Surabaya street gets murals to draw tourists

The Surabaya city government has been beautifying the iconic Tunjungan Street, Surabaya, East Java, with murals related to the coronavirus health protocols.

Through the effort, Surabaya Mayor Eri Cahyadi said he wants to turn Tunjungan Street into a tourist area to drive the community’s economy.

“After Surabaya entered Level 1 PPKM (public activity restrictions) , it is about time we upgrade the Surabaya MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises),” Cahyadi remarked in Surabaya on Monday.

Economic recovery efforts are being bolstered by the Surabaya government not merely through the implementation of the Surabaya Fashion Week (SFW) 2021, he said.

In the near future, the government is also planning to revive Tunjungan Street as a tourist spot, he informed.

“Insya Allah (God willing), there will be launching for Tunjungan Street. I will ask for the help of all entrepreneurs in the city to wear Surabaya Batik to walk on Tunjungan Street with the mayor and the Regional Leadership Communication Forum (Forkopimda),” he remarked.

Furthermore, he said he is optimistic that with the spirit of collaboration and togetherness among stakeholders, communities, and Forkopimda, Surabaya will become a greater city in the future.

Earlier, Deputy Mayor of Surabaya, Armuji, had reviewed Tunjungan Street on Sunday night to ensure the design of the historic area was in accordance with the instructions of Mayor Cahyadi.

“I hope that Tunjungan Street becomes the icon of economic recovery in Surabaya. The tourist area will be designed exceptionally. If Bandung has Braga, Yogya has Malioboro, then Surabaya has Tunjungan,” Armuji pointed out.

As part of his review, Armuji observed the mural arts initiated by the Disaster Mitigation and Community Protection Agency (BPB Linmas) of Surabaya city.

He also showed examples of three-dimensional murals to mural artists for inspiration.

“The COVID-19 case numbers in Surabaya can be suppressed. The economic growth can slowly recover. Thus, I ask people to comply with health protocols and the government advice,” he said.

Source: Antara News