All residents infected with COVID-19 in Bangka Tengah recover

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All 16 residents of Bangka Tengah District, in Bangka Belitung Province infected with COVID-19 have recovered from the disease, a local health official.

“There were 16 active cases left and all of them have recovered today,” Chief of te Bangka Tengah District Health Office dr Anas Maarif said on Saturday.

He said the coronavirus infected 8,135 residents of Bangka Tengah since 2020. with 7,930 of them recovering, and 201 others succumbing to the virus.

The Bangka Tengah district government is focusing on handling cases of new variant of COVID-19 by launching vaccination drive, disseminating information on health protocols and preparing sufficient medical equipment.

The Health Office called on the residents to take caution about the spread of COVID-19 particularly Omicron variant.

Based on data of COVID-19 spread, four sub-districts are prone to the new variant The four sub-districts are Pangkalanbaru, Namang, Koba and Simpangkatis, which have a higher number of cases than that of other sub-districts.

Source: Antara News