Young rider complains that police chased him and beat him up

A young rider appeals for justice after a police patrol chased him without wearing a helmet. When he reached him, he was severely beaten before being searched and his car found nothing illegal.

Mr. Sumet, 29 years old, a young rider, filed a complaint with the Sai Mai Must Survive page after being attacked by police officers from Chalong Krung Police Station after he rode his motorcycle away from the police for 5 kilometers because he was afraid of being arrested for not wearing a helmet and not carrying a driver’s license, which the victim considered to be excessive force.

Mr. Sumet said that at around 2:00 AM on July 8, while he was running a rider job on Chalong Krung Road and driving against traffic to pick up his dropped phone, two police officers suddenly called him to pull over. So he turned his motorcycle around and rode away from the police because he was afraid of being caught for not wearing a helmet and not having his driver’s license. The police chased him on a motorcycle and beat him with bat
ons for a distance of more than 5 kilometers. When the police caught up with him, he could not escape and fell off his motorcycle. The police stepped on him, kicked him in the face, and assaulted him. When they searched his motorcycle, they did not find anything illegal, so he was released. He thinks that this was an overreaction. He was physically assaulted and injured, with a cut lip and 4 stitches. Who can he sue for compensation? After the incident, he went to file a complaint with the police at Chorakhe Noi Police Station, which is the area where the assault occurred. However, when he arrived, the police at Chorakhe Noi Police Station coordinated with the other party at Chalong Krung Police Station to talk to him. However, in the end, the police at Chalong Krung Police Station took him back to face charges of reckless driving and not wearing a helmet. and did not carry a driver’s license, fined 2,000 baht. As for the police at Chorakhe Noi Police Station, they only recorded the incident and did not take
legal action against the other police officer.

As for why he didn’t bring his driving license, even though he did have it and didn’t wear a helmet, Mr. Sumet said that he forgot it at home and that he had been fined for not wearing a helmet and not carrying his driving license before, so he ran away because he was afraid of being caught and fined again.

Mr. Ekkapop Lueangprasert, founder of the Sai Mai Must Survive page, said that this case must be separated into 2 issues. The case where the victim drove away from the police was already prosecuted. However, the police who physically assaulted her must also be prosecuted. The victim has already gone to the hospital for a checkup. He warned the victim that the next time the police call for a checkup, they should let them do so without fleeing. If they run away, the police will think that something is illegal and they will have to chase them. However, if they chase them and do not find anything illegal, they should not assault them like this. He will coordinat
e with the police at the Chorakhe Noi Police Station to call the other party to discuss how to compensate them.

Source: Thai News Agency

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