. Smog and small dust PM 2.5 in 2023-2024 in Bangkok Mr. Anutin has a letter dated December 9, 2023 regarding defense preparations. and solve the problem of small dust particles PM2.5 in 2023-2024 as well

Mr. Karom said that later, when Mr. Anutin saw that the situation of forest fires and smog and small dust particles become more severe Mr. Anutin has a letter dated February 28, 2024 to the provincial governors and provincial directors of every pro
vince regarding monitoring, reviewing and preparing incident response plans. Prevent and reduce pollution from various sources such as open burning. Burning in agricultural areas This shows the government’s serious attention to this problem. Because it is a problem for people all over the country. But the problem of forest fires It comes from many reasons, such as problems with citizens who go to collect forestry. and cause fire both intentional and negligent As for the problem of small dust particles, they also come from many causes, both within the country and from neighboring countries. The Prime Minister has given orders to set up a Thailand team. to coordinate problem solving with neighboring countries By working together in an integrated manner

Deputy Spokesperson for the Prime Minister’s Office said that as for Mr. Pitha, if the party advances to become government It would be more efficient to have the local administrative organization come in and do the work themselves. By allocating a budget of 3 mi
llion baht to each location, is this right or wrong or is it effective or not? We have to wait for the party to advance to government first. But about public disasters According to the law, there are many things such as What we currently face are fires, storms, floods, and droughts. which has the ability to manage disasters in terms of knowledge Equipment, tools, and personnel, the central government will be more prepared to solve problems than local government organizations. In order to declare which province is a disaster area must be carefully considered Because it has many effects and the fact that the government uses the central budget to solve problems The aim is to solve the same problem. Not different

‘The fact that Mr. Pitha, as a member of the House of Representatives, went to the area to know the problem. to bring to speak in the House of Representatives Dutifully, that’s a good thing. But Mr. Pitha must keep an open mind and listen to the facts from the government. The fiscal year 2024 budget is
currently being considered by the council. But the government can manage the budget to solve problems for the people well to a certain extent. The fact that Mr. Pitha went to the northern region while the Prime Minister was on a mission in that area Even though there’s nothing wrong But in politics, it’s about competing for the spotlight with the Prime Minister. and ignorance of the times The purpose is clearly to degrade the Prime Minister. Destroys the credibility of the government I don’t want to go into the area to see the real problem. to bring to speak in the House of Representatives Because of this information Not difficult to find from MPs of the progressive party in Chiang Mai province already have information. But it is a matter of maturity or not knowing what is appropriate or inappropriate,’ Mr. Karom Said.

Source: Thai News Agency