Thanakorn asks the government to crack down on gambling websites Point out that young people are stuck together.

Bangkok, “Thanakorn” asks the government to speed up crackdown on online gambling websites, pointing out that 40,000 websites have young people stuck together. He is confident that “Jirapop” is serious and will definitely be able to deal with them. After continuously capturing the perpetrators of the network

Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, former Minister attached to the Prime Minister’s Office List of MPs And the deputy leader of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party said that from the case there were reports of allowing the opening of a website to persuade teenagers to get drunk. youth and people Try playing online gambling at more than 40,000 websites. This makes teenagers addicted to gambling and in large amounts of debt. It causes social problems and various criminal cases. Therefore, I would like to leave the relevant agencies, including the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (DE), cyber police officers. Central Investigation Police Accelerate and strictly investigate to solve the problem.

Recently, i
t has been learned that the DE Ministry, together with the Central Investigation Police, have arrested 20 operators of online gambling websites. There were 44 suspects, including 20 principals and 24 horse officials, along with 1,913 items of confiscated items and items valued at approximately 69 million baht. He therefore requested to present to the government Prasert Chandraruang, Minister of DE and Maj. Gen. Lt. Jirapop Phuridej, Commander-in-Chief of the Central Investigation Police Move forward with the cleanup Continuing to seriously block online gambling websites We ask that police officers must work proactively in inspecting, blocking, and arresting strictly. In order not to cause damage in society Do not let the youths who are the future of the nation continue to be drugged, with confidence that Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapop, who is in charge, is directly responsible. Let’s get serious and wipe out. Girl gets to the root of the owner of the network and horse account. It will definitely be able to solve the p
roblem, reduce the number and arrest the main actors of the online gambling website network.

‘I would like to call on Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, to order the utmost disciplinary and criminal prosecution of police officers involved in online gambling websites. Because they are considered law enforcement officers But he made a mistake himself. There should be a harsher punishment than ordinary people because in the past most of them involved police,’ Mr. Thanakorn Specify.

Source: Thai News Agency