Raids and arrests the residence of a prominent religious monk who is selling methamphetamine.

Nakhon Phanom,, Police raid and arrest a leading religious monk. Famous forest monastery Released from drug trafficking case, returned to ordination to study Opened a methamphetamine trading cubicle, seized more than 300 pills, along with ice. Confessed that he wanted to have extra income, organized a promotion to sell 3 pills for 100. Investigative team, That Phanom Police Station, Nakhon Phanom Province, together with security agency officials. Raided and searched inside the monks’ quarters at a famous forest temple in Nam Kam Subdistrict, That Phanom District, Nakhon Phanom Province, after finding out that There was a monk who behaved inappropriately. Has a habit of both taking drugs and dealing drugs. Initially, it was found to be the residence of Phra Montree or Mr. Montree, aged 37 years. A search of the residence found 372 methamphetamine tablets and 2 grams of ice, so he invited the abbot and the preceptor to come and take leave. before being detained for questioning and prosecution at That Phanom Police Station Mr. Montree confessed that he has been ordained to study Buddhist Lent at the temple since 2020. He is now 3 years old. He was previously arrested for selling 10,000 methamphetamine tablets and was sentenced to 7 years in prison by the Nakhon Phanom Provincial Court. When he was freed, he decided to Ordained until graduating as a Dhamma major But he was contacted by a methamphetamine network that he had known before. Put the amphetamines on hold for sale. Get a profit of 5-10 baht per pill because you want to have extra income. By opening monks’ quarters in temples as pick-up and drop-off points to avoid arrest. know that it is illegal But I can’t stand the motivation. Because I myself am addicted too. Therefore, he sold methamphetamine to a network in the area and organized a promotion for selling 3 tablets for 100 baht. He asked to admit his guilt and return to serve his sentence in prison. Possession of amphetamine, a Class 1 drug, for sale. Ready to expedite the investigation into the wrongdoing Follow up and arrest the network to break the cycle of users and traders in the area.

Source: Thai News Agency

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