A young man was arrested for slashing the owner of a liquor store and severed his arm.

Pattaya, A criminal wields a knife and attacks a liquor store owner until his arm is severed. After being dissatisfied with being warned not to smoke in front of the store Because cigarette smoke enters the store Recently, police have tracked down and arrested the 41-year-old perpetrator and have expanded their search for a total of 8 male youths who were traveling with the perpetrator.

Progress in the case that yesterday evening (April 1) around 8:00 p.m., Mr. Panithan, 39 years old, owner of a liquor store in Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, was attacked by a group of men armed with knives and cut his left girlfriend off. CCTV captured a man wearing a white short-sleeved shirt. Walking around, looking around in front of the store. Before walking in, he used a knife to attack the owner of a liquor store. Sitting in front of the store with my girlfriend unexpectedly The perpetrator tried to slash at the liquor store owner three times, causing the owner to flee inside the store. The perpetrator then ran
away immediately.

After the incident, Ms. Daraporn, 39 years old, the girlfriend of the shop owner, said that while she was sitting in front of the shop, two thieves came on motorcycles and parked in front of the shop. Before he came down and used a knife to cut his girlfriend, he was seriously injured. His left arm was severed. He was unconscious so he picked up his girlfriend’s arm and ran to the hospital. But the villain hasn’t stopped following. Still running after myself Luckily, I met a good citizen who came to help. The officers then chased after the culprit but were unable to catch him. At the scene of the incident, the culprit parked a gray motorcycle without a license plate attached. Turned on its side in front of the store.

As for the cause, it is known that on the evening of March 31, There was a car accident near the front of the store. It appeared that the two culprits had come to watch the incident and then smoke in front of the store. until smoke enters the shop His girlfriend then walked ou
t to warn him. Then we dispersed and went back. Until last night, April 1st. Both of the perpetrators returned to cause the incident. Initially, officials have deployed to track down the culprits. It is believed that he still managed to escape only a short distance. This is because the culprit left his motorcycle behind. Officials are inspecting CCTV at the scene of the incident. To track down the perpetrator and prosecute according to law.

Eyewitnesses said that while driving past the scene of the accident, they heard people shouting for help. So he turned the car around to see that there was a man with a missing arm and a woman walking to the hospital. Then ran after the criminal. Until he went to tell the criminal to surrender. But the criminal continued to run away. He could only understand that the injured person was going to shoot him yesterday evening. before escaping

Reporters went to the area to inspect the scene of the incident in front of a liquor store. A vendor was found selling merchandise at
Somdej Borommaratchathevi Na Sriracha Hospital. She revealed that she had not witnessed the incident at the time of the incident. Only a group of teenagers could be seen running away after the incident. and saw the injured boyfriend carry his boyfriend’s arm to the hospital The perpetrator is approximately 30-40 years old. The cause is believed to be caused by cigarettes. Because before the day of the incident, there was a car crash. causing the insurance to call the other party’s car to park on the side of the road After that, the injured person went to warn this group not to smoke in that area. Because cigarette smoke enters the shop where he sells things.

Ms. Daraporn, the injured girlfriend, said that according to her boyfriend’s condition, doctors had already sewed his arm together. And today I’m out of the ICU, but I still need to watch my symptoms closely. I would like to ask the officials to help arrest the culprit and punish him quickly. Because I fear that it will not be safe. As for the perpetrato
r, he wanted to come in and surrender.

Police know the whereabouts of all the perpetrators.

Sriracha Police Investigation Team is in the process of investigating, tracking down and accelerating the arrest of the culprit. Preliminary examination of CCTV cameras in the entire radius of the incident. It was found that there were 8 culprits in total, spread out and hiding in places close to the crime scene. And knives were passed to each other. Officials already know the identity of the culprit. But cannot reveal more than this.

Most recently, police investigators from Sri Racha Police Station tracked down and arrested the perpetrator, named Mr. Wihan, aged 41, while hiding in a rented room in Surasak Subdistrict, Sri Racha District, and seized a knife as a weapon. Clothes used on the day of the incident After that, the results were expanded to track down a total of 8 male youths who traveled with the perpetrators. Come for further questioning at Sriracha Police Station.-

Source: Thai News Agency

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