Police respond to the Prime Minister’s 5 urgent policy orders

The National Police Chief has accepted the Prime Minister’s 5 urgent policies to crack down on drugs and online gambling to the satisfaction of the public.

Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimol, the national police chief, revealed after chairing a meeting to suppress crimes according to urgent policies that Prime Minister Settha Thavisin had ordered urgent action on 5 issues: drugs, smuggling of pigs, smuggled goods across the border, foreign gray business operations in Phuket, Chonburi and Bangkok, and illegal online gambling, to be expedited in the last quarter. All 5 issues are in the 11 policies of the Royal Thai Police and have been implemented by the police in the past. There have been more arrests and prosecutions compared to last year, but the public is still not satisfied. From now on, the results of all operations must be publicized until the final step, which is the case reaching its conclusion and asset seizure, so that the public is informed. This is something that needs to be rethought and set goals on ho
w to proceed. Regarding drugs, the ‘Roi Et Model’ is being prepared to be used to solve the problem of zero drugs and making it a sustainable white area, so that the public can be confident that drugs will not return.

As for solving the problem of online crimes, he emphasized that there were more arrests than last year and it must be made known to the public. The same goes for the call center gang. Pol. Lt. Gen. Thatchai Pitaneelabut, Assistant Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, is expediting the process, especially the center for reporting the numbers belonging to the call center gang to the public to prevent them from becoming victims.

Pol. Gen. Torsak emphasized that solving the 5 urgent problems must be integrated, not just the police department alone. The Prime Minister has ordered the integration of forces from the military, police, and administration, including many units, along with investing a huge budget. This is something the government has devoted itself to, but it may not be able to cover e
very area yet. However, if it is a model, it will be expanded to other provinces. We will try our best to see tangible results.

As for the remaining civil service, he is ready to do his best and pass it on to the next national police chief because it is a duty that he must take responsibility for. Wherever there are weaknesses or gaps, they must be solved because crime has never disappeared from the world. There must be prevention and preparation of both personnel and equipment. He emphasized that the police are doing their best, but if asked if it is 100%, it is probably not 100%. If it is 90%, it is good, such as the results of arresting both small-scale and large-scale dealers and users because drugs are the basis that leads to various crimes.

Source: Thai News Agency

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