Indonesia continues to enhance cooperation with Palestine

The Indonesian government will continue to enhance cooperation with Palestine in various fields to support the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence, a Foreign Ministry official said.

One of the areas of cooperation that have been in place is the application of zero tariffs on Indonesia’s import of Palestine’s key commodities such as olive oil, fruits and dates since January 2018, Director of the Middle East at the Foreign Ministry Bagus Hendraning Kobarsyih said.

“Right now, Indonesia is also seeking to sign a preferential trade agreement (PTA) with the Palestinian government in order to help the Palestinian people conduct trade and increase economic cooperation between the two countries,” he said in a talkshow on Palestinian Solidarity Week: Millennial Peacemaker Forum monitored virtually from Jakarta on Sunday.

In this regard, the Palestinian government has proposed zero tariffs on 61 products including nuts, bolts, soap, ceramics and spices..

The discussion of PTA is directed towards enhancing trade cooperation between the two countries which currently stands at US$5 million per year, or only 0.1 percent of Palestine’s international trade.

Indonesia’s concrete support to Palestine has also been clearly shown at various international forums and through capacity building programs.

“The Indonesian government also highly appreciates contributions from various elements of the Indonesian community to provide and extend assistance among the Palestinian people,” he said.

The Palestinian Solidarity Week is held before November 29 declared by the UN as International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, to remind the world that the Palestinian issue is yet to be settled due to Israel’s continued occupation.

Indonesia has expressed deep concern about the fact that amid the COVID-19 pandemic Palestinian people continue to suffer human rights violations including arrest, demolition and illegal seizure of property by Israel.

Indonesia called for serious support from the international community to press Israel to stop the illegal act.

“Indonesia reiterates its stand to fully support the Palestinian people’s struggle for independence and sovereignty in accordance with the mandate of our constitution until two state solution is achieved in accordance with the international parameter jointly agreed upon,” he said.


Source: Antara News

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