Manggenoon joined the army and was captured and sold.

Nakhon Ratchasima, Villagers in Nong Bua, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, flocked to catch swarms of Chinese beetles invading rubber trees. Sold for extra income, good price, 200 baht per kilogram.

Villagers in Nong Bua, Tabaek Ban Subdistrict, Khonburi District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province went out to catch the beetles that came to eat on the leaves. to be used for cooking and selling as extra income During this time, the mangoes are especially active. Especially the three large rubber trees at the end of the village. Every night, they are filled with millions of beetles, flying to hang out and eat the leaves until they are completely black. Villagers had to spread canvases under the rubber trees and shake the branches to make the mangoes fall down. Have fun shoveling it into the prepared bucket. Because this year there were so many that the villagers couldn’t collect them all. Each time shake the branches of the rubber tree. Swarms of beetles fly around like bees breaking a hive. Part will fall into the canvas
. clings to clothes Villagers say that this year the numbers came out many times more than every year.

The headman of Nong Bua village said that this year the genus beetles have flocked to find food, and the trees are completely black. Until the villagers couldn’t take it away. It might be because of the hot weather. Suitable for the propagation of mangoes. Each day, villagers get tens of kilograms of mangoes. Selling for 150-200 baht per kilogram.

Source: Thai News Agency

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