Prepare to transfer the highway patrol officer to the police hospital today.

Lopburi, A highway patrolman was hit by a young woman driving a sedan. Symptoms respond better, pulse stable, prepare to move from King Narai Hospital came to receive treatment at Police Hospital late today.

In the case of Police Sergeant Piyanan, a highway patrol officer, he was hit by a young woman driving a sedan while on duty facilitating traffic at Village No. 4, Delang Subdistrict, Phatthana Nikhom District. Lopburi Province His body was thrown about 10 meters away, his head hit the ground and he was seriously injured.

Dr. Nucharin Aksorndee, director of Phra Narai Maharat Hospital, revealed that the injured person had blood flowing around the lungs and brain, brain swelling, and a fractured and broken neck bone. The face has a recent injury. The symptoms are responding well. The pulse is stable. This is a good trend. As for whether or not he will be taken to the police hospital for treatment? You need to evaluate your symptoms again.

Recently, it was reported that today (April 18) at 10:00 AM there
will be a transfer of Police Sergeant Piyanan from Phra Narai Maharat Hospital. He went to be treated at the Police Hospital, using the Police Hospital’s ambulance to pick him up. After that, there was a convoy of 4 highway police vehicles leading the procession using the Asian Road route. Take the Toll Expressway to the Police Hospital. Therefore, we ask for cooperation from road users on the said route to help facilitate the route if they see the said convoy transporting patients. Which is expected to arrive at the Police Hospital at approximately no later than 12.00 hrs.

Source: Thai News Agency