‘Dan’ posted a picture of hugging his mother-to-be. This Valentine’s Day, hug 1 to 3

Nine Entertainment, New parents-to-be. For young singer Dan Worawet and young heroine Patty Angsumalin, they announced the good news that they are pregnant with their first child. Plus, it’s been confirmed that they’re having twins. The health of twin babies in the womb is strong and strong.

And on Valentine’s Day The father-to-be also posted a photo of him hugging his mother-to-be while sitting on the sofa. Down and write a message that ‘This Valentine’s Day, hug 1 to 3.

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“Jack-Baimon” sweet wedding for Valentine’s Day Celebrity friends flock to congratulate

Nine Entertainment, Happy to welcome another day of love. For actors with a good sense of humor, Jack Fan Chan or Jack Chalermphon Thikumpornthirawong With his celebrity girlfriend, Baimon Kittiya Jitphakdee, who held hands in a sweet wedding ceremony today (14 February 2024) at a restaurant in Chonburi Province, among family and entertainers who traveled to witness their love.

When looking at the groom’s wedding procession, he saw a dowry, a large pile of cash, a land title deed, and a car license plate auction sign.

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“Jenny got it all” couldn’t stand it and came out to defend “Jew”, insisting that he never clung to his wife.

Nine Entertainment, Unable to bear it, “Jenny got it all” came out to defend “Jew”, insisting that he never clung to his wife. I’m worried about my husband – I’m sad.

Daily drama ever. For the pair of young singer Jenny-Ratchanok Suwannaket or Jenny, you can get it all if you’re fresh and your young husband, Jew Coronation, recently netizens went to attack and curse the young Jew. that he came into life to cling to Jenny rarely work I don’t think about how tired people are.

This work is done by Jenny. I had to come out and give a long explanation. via personal Facebook immediately Confirmation of everything Jews purchase. It’s money he earned himself. I emphasize that I have never raised a man or paid for a man as many have accused. We both work hard. Concern for Jews right now is quite dizzying with this matter. Until you can’t be silent or let it go. So he had to come out and protect his family.

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“New Napassorn” smiles cheekily as she secretly watches “Peck” bathe her son. cute and gentle

Nine Entertainment, We are extremely excited about becoming new parents for the young MC Peck Premanat and the powerful singer New Napassorn because since New gave birth to her child, Nong Space. The couple’s first men, Peck and New, are working as full-time parents to take care of the baby on their own.

Recently, New posted a clip showing the moment when Peck gave his son a bath with determination. Do everything with gentleness and gentleness according to the nurse’s advice, while Nong Space seems to be pleased that her father bathes her. Because while Father Peck was using a cotton bud to clean Nong Space’s ears, he smiled sweetly and made a slurping sound to greet him from time to time, making Mother New, who was secretly watching father and son from afar, smile along with affection.

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“Nonkun” praises “Afl” for being very beautiful, taking a photo together for the first time

Nine Entertainment, Nonakul praises Aef as very beautiful, taking a photoshoot together for the first time. Say! Love scenes in real life are more embarrassing than in dramas. Revealing the first Valentine’s Day, lock the sweet queue on the same day.

Giving out lots of sweet moments for the FC to enjoy. As for the young male lead, Nonkul Chanon, who is in love with the female leading lady, Aph Thaksaorn, recently he posted a picture of a sweet couple for Valentine’s Day this year, which got fans teasing him a lot.

Nonakun revealed that the picture posted on Instagram was a photoshoot for a famous magazine together. Valentine’s Day Concept Nonkun reveals that the interview in the magazine is even sweeter than the released photos. He admitted that he was excited to be filming with AFL for the first time. He admitted that he was still awkward because he was embarrassed because the moments they were filming together had to be close. But he tried to do his best and said, “P’Afl is really beautiful.”

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“Toey Phongsakorn” ordained on behalf of her parents

Nine Entertainment, Congratulations on the merit of the young hero “Toey-Pongsakorn Mettarikanon”, 31 years old, entering the ordination ceremony. To compensate for the merit of father and mother At Bowonniwet Vihara Temple, Ratchaworawihan received the religious nickname Chutikro, meaning one who is prosperous and famous.

With family, close relatives, friends, brothers and sisters both inside and outside the entertainment industry joining in offering congratulations.

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So sweet! “Aob” turns on crazy love mode after admitting he’s flirting with “Prang”

Nine Entertainment, Makes the cheerleaders blush and twist. When seeing the crazy love moment of the young actor Aob Obnithi who went to comment teasingly under the picture of the Korean trip that the young heroine Prang Kannaran or Lady Prang posted on Instagram.

Recently, Ob admitted to the media in a manly manner that he was flirting with Prang and thanked the fans for their intense imagination and passion. So it gave us a chance to talk.

Pictures from the Korea trip that Prang posted. It’s a picture from the countdown trip to Korea that Aob Chuan Prang went with and also volunteered to act as a personal photographer. Waiting to take unlimited photos as well.

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