MEA announces Low Priority electric charge rate of 2.9162 baht per unit.

Bangkok: MEA or Metropolitan Electricity Authority Notification of electric energy rates for low priority public electric charging stations at 2.9162 baht per unit (excluding VAT according to the Energy Regulatory Commission’s resolution on 10 May 2023), excluding the Demand Charge charge.

For operators providing public electric charging stations in the MEA service area of Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan, they must pay Ft electricity in addition to the aforementioned electric energy rate. (The rate is as approved by the Energy Regulatory Commission, which is reviewed every 4 months) and has a monthly service fee of 312.24 baht per month, effective from the electricity bill in July 2023 onwards.

MEA confirms and provides confidence that Able to supply enough electricity to meet the standard maximum charging power of all types of electric charger heads. The operator can manage the power received from the MEA to the charging heads according to the needs of the users at that time, both in the case where th
ere are people using some of the charging heads. To be able to charge at the highest power according to charging head standards. And in the case of using every charger at the same time, it can be charged at an appropriate power that does not exceed the capability of the electrical distribution system. which each charging station will be dense and the behavior of users who use the service are different. Operators must comply with the technical requirements of the MEA by being able to control, reduce, or cut off electricity usage at electric charging stations. When there are limitations in the electricity distribution system, so that MEA can manage the stability of the electrical system for all electricity consumers as a whole.

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Source: Thai News Agency