Villagers flocked to the temple to have the monk use herbs to treat snake venom.

Villagers flocked to Wat Chammun Sung, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, to let the monk use herbs to treat snake venom. And there is also a snake ring. It is also an amulet for protection from poisonous animals. (Please use discretion when viewing)

At the sermon hall of Chammun Sung Temple, Klaeng District, Rayong Province, many villagers who had been bitten by snakes came to receive treatment using herbal medicine at this temple. By questioning the villagers who were bitten by the snake, each person said that his condition improved. Some people were bitten by poisonous snakes such as rattlesnakes until their fingers turned dark. Still come to receive treatment at this temple. and said that symptoms improved without going to any modern medicine for treatment

In addition, the temple also has snake protection rings given out. Phra Palad Yutthana Jarudhammo, the abbot of Chammun Sung Temple, said that it was actually Luang Por Chu’s strategy. former abbot of the temple who had passed away was done as a morale booster for the villagers And it is a reminder to be careful when working. The temple does not allow villagers to be superstitious. But some villagers say After being bitten by an insect When rubbing the ring head on the bitten area It will make the symptoms subside. That is the belief of each person. And in the past, there have been patients from snake venom continuously coming for treatment.

The Abbot also said that The wisdom of curing snake venom has been around for decades. Since the time of Luang Phor Chu Because in the past the area around the temple was a mountain forest. It is the habitat of snakes. Villagers who were bitten by poisonous animals often came to Luang Phor Chu for treatment. The herb used for treatment is Wan Nang Pim and all the herbs are planted within the temple area

Source: Thai News Agency

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