“Suthin” points out that the Prime Minister is right, the coup is out of control.

Bangkok, “Suthin” sees “Settha” as being right. The coup is out of control. Confirming that there is still no sign of viewing the army commander as a new generation. Confident that the context has changed, I am still comfortable and have no concerns.

Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense, mentioned the case of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. Gave an interview to a foreign news agency Regarding the factors of the coup that It is something that cannot be controlled. In which the Minister of Defense Can it be controlled or not? The Prime Minister is right. If this matter were to happen Legal matters cannot be controlled. Normally, society is controlled by laws. You must mean that. Because this part is a matter of law that cannot be controlled.

As for whether the administration can control it or not? Admit it’s not easy. The part that can be controlled is social psychology. by the needs of the people But he believes that this matter is not easy. It doesn’t happen easily. Beca
use it has come quite far.

As for the relationship between the government and the military right now, Mr. Suthin stated that it is as normal as it should be. Like a bureaucracy Policy making department With government officials now the mechanism is working perfectly.

Will the lesson have to be removed or not? Because in the past the Prime Minister from the Pheu Thai Party There are often coups d’etat. Mr. Suthin said that it depends on the context. Between then and now, he is still comfortable and not worried about anything. He thinks that the context has changed.

Are there any signals? Because it has been the government for six months, Mr. Suthin confirmed, ‘There are no, there are only good signs. This really isn’t there.”

As for the military’s dissatisfaction with purchasing weapons, Do you think it will be a factor in the coup or not? Mr. Suthin stated that it would not be, if we have a reason. Don’t object without reason. or think it is for personal benefit If we object with reason, he can accept it.
But if he thinks of doing it for his own benefit. or make political gains for yourself This will be a problem. We avoid Things like this shouldn’t happen.

As for looking into the eyes of the army commander, there’s nothing unusual, right? Mr. Suthin said that he did not know. He said that everyone is a new generation with good ideas and new ideas.

When asked about the Prime Minister coming out to mention a case in which the government was criticized for licking soldiers’ boots, Mr. Suthin said that he viewed it with fairness. There is nothing to please each other, nothing at all.

‘There are still disagreements about many things. I want to buy a ship, but I don’t get a ship. And soon, measures to buy weapons will come out as a total package. Now he has given advice to the minister. General Somsak Rungjitta, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces and Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense go study urgently When the fiscal year 2025 ends and moves to fiscal year 2026, new types of procurement will hav
e to be made. There is none. There is nothing to lick. These things do not exist. Stay within your own lines,’ Mr. Suthin said.

When asked to repeat that before 2006 the package was completed. and use budget funds to implement populist policies Before the revolution, Mr. Suthin cried out, ‘Oh,’ and said, ‘At that time, as I said, then and now probably no more. Today the army knows how far society has advanced. I have to adapt. It’s not a problem. We manage it. On the needs of the people, they know. If we manage on our own needs, it will be messy. We adhere to this principle.’

Source: Thai News Agency