If the House of Representatives exposes corruption No need to vote, the government will lose on its own.

Parliament, “Senator Praphan” hopes the opposition will continue to build on the Senate. Discussion and inspection of government work I believe that if I use the in-depth information to open the wounds connected to corruption. Even though there is no resolution will be politically defeated People do not have trust and faith. They see the Democrat Party discussing Thaksin as being better than advancing. They point out that the more the government protects, the more it loses.

Mr. Praphan Khunmee, a member of the Senate (Senator), said that there will be a general debate without a vote under Section 152 of the House of Representatives tomorrow (April 3) that it is considered the duty of MPs according to their constitutional role. As a senator who has discussed this matter before according to Section 153, if the MPs perform their duties with strength Even though it is a discussion without voting. But there are many important issues that the Senate has already discussed, such as the problem of land in the ALRO b
eing changed to a title deed. and allocation of land to farmers That is likely to be against the law and may lead to corruption in many matters. I believe that MPs will do their homework and develop further.

‘The issue of the Royal Thai Police is likely to be a hot topic. The Prime Minister cannot deny responsibility. Because he is the chairman of the Police Commission. The problem does not end with the method of calling the commander. Police and Deputy Commissioner of Police come to the Prime Minister’s Office. Because this matter is in the way of corruption and illegality. Receiving tribute or being involved in the online gambling business is a matter that must be processed according to law. It depends on the attitude of the Prime Minister. I believe that the opposition will work hard. Will have to dig into this matter. To point out to the people that it has caused damage to the government administration,’ Mr. Praphan said.

Mr. Praphan said that regarding digital money, wallets, and negotiations over the
Thai-Cambodian overlapping area, if the panelists have information pointing to a connection to people in this government Is there anything related to vested interests that cause damage or loss to the nation? will be a big problem Because the actual overlapping area is only a few square kilometers. But it is an area with oil fields. It’s a huge benefit. Hopefully the discussion of MPs It will demonstrate efficiency and seriousness. This debate is for the benefit of the people. and will allow the government to continue improving and solving the nation’s problems.

‘Although this debate will not reach a resolution, But if the in-depth information is explained Point out issues and information Bring numbers to show, such as the issue of tens of thousands of rai of land. If you bring the names of the people who own them, show them. What capital group companies are there? The government cannot survive. Including the matter of receiving tribute money, it is the fault of people in the police industry. But it may go to
people holding political positions. It will lead to a political vote. You can lose politically. If the people don’t trust or believe It is a trend that continues to be published. The government must also take responsibility for improving work,’ Mr. Praphan said.

When asked about the case where the government came out to protect Mr. Thaksin Shinawatra, former prime minister, even before the debate had begun, Mr. Praphan said he was not sure how seriously the Progressive Party would take the discussion about Mr. Thaksin. But I believe that the Democrat Party will do a better job. The more the government comes out to protect Mr. Thaksin, the more damage it does. Because the government is considered to be the destroyer of the rule of law. which is a big deal

‘The policy is to create the rule of law. Protect the rule of law announced to foreign investors But will the government’s actions be like that? It is a matter that the opposition will reveal. If we go into the details and see if there are any behaviors. th
at the government does for the benefit of one person Just like Senator Seri Suwanphanon said that even one piece of government work can be a problem,’ Mr. Praphan said.

Source: Thai News Agency

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