Today’s heat index is expected to be the highest. Very dangerous level

Today’s temperature is extremely hot. The heat index is expected to be at a very dangerous level. Risk of heatstroke The Department of Health recommends that outdoor activities should not be done.

Heat index value Refers to the temperature that the body can feel at that time, depending on temperature and humidity. air relations It is more suitable for indicating the risk of the body being affected by heat than using the highest temperature value. For how to behave when the heat index value is high will be separated by temperature in degrees Celsius as follows:

27-32.9 degrees green, monitoring level, follow the news Risk groups should drink clean water frequently. Reduce outdoor activities between 11-3 p.m.

33-41.9 degrees yellow, warning level Drink clean water often Reduce outdoor activities between 11-3 p.m. High-risk groups should monitor themselves for symptoms.

42-51.9 degrees orange, dangerous level, monitor yourself for symptoms. High-risk groups should have the nearest hospital number.

From 52
degrees and above, red, very dangerous level. Absolutely refrain from doing outdoor activities. Today the heat index value will reach a very dangerous level.

For the health effects of heat It is an effect caused by exposure to higher air temperatures. beyond the level that the body can accept It may affect the body both directly and indirectly, such as fatigue, dizziness, rashes, swelling, cramps, and heat stroke or histology.

Risk groups include young children from birth to 5 years old, adults 65 years and up, pregnant women, sick people, or people with underlying diseases. People who have to work outdoors and tourists If you see an emergency You can inform us at number 1669.

Meanwhile, low air pressure due to heat covers upper Thailand. Looks like this This causes Thailand to have hot to very hot weather. People are asked to avoid working or engaging in activities in open areas for long periods of time. The highest temperature in the northern, northeastern and central regions is 41-42 degrees, Bangkok 41
degrees, and the eastern and southern regions approximately 39-40 degrees.

Source: Thai News Agency

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