‘Boonrod’ the giant cobra was bitten by a dog, has recovered and was released back into the wild.

“Chao Boonrod” the giant king cobra who survived a dog bite until his wound was gaping. It is the only snake in the world that has been surgically treated and sterilized. It has recovered and has been released back into the wild.

Veterinary team and soldiers from Special Warfare Training Camp No. 4, Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. Help check Boonrod’s health one last time before releasing him back into the wild. After Chao Bunrod This is a giant king cobra, more than 5 meters long, that survived being bitten by a dog. Inside the villager’s fruit orchard At that time, soldiers from Special Warfare Training Camp No. 4, Sichon, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Go and save Chao Boonrod’s life. Which had a gaping wound and was in serious condition. He was taken to the veterinary team for treatment. After 1 month, the condition improved.

Lieutenant Phonphithak Chimkhonburi, a special forces training officer, said that “Chao Boonrod” came to recuperate at a special warfare training camp for more than a month. U
ntil he recovered, he was released back into the wild. Previously, the veterinary team needed more than 30 stitches and needed to be sterilized. to save life Therefore, ovarian surgery was required. make the Boon survive It is the first king cobra in Thailand. that has been sterilized and treated

Today’s health check: Chao Boonrod is in good condition and recovering well. In the chest that belonged to “Chao Boonrod”, it was found that the skin had been removed. It is confirmation that Boonrawd is in good health. The officials then moved to the foot of Khao Phut Thong. Spray water to relieve the heat before releasing ‘Chao Boonrod’ to crawl out of the trunk and into the forest.

Source: Thai News Agency

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