BRGM holds peatland product expo to boost local economy


The Peatland and Mangrove Restoration Agency (BRGM) has held a two-day exhibition that showcase the potential of peatland products in South Sumatra to improve people’s economy.

BRGM Deputy for Education and Socialization, Participation and Partnership Myrna A Safitri said peatland restoration as well as other environmental development would not run sustainably without considering the economic aspect.

“Therefore, BRGM has used the strategy of 3R, rewetting, revegetation, and revitalization. This economic revitalization has targeted people, that peatland restoration would not harm the public,” Safitri said in a statement here on Sunday.

Peatland restoration would not dispossess local people, on the other hand, it supports the government to improve people’s welfare, Safitri remarked.

The exhibition on November 27-28 in Palembang was the first of its kind held by BRGM and the South Sumatra government.

It has become an evidence of the success of peatland restoration in the past five years.

“Today, we are proud of having 10 booths in the exhibition. This is a proof for our five-year joint effort along with the regional government, village administration, community groups, and people, to see the potential of peatland that can be explored without damaging the ecosystem,” she said.

According to Safitri, the products have been sold in online market and have met the export quality standard.

Vice Governor of South Sumatra Mawardi Yahya said the exhibition was part of efforts to prevent forest and land fires.


Source: Antara News