Talking with young entrepreneurs in Phetchaburi, creating networks to support small people.

Phetchaburi Province, “Phoomtham” sat in a circle talking with Phetchaburi young entrepreneurs after the Cabinet tour, listening to the problems of SMEs using the power of influence. Help sell products Ready to promote building a network to support small people

Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Revealed after leading the executive team of the Ministry of Commerce Listen to problems and talk with SME entrepreneurs in the Young Entrepreneur Chamber of Commerce (YEC) group, the Young Smart Farmer (YSF) group, and the Moc Biz Club (MBC) group in Phetchaburi Province. Entrepreneurs want the government to help small people support marketing channels and teach them how to sell products. Including access to capital and debt. Because after COVID, SMEs face many problems. Along with visiting booths of local products such as Phetchaburi Thai desserts. Cowlan shirts and pants, cocoa, fresh sugar, processed fruits and essential oils. At Sukantha Shop, Ban Mo Subdistrict, Mueang Dis
trict, Phetchaburi Province, after the traveling cabinet meeting in Phetchaburi Province.

However, every time I come to another province. I want to meet young people who are the future of each province. Modern trade has many channels. SME entrepreneurs must keep up with the changes. He has ordered the Ministry of Commerce Provincial commerce changes to keep up with the times. Give importance to small people If all the gears work together to drive together, it will create income. Create GDP for the country which the Ministry of Commerce is ready to support I want you to create a network. Expanding opportunities to small people Create a better provincial economy

‘From listening to them, they reinforced their opinion that Thai people have changed a lot. I saw the way of thinking of young people who keep up with the changing world. The Prime Minister clearly ordered that Let the private sector be the vanguard The state is the rear force. The Ministry of Commerce is ready to support If there is a problem with th
e regulations, if it is within their power, they will fix it. In addition, he uses a new form of marketing for influencers to promote trade. And in each province, find provincial influencers. There are influencers who speak the local language (Ball Thanakrit Yoosuk) and soon actors from the series Yuri Freen-Becky will be coming to pick up products from Phetchaburi province. Also included in the Pin Phak series. It will help promote local Thai soft power products to the international level,’ Mr. Phumtham said.

Source: Thai News Agency